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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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    1. Andrew Kramer - Brimstone taxidermist on

      Name: Grom Chompers
      Description: Nobody knows where these coyote-like robots come from. Travelling in packs, they roam the streets, alleys, and sewers of Civitas Nihilium. They're typically viewed as dangerous pests, although some citizens have been known to try and keep them as pets.
      Stats: Roll 1D10
      1- The entire pack is determined to kill you. Fight for survival.
      2-5: The pack chases you, but you manage to escape, albeit a bit scuffed up.
      6-9: They are uninterested, and run away. Whew.
      10- They take a liking to you; you have some new friends.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      ION Apes


      Originally developed for low tierd electrical maintenance. APES we're seen to have an aptitude for advanced problem solving when working within a group.

      Powered by ion, Apes found a way to link up their ion core quantum memory stores together to boost their collective problem solving abilities.

      Roll 1-3 : Ape link - Attempted.
      APES attempted an ION link. Unfortunately the collective ION supply overcharged all connected APES, disabling 4 of the connected APES. These 4 APES stay disabled during next activation.

      Roll 4-6 : Ape link - Connected.
      4 APES successfully secured a connected. Add +4 onto any encounter roll.

      Roll 7-9 : Ape link - Hadron Particle Boost
      APES established a secure connection boosting all total available ION power to over 800%.
      +8 to engagement roll

      Roll 10 : APE quantum shift
      APES supass all current understanding of their ability to problem solve. APES traverse time and space to find the source of information. +8 to analysis roll, +2 to next upgrade card roll, - 2 off next upgrade card ether cost.

    3. Mike Barnett on

      Name : S.W.A.R.M (Special Wearable Automated Robotic Maelstrom)
      Abilities : This mini swarm of robots link together to be worn around the waist like a utility belt but when activated they can assist in many ways by spinning around an area like a mini tornado to gather evidence, witnesses or even draw extra Ion Charges from the locale. Be careful though as it has been known for therir ability to go out of control causing the wearer to appear to have a completely new personality due to the temporal source of their abilities.

      Roll a D10

      2-4 : pick up all available evidence from your current location.
      5-7 : rattle a witness to receive their knowledge
      8-10 : roll an extra Ion charge dice and add to your score
      1 : Draw an additional character card and use the lowest of all characteristics between the two for the rest of the case.

    4. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Name: ROBOTTO (it's an Italian pun for robot and eight)
      Description: These 8 bots are designed to assist the investigator in their work. That can be programmed to retrieve information and evidence but cannot collect them due to the poor ion battery life.
      Abilities: When you put this card into play put 8 tokens on it. Remove 1 token to reveal a WC and place it at the in a locked WC (if not available substitute one of your choice) place roll a d10: 1-3 the bot explode killing the witness: discard the card and lose 5 reputation.
      4-9 proceed
      10 the bot has energy enough to come back. Add 1 token on the card.

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg on

      Name: NanoBytes

      Description: Medicinal micro-bots designed to upgrade and enhance a human's natural abilities

      Abilities: Increase one character stat or roll to increase one random stat

    6. Derek Hartmann on

      You could also merge my two ability ideas together if you think that’d better suit them. :)

    7. Derek Hartmann on

      I had two ability ideas, so that’s why this comment looks similar to my last. Made a slight change to the description as well to better fit this ability.

      Name: Analytical Observers

      Description: Standing only a meter tall, these versatile bots scan and sift through any location for you, finding any worthwhile evidence towards your investigation. There is still the possibility of the AO’s relaying unreliable/useless information back to you.

      Ability: Permanently unlock a LC spot. Send the AO’s to a location (LC) for further investigation. Ignore any Ion qualifier. After completing this LC, Roll a D10. If you roll a
      1-5: +3 Evidence to your current crime.
      6-10: -3 Evidence to your current crime.

      Notes: Permanently unlock a LC spot because you can now cover more ground with your bots. You’re ignoring the Ion qualifiers because your bots are going to the location, not you. Work through the location card just like you normally would, then roll a d10 for the chance of evidence being added/taken off. At the end you roll for more evidence added/taken off because the bots have gathered a lot of additional information.

      Thanks again for these competitions! I’m having a blast. Hopefully I can get an idea added! Good luck everyone!

    8. Derek Hartmann on

      Name: Analytical Observers

      Description: While only standing half a meter tall, these versatile bots scan and sift through any scene, finding any worthwhile evidence towards your investigation. There is still the possibility of the AO’s relaying unreliable/useless information back to you.

      Ability: Roll 1-4: AO’s scan a scene. Roll D10. Add this to your next analysis skill check.
      Roll 4-6: Roll D10. AO’s Gather Evidence. Take off this many evidence from your current crime.
      Roll 7-10: AO’s impede your investigation. Roll D10. Add this many evidence to your current crime.

      Notes: Maybe you could have a max of 8 for everything, since there are 8 bots present. Just a thought. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Naufal R on

      A little fix for the name :NO-PRAs(Nexus Override-Proficient Resourcing Assistants)

    10. Missing avatar

      Naufal R on

      Name: NO-PRAs(Nexus Overriding-Proficient Resourceful Assistants)

      Powerful and smart little robots which people in CN underestimate their abilities for just their everyday use. These 8 compact robots were named PRAs(Proficient Resourceful Assistants) are exclusively been unlocked to their full potential from a hacker in the black market, and now it can do almost anything that the manufacture doesn't want you to know. Designed to help you in every way possible from increasing your resources to helping you in your trials, but due to their unflawed design once used, they will auto shut down and will never come back alive.

      No ion charge will be used but your robots will be used and max use of this ability is 8x after that discard the card
      1-2 do nothing
      3-6 add +1 to any skills(charisma, engagement, analysis)
      7-4 add +1 to any of your resources (reputation, ether, ion charges)

      Sorry if there are any grammar mistake, because English is not my mother language. I tried my best to fix any writing mistakes before comment. Hope you like my idea

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Ridley on

      Name: Mini-KOBOLD Swarm

      Description: A commercially available home helper device, the Kobolds (named after the German house spirits) can take the pain out of everyday tasks by doing them for you. Normally used by wealthy citizens to clean their houses and manage their affairs, this miniaturised version is ideal for use in places of work. With a Mini-KOBOLD Swarm in your office you'll come to work everyday to a spotlessly tidy desk, and impeccably organising filing system. The Kobolds can tidy up after you, and even give you a quick run down on all the news stories that matter to you.

      Abilities: Not sure how exactly to parse this mechanically buy I see this upgrade as a passive bonus to a stat to reflect greater efficiency with their working. It can also lead to a random chance of receiving an extra lead due to the Kobolds picking up on a media story that is relevant to the case being worked on. Perhaps a roll of 8-10 on a D10 each turn results in an extra clue?

    12. Matthew Hancock

      NAME: T-BOT (Temporal Bot)
      DESCRIPTION: The product of an insane (and presumed deceased - her body was never found) genius these multi-functional robots are capable of impacting probability by tunnelling back through time and using their physical/technical abilities to influence the character's present. Only eight were ever made and each trip is one-way meaning that once used, they are gone forever.
      ABILITIES: Each bot enables a +/- 1 modifier on non-Charisma checks. Only three T-Bots can be used at once (any more and the resulting time vortex damages them before they arrive in the past). Three T-Bots can also permit a re-roll of Fate Dice.