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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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    1. James Bradley Creator on

      @Docwho2100 that is a brilliant idea. Twitch firstly, then archive onto Youtube - thank you!! Yes, the map that comes with the base game is also a budget fold out playmat as well. Now that I have all of the locations together that is exactly what I am going to do. Looking forward to it very much, because I love maps as well. (If you're into interesting maps, a really fun book to get is a book called: "The Phantom Atlas: The Greatest Myths, Lies and Blunders on Maps" so awesome. This is the ISBN number: 978-1452168401 - you'll love it!

    2. docwho2100 on

      Also - I like maps andvisual spatial connections - are there plans for a map or some form of spatial inventory of the CN Universe? It needs a really cool cartography name :P

    3. docwho2100 on

      watching the livestream replay - I think which you use depends on your audience for live viewing and which has the better archiving tools and format. If Twitch records and allows, use Twitch and then record the videos and cross post on a youtube channel?

    4. James Bradley Creator on

      Thanks Dan, great feedback. I will totally check all of that out!

    5. James Bradley Creator on

      That's a sweet idea you have there @Rairch -- you should certainly keep an eye out for the future TTT's!! They will continue beyond the KS campaign, so watch this space for something you think might fit. Creating upgrades for CN totally rocks!! :)))

    6. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      Ah! Missed the live stream, but I have just finished watching now.

      What a great stream that was James! Loads of detail and a little sneaky lore teaser as well.

      Was quickly thinking about an upgrade card that uploads a virus to the social network / dark web to search for ether and ion stash locations would be pretty cool.

      Potentially a great resource result, but the gamble being that the failed roll would result in either:

      1) Alerting the Black Market traders to you finding their resource stashes - wounded, reputation loss and unable to trade again.

      2) Someone hacking your link (once locations are found) and intercepting the stash, resulting in losing half of the stash plus the added trouble of an encounter card.

      3) The virus purchased was actually a trojan, once activated personal details are released on the social network. Details only kept by the dept. Details you do not want out. Huge loss to combined rep pool.

      Just a quick idea. I'll keep an eye out on the TTT


    7. Missing avatar

      Dan Taylor on

      Hey James,

      Few thoughts. Twitch is an amazing platform. there are specific tabletop channels already established and it is a good way to engage with your fan base. The only issue is that twitch (although massive) is still quite niche in regards to people watching. many of the larger channels dominate however collaborating with some of the larger may work also.
      Youtube is more freely usable and easier for the casual market. streams dont seem as popular as twitch however the can be a wider reaching audience.
      For reference it may be worth watching "Geek and Sundry" and thier shows "tabletop" presented by Will Wheeton and Game the Game presented by the lovely Becca Scott.

      hope this has helped a little dude.

      Awsome work

    8. James Bradley Creator on

      Thank you guys, so far Twitch is winning!
      Lorenzo. Some amazing questions, thank you for taking on the TTT Comp with such enthusiasm. To answer your questions I will number them as yours...
      1. Certain cards reward you for your actions. Encounters for example, although very tough to overcome you get a reward for bringing in the criminals. That's normally in the form of Ether and Rep. As for Ion, that is gained through interacting with Transhumanists and "acquiring/borrowing/stealing" from locations such as the hospital, a clinic, and one of the Ion Dumps on the outskirts of CN. Also, when you complete a crime you get a bonus on all three with each crime scenario offering up different bonuses depending on the factions involved: Ion transhumanists mainly, Ether Neo-Humans, and Rep for all of them.

      2. I don't see how that could work logically, but I am willing to have an open mind. The upgrades in the structure of the game is balanced between Ion and Ether, show me something and I'll consider it for sure. :)

      3. They can be random, and on many upgrades they already are. Like rolling the Fate D10 and between 1-2 It overheats and you take 2 wounds. 3 it disappears into another dimension. 4-6 nothing happens. 7-10 it works! That kinda thing I love, so yes please!

      4. Yes, you can indeed! And take them away.

      5. Great idea. This would be an encounter card I guess, let me think more about that.

      6. Yes. On some locations, like black markets, they can be sold.

      7. Another wicked idea. I will have a think on this, but yes the more cards get to link with each other the better. This is something I have been working on in the background and I have had a bit of mental block on how to make it happen without having to make the player search for witnesses within that HUGE witness deck. Great stuff :)

      8. Yes, it certainly can. But if you did something awesome and won a load of Rep for it, the severed link would prevent the Rep from being added, either at all or a fraction. But yes 100%, this is something that is certainly being expanded on.

      Thanks again Lorenzo!! Keep em coming. That is what this entire project is all about! :))

    9. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Ok here I am. I'm really annoyed I missed the live but I watched it right now and I have a ton of questions. @James please be patient! :)

      For the first question you asked: twitch or YouTube seem to be good options also because they have a quite good mobile app (I wouldn't have missed the live if I got a notice). Now questions time! :)

      1) How do I earn Ether and Ion?
      2) is it possible for an upgrade to have a "cost" on reputation? (You can buy it only if you have a certain amount of reputation because of... Reasons)
      3) you talked a lot about gambling due to cards effects. Acan these effects be "random" or they just have to be drawback?
      4) Can I plan an effect of a card that add evidence tokens (this would increase the amount of "time" required for an investigation, right?)
      5) are there any permanent wound effect (or can they be added)? For example a broken arm that degrade your aim, or a bleeding wound that require special treatments in order to be healed...
      6) can purchased upgrade be returned to retrieve Ether?
      7) can witnesses be bribe with upgrades? Maybe someone is looking for a gun only an investigator can purchase...
      8) can an upgrade be used to cut off any link with the neural social network?

      I know some may look as peculiar question but I'm just probing for the TTTs that are going to come! :) I have some other questions but I'll wait for these questions to be answered! :)

    10. Angela: Tentacles of Frosted Wisdom

      As for live streams:
      I prefer Twitch, you can chat there and you get notified once there's a livestream. The app on mobile works great too