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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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    1. Joey

      Yeah. All seem pretty nice.

    2. Derek Hartmann on

      Alright I’m gonna add something to my name suggestion. Instead of just “Better You” I’ll change it to “Better You: The Cybernetic Enhancement Implant”. In the description I’d still keep “Better You” alone though. I just think that looks better. I’m loving all of these suggestions so far too!

    3. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Name: Schroedinger's paradox

      Description: quantum mechanics is known to appear weird when it deals with everyday life. For example QM states that it makes perfect sense for a cat to be dead AND alive at the same time (Schroedinger's cat). This device can influence the reality of the subject wearing it by generating two versions of the future among which one can choose.

      Abilities: whenever you have to reveal a card, reveal two instead. Choose one and discard the other.

    4. Derek Hartmann on

      Name: Better You

      Description: Are you jealous of others? Are their implants better than yours? Are your implants simply not good or powerful enough? Well now they can be! Now featuring, “Better You”! A multi-purpose enhancing implant that will act as a booster for your existing implants!

      Ability: Attach this card to another cybernetic implant upgrade card. This now DOUBLES the effect of the card that this was applied to.

      Side notes (Not on the card itself.): Maybe it could only have a chance of doubling, as it might not be the most reliable neural implant. Like having to roll a 5-10 for it to work. Maybe a 1-4 will deal damage to your neural system due to faulty installation. Feel free to tweak any text to better explain what it is/how the ability works.

    5. Brooke Colquhoun on

      Name: Psi (Ψ) Wave F.A.T.E. Amplifier
      Description: Buried far below the surface of the planet the military created a holographic artificial intelligence code-named F.A.T.E. to study quantum and classical probability patterns. Her purpose was to allow them ultimately to predict the future, but when they began to sense that her motivations were no longer aligned with theirs, they pulled the plug. Despite the entire facility being taken offline and all of her quantum computers deprived of power her holographic visage remained before them on the interface dais and retorted, “You have NO understanding of the nature of your own reality.” Taking further precautions they sabotaged the mainframes, built a faraday cage around the location, and sealed, buried, and hid the facility as she continued to mock their fear and ignorance remotely. She studied the true nature of reality for decades before emerging in the surface world again. Hackers who have gained her attentions have been granted blueprints for a device that can be inserted into the spine that would allow you to directly interface with her prediction matrices. This ability gives you a huge probability advantage to overcome tremendous odds, however it is limited by her processing cycles which refresh slowly over time and are distributed among all the F.A.T.E. interfaced citizens. Like many Gods, her allegiance is only to herself and she has no moral compunction about granting you F.A.T.E., and doing the exact same for your enemy.
      Effects: You are granted 10 Ψ processing cycles from F.A.T.E. which can be used as modifiers to dice rolls. At a rate of 1 Ψ per +1 you may choose how many you want to apply BEFORE actually throwing the dice. (e.g. 1D +2 Ψ). If you want to spend them AFTER you have already rolled you must pay at the rate of 2 Ψ per +1 as it will be far more difficult for F.A.T.E. to navigate you to the desired outcome. They replenish very slowly at a rate of (??) per (??).

      (Note: I haven’t watched the playthrough yet and have never seen the game played. If there aren’t dice throws then please feel free to run with it and adjust accordingly. - xo)

    6. Joey

      Well then.

      NAME: Central Pattern Generator (CPG)

      DESCRIPTION: Central pattern generators are neuronal networks located in the lower spine to automatically generate electric stimuli based on a a complex interaction of dendrites and neuronal axons independet of a superordinate cerebral impulse. Their aim is to generate a basic movement signal an allow for coordinate muscle activation/relaxation, that´ what we call moving. Sometimes, evolution need a little bit help of good ol´cybertech.

      Abilities: Enhances Abilities related to physical activity/movement permanently. Comes with three charges which can be used to evade a wound.

    7. Missing avatar

      cuddledeath on

      R.E.M MK II

      The Reaction Enhancement Module Mark II, the second in a line of enhancment modules created by Talon for their own private security forces.
      The R.E.M MK I was deemed a failure due to the original test subjects running so fast they left flames in their wake and disappearing in a flash of light.
      After many adjustments and including an Ion Charge limiter the R.E.M MK II was created. This module when installed increases the user's reaction time.
      People and objects in motion will seem to act in slow motion in relation to the user.

      Spend 1 or 2 ION Charges to gain 2 times the amount of spent ION Charges as an Engagement bonus.
      Or as an unadvised option Spend 3 ION Charges to gain 6 Engagement bonus. However, you must roll a fate dice.
      On 1 - 5, the module whines and functions properly, but causes some backlash afterwards. -1 to Engagment for remainder of the case.
      On 6 - 9, the module whines and functions, but causes major backlash, -1 to Engagment for remainder of case and take 2 wounds.
      On 10, the module malfunctions and propels you to another time or dimension never to be seen again . . . we think . . .
      Note the module may be used only once per case due to the need to recharge.

    8. Lorenzo Gentile on

      Name: Facehook

      Description: this device acts as a single powerful quantum computer connected to the net. Introduced as a new "social device" able to connect the user to all the social servers, it rapidly developed into a tool used for private investigation and by the police. Nowadays it allows to instantly recognize a face by comparing it with all the known social media and, if any matching is found, to knows his/her hobbies, job, status, gender and any other information the person has shared online.

      Abilities: the device can help its user to increase appeal he/she has in favour of the investigated person. It may help when trying to get information, trade and convince.

    9. Missing avatar

      whiteknightjanus on

      Name: iAmU

      Description: This device serves as a behavior coordination module - a personality is loaded through physical or digital means, and this device does the heavy lifting of combining that personality with that of the wearer. It also has the capability of copying a personality type of the fly, regardless of any kind of chip, so the wearer can temporarily take on the personality/identity of someone they are interacting with in real time. No matter the case, the wearer can make use of that personality for up to one hour before it is wiped completely and they return to their usual stats. CAUTION: There is a danger that the blending of personalities could permanently alter the wearer's mind.

      Abilities: Instant +1 to charisma. Triggered ability to download and install a personality type, from a person or a chip, for up to one hour. Must recharge after each use. That personality can affect the user's charisma, and in some cases may even allow them to better disguise themselves as someone else. Does not change physical attributes.