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A series of beautifully-crafted botanical art prints celebrating the joy of vegetables
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Vote now for your favorite vegetable!

Posted by Becca Fehlberg (Creator)

Hey there.

Election got you down? Feeling like your vote doesn't count? Well, here's your chance to make a difference and vote for your favorite vegetable! The winner will be the subject of the final painting in the Garden Veggies series - and really, with these candidates you can't go wrong. 

Simply comment or message with your first and second choice. (Write-ins accepted.) Votes will be tallied on Saturday at 10 am MDT.

a. Tomato

b. Peas

c. Corn

d. Chard

e. Other________

Meanwhile, I'm still hard at work on the paintings. Here is #4, basically completed.

And #5 is well underway. After going back and forth between cabbage and cauliflower, I finally settled on the latter. The deciding factor: nothing more than the fact that it's so darn tasty with hummus. For me, that's enough reason to want to see it on my wall every day, a happy reminder of all the deliciousness in the world.

final drawing and digital color study
final drawing and digital color study

 I also wanted to share with you the very satisfying moment of removing the tape from the edges of a painting, leaving a nice clean edge on all sides. Turns out, this tape was particularly stubborn, but maybe you get the idea?

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Anyway, just wanted to let you know things are moving along (if a little more slowly than I'd like) and I'm working hard to make sure you get your rewards well before Christmas.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and don't forget to support your favorite vegetable candidate!

- Becca

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    1. Julie DeLong on

      Please enter three votes for tomato from me, Alex, and Pocak.

    2. Missing avatar

      Katie Haws on

      I'm ok with anything, they are all so cute. That little squash was adorable!

    3. Missing avatar

      Autumn Begay on

      tomatoes or rainbow chard

    4. Missing avatar

      Mary Nielsen on

      I'll jump on the tomato bandwagon! Great work

    5. Kat on

      First choice: tomatoes
      Second: red onion!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Allison Faulkner on

      Tomato, corn, eggplant

    7. Missing avatar

      Janice Muehle on

      First choice tomatoes, then peas.

    8. Missing avatar

      Carol Zahn on

      I think tomatoes and then peas. I especially like the new ones - yellow squash and cauliflower.

    9. Matt "M@" Johnson on

      Tomato, or corn. Or potato!