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We want to adapt Terry Bisson's hilarious Little Billy stories into a professional audiobook, read by Terry Bisson!

Terry Bisson is one of science fiction's most beloved and most hilarious writers. His story "Bears Discover Fire" set a record by winning the Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy Awards, as well as the Asimov's and Locus readers' awards, in one swoop. His story "They're Made of Meat" was adapted into an award-winning short film. His story "macs" won a Nebula. Other stories have been collected in year's best anthologies. In addition to the award-winning stories, he has also written Eerie and Creepy comics, Boba Fett YA novels, YA non-fiction on subjects ranging from NASCAR to Nat Turner, novelizations of Johnny Mnemonic, The Fifth Element, Alien Resurrection, and Galaxy Quest, and comic adaptations of the works of William Gibson, Greg Bear, Jane Austen, Joel Rosenberg, William Shakespeare, Roger Zelazny, and Anne McCaffrey.

His Little Billy stories are children's stories for adults, and they're some of the funniest things he's written, especially when read by Bisson himself. Originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, these stories star a little boy named Billy and an assortment of fantastical creatures who run to the twisted side. Terry tried recording these stories in his living room, but the recordings are noisy (you can download a couple of those rough recordings: "Billy and the Fairy" and "Billy and the Talking Plant"). We want to get him in a professional recording studio and give these stories the high production values they deserve.

Altogether the stories run just over 108 minutes and include:

Billy and the Ants
Billy and the Bulldozer
Billy and the Fairy
Billy and the Flying Saucer
Billy and the Magic Midget
Billy and the Pond Vikings
Billy and the Spacemen
Billy and the Talking Plant
Billy and the Time Skateboard
Billy and the Unicorn
Billy and the Wizard
Billy in Dinosaur City

The money will pay for Terry's roundtrip airfare to Seattle, his hotel and food while he's away from home, time in a top-notch recording studio, CD duplication, artwork, packaging of the double CD in a four-panel CD wallet, and the shipping and handling of the CDs, as well as the costs of Terry's dinner with his level 7 supporters.

If you help make this project happen, you'll reap wonderful rewards that'll make you laugh out loud -- that's good medicine, well worth your contribution to this most excellent project!  (Copy by Lucas Johnson. Video courtesy of Red Room. Project art by Rudy Rucker.)


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    The first dozen people to contribute $100 can have dinner with Terry when he flies up to Seattle to do the recordings! He is just as charming and entertaining as his stories, and he has led a fascinating life. One highlight: While attending Grinnell College (Iowa) in 1961, he was one of a group of twelve students who traveled to Washington, D.C., during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in support of U.S. President John F. Kennedy's "peace race." Kennedy invited the group into the White House (the first time protesters had ever been so recognized) and they met for several hours with McGeorge Bundy. The group received wide press coverage, and this event is regarded as the start of the student peace movement.

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