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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jared C. on

      Name: Prototype DetectiveBot

      Choose any amount of points for one skill and roll the fate die

      1-3: lose that much health
      3-6: nothing happens
      7-10: temporarily gain chosen amount of points in that skill

      The idea is that since it’s a prototype it can be quite prone to bugs D; ioncharges are spent programming what you want the robot to do (hence why you can choose any skill)

    2. Derek Hartmann on

      Instead of the last sentence, “V.E.S. also has the ability to charge himself up, instead of constantly requiring more Ion” I’d like to clean it up a bit by replacing it with, “V.E.S. uses a rechargeable Ion battery instead of requiring a constant supply of Ion.” Sorry, I wish there was an option to edit my previous text. But thanks!

    3. Derek Hartmann on

      I've got another fresh idea after watching the live stream as well. :)

      Name: Versatile Environment Scanner (V.E.S.)

      Description: A top of the line, energy demanding, military-grade robot companion. Equipped with a wide variety of tools, including a scanner to survey zones of interest, V.E.S. is able to handle a wide range of situations. With his built-in scanner, V.E.S. sends out a large x-ray pulse, allowing you to momentarily see through objects. This will allow you to better analyze a crime scene or possibly find a witness in hiding. V.E.S. also has the ability to charge himself up, instead of constantly requiring more Ion.

      Ability: Spend 3 charged up Ion to Utilize V.E.S.'s basic functions and tools. Add +3 to a skill of your choosing during a skill check/next dice roll.
      Spend 6 charged up Ion to use V.E.S.'s scanner. Draw 1 Witness Card (WC) OR add +7 to your next analysis skill check roll.

      Notes: After purchasing V.E.S. using ether, you will need to give V.E.S. Ion so he's able to operate. You will place an Ion die onto/by his card. This will serve as a counter. (Keep in mind that you'll only be able to have 12 Ion charges max for your character or rookie due to this.) Maybe you'll need to spend 6 Ion to put the die on it/by it in the first place? After spending the charged Ion to use his ability, lower the counter (Ion die) accordingly. The counter will go up by 1 every time you work through an action/card. (An example would be like after dealing with an encounter card, raise the die by 1. Max of 6. If you have a better idea as to how his counter goes up that will fit the game better, feel free to add it.)

      I hope this all makes sense. Of course, feel free to tweak anything so it can actually fit/look good on the card. Telling the player that they have to use an Ion die as a counter would most likely go in the ability section.
      I honestly love this idea! I'm having a great time coming up with card ideas. Thanks!

    4. Lorenzo Gentile on

      [new ideas after live]

      Name: QU.A.I.D. (Quasi-Autonomous Ion charges Deposit)

      Description: thought as some sort of mobile power bank, with the introduction of the neural networks and virtual transfer, this little robot developed to be much more than that. It works effectively as a power-to-money converter (and vice versa) selling and buying the spare Ion charges to the market while the detective is busy working.

      Abilities: whenever you want you can spend 2 ethers (ion charges) to store 1 unit of it inside the robot (up to 6). In the next turn you can retrieve all the goods to add them to your pool (the sum of them is capped to 6).

    5. docwho2100 on

      Name: II XX XXX XX II

      Description: The AI has algorithms that are capable of finding/creating flux portals. This allows for "rapid" movement throughout CN by creating flux portals that use dimensional shifts to allow for either a space shift (place to place with in the same dimension) or a dimension shift (same place, different dimension).

      Abilities: Rapid movement could be expressed as allowing extra activities to occur during a turn. It also could be expressed as a way to quickly escape when threatened (the character is suddenly "not there" as the character temporarily fluxes to another place/dimension). It is tied to the "creativity" of the character (would this be reputation in the game???) and can only be used at certain levels of this creativity. The downside to this is dimension shifts run the risk of becoming permanent and thus "ending" the character/game or at least putting that character out of commission until maybe a certain die roll is accomplished to bring the character back.

    6. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Name: L.A.T.E. (Local Android for Time Enhancement)

      Description: this little device is a helpful companion for the modern investigation. Its central ion tube, focused by a lens, is able to project a stream of accelerated tachyons. These are faster-than-light particles whose purpose is to invert the arrow of time playing the past as a short film. The duration of this inversion is proportional to the ion charges used. Recent studies recommend brief inversions in order to avoid the generation of a time singularity.

      Abilities: once activated the device can show the past to the investigator automatically providing a number of evidences proportional to the ion charges used. [Number to be set up to 6 maybe] Roll a die [dice?]: If you get a number lower or equal than the used charges you create a time singularity where you'll be stucked forever (if forever has still a meaning)

    7. Derek Hartmann on

      Name: Customizable Automated Link (C.A.L.)

      Description: A personal butler, friend, bodyguard, or lover, C.A.L. can be anything that you want him to be. He’s equipped with a wide variety of tools and weapons, allowing him to perform any task given to him. However, he loves to explore, and loves to learn, so who knows just what he’ll get himself into on your adventures together.

      Abilities: Roll 1-5: C.A.L. helps you with your current task, adding +3 to a skill of your choosing.
      Roll 6-7: C.A.L. finds two evidence towards your current investigation.
      Roll 8-9: C.A.L. Doesn’t recognize your voice command and does nothing.
      Roll 10: While exploring on his own, C.A.L. unknowingly brings back a surprise. Draw an Encounter Card.

      Side Notes: I was thinking that the two rolling abilities 1-5 and 6-7 could be merged, allowing you to pick between adding +3 to a skill of your choosing OR finding 2 evidence. Feel free to tweak any text to better suit the game. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Joshua on

      Name: C0f3

      Description: This drone is a walking, self replenishing, coffee machine. Containing a connection to a cloud hosted advanced AI, it gathers your (and everyone elses) information to create the perfect cup of coffee for those late nights working a case.

      Abilities: The C0f3 allows you to examine or investigate an extra witness or location as it fuels your energy needs.

    9. Daniel Wealands on

      Name; iCuC2

      Description; The iCuC2 droid is a remote evidence and intelligence gathering bot who can investigate other avenues while you and your rookie are tied up with other leads, but be warned, not all the bugs have been ironed out, it can be a little over zealous at times.

      Abilities; Able to remotely examine locations and question witnesses/suspects without a investigator needed. Roll a dice; 1-4 successfully gather all evidence or information 5-6 iCuC2 overheats and destroys all evidence at location or kills witness/suspect

    10. Mike Barnett on

      Name : MiSIM

      Ability : allows you to communicate cross dimensionally and therefore use the experience of multiple characters at once.
      Draw a number of additional characters and combine your scores for the next two turns.
      Be careful though as if the connection is severed during use you could become lost in the other dimension and lose the case.