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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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      Tom Little on

      "The Prophet"

      Description: Designated "The Prophet" due to its not fully understood characteristics - this device seems to manipulate the user's "destiny." A pulse in the brain is felt every time its activated - almost like a one-pulse headache - and then things begin to happen differently than one would have thought. This could make matters worse, or better.

      Effect: Choose to spend an ion charge to use this upgrade before rolling a fate D10. When you roll the fate D10 after using this upgrade:
      If the result is an odd number, double it (to a maximum of 10) and use that result instead.
      If the result is an even number, halve it, and use that result instead.

    2. Mike Barnett on

      Name of upgrade : Quantum Short Term Memory Processor

      Description : This upgrade allows the user to increase their memory capacity (think Johnny Mnemonic)
      When in use the user is able to project an additional consciousness which is stored in the extra memory by drawing an additional rookie card and using the combined stats for several turns.
      The major drawback of this can be complete cognitive failure.

    3. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Name: J.E.M. (Junction for Entertainment Moments)

      Description: The device was projected as a stress reliever for soldiers. In fact, it is able to project an hologram of the wearer in (almost) any place that has a stable connection. There, the hologram can perform basical actions that do not require physical interactions. Today it has become a device used to visit places without having to pay thousands of Ethers for the trip. Nevertheless, being a surgically implanted device its use is not adviced, especially in regions where the connection can disturb its signal causing it to overcharge to limit the jamming.

      Abilities: (if not revealed) search in the deck for a location and move instantly there without paying any cost for the trip. For every action (collect evidence, talk to witnesses...) roll a d10:
      9-10: you perform your action
      5-8: you perform your action but the signal is disturbed. Remove 1 from all the dice roll.
      2-4: the signal is disturbed the device deactivate. It cannot be used to visit that place anymore.
      1: the device overcharges and explode inside your ear. Lose (n) hp(s). If you survive you are deaf.

    4. Derek Hartmann on

      I’d like to add the option when rolling for the device to overload you with information, dealing a little bit of damage to the character it’s equipped to. Maybe that could have a small chance to do so. Like rolling a 1-2.

    5. Derek Hartmann on

      Name: Neural Link v4.0

      Description: A top of the line, surgically implanted earpiece, the Neural Link v4.0 is able to send information directly to the user’s brain. With this, the user will be able to know what’s happening as well as where it’s happening in a matter of seconds. This device can also heighten the user’s senses for a brief moment when powered by large amounts of Ion. Lastly, it comes equipped with the ability to send out distress signals in emergencies.

      Ability: Unlock a new location slot permanently as long as this upgrade is equipped.
      (Spending Ion to use it): Roll 1-7: Heighten your senses and increase a skill of your choosing by +5 for one (maybe two?) skill check(s).
      Roll 8-10: Call for backup. Draw a random Rookie. You may utilize this Rookie for 2 cards before they leave.

      Feel free to tweak anything! :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      NAme of Upgrade: Duplicant Neuron Mimic
      Description: This device duplicates the thought processes of its host, creating a duplicate ‘split’ personality, allowing them to analyse evidence of a crime scene from multiple perspectives, or split their thoughts between multiple locations, analysing multiple crimes at a time.

      Effect: Spend the ion charges and choose one:
      This card counts as an extra rookie, that uses the same stats as your main rookie.
      A rookie can choose to reroll any roll once a turn.