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A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
A solo player, tabletop game with deck building, dice rolling & resource management. Set within a rich cyberpunk universe.
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    1. docwho2100 on

      Created wiki page with the info from finding this disk - if anyone is interested in helping with the CN wki - give me a holler :)

    2. Adriana on

      stop all conversation within the digital public domain. resume your investigative hacking within your private forum

    3. Adriana on

      New 4chan update with following code:

      fgbc nyy pbairefngvba jvguva gur qvtvgny choyvp qbznva. erfhzr lbhe vairfgvtngvir unpxvat jvguva lbhe cevingr sbehz

    4. Brosa on

      It was a robotic voice that directed me to 4chan:

      New images have appeared!!!

    5. Brosa on

      Well damn. How the heck did he hack in here!? Nice of him to solve it for us but, DAMN!
      I hope you get there first Adriana D=

    6. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      Good Luck!!!!

    7. Mike Barnett on

      It's a tough one Adriana. 😂

    8. Adriana on

      Hmm RDR2 posse meet up or hunt for green disk and save vanst

    9. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      Well it looks like ur the only person near it adriana. So yeah go for it :) if u can

    10. Adriana on

      Thank you. Shall I go?

    11. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      cheers mike. missed the - ....doh!

    12. Mike Barnett on


    13. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      51.558796 0.104456

    14. Mike Barnett on

      geocahce location. vans t is trapped on a green disk inside your dimension. find him here: fiveonepointfivefiveeightsevenninesixcomma dashzeropointonezerofourfourfivesix

    15. Adriana on

      Might be too late if Theo is on his way unless he is in another dimension in which case could take him longer! Anyone got the exact co-ords?

    16. Adriana on

      I'm London could jump on the Northern line after work?

    17. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      Yep they work

    18. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      These work?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      Crap 2 mins.

    20. Mike Barnett on

      Those links don't work Rairch. We need to find who's closest. Would asking James be an idea?

    21. Mike Barnett on

      I'm in Nottingham. 🙁

    22. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      Location is the entrance to gillespe park

    23. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      Im in southampton at work. Lol

    24. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      Who's closest?

    25. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      So if theo is in southampton atm making his way to london it only takes like 2-3 hours via car so we need to get there before he does

    26. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      Theos just hacked ks. New password. Location for disk found. Smokey in trouble. Images to be uploaded via link soon for location.

    27. inter dimensional trialist(s) on

      I have it, i had to pump it through in a series of different arrangements and created a code search tool that looked for "dimension" and "vans". two words i was positive were in there. result is a location somewhere in north london. i am on my way now to get it. thanks! ss every one, much love

    28. Missing avatar

      njberry on

      Wilfred talon fan or patriot (or other variations of the word)

      Correspond the numbers from the 1st two answer to these ? I would try but im at work. Also if its not wilfred talking could it be dr b ? Just spitballing ideas atm

    29. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      What if the answer to the question is:

      Wilfred Talon. CEO Talon Corp. Founder of the Civitas Idea

      As in how the quite at start of the video is signed off, could a pass phrase be that long?

    30. Adriana on

      Three also been tried as MISIM disruption

    31. inter dimensional trialist(s) on

      What are you counting as the MiSIM interference and from what point in the video? Because if it's just on the road then the answer is three, not five or four, by what I can see.

    32. Adriana on

      I've tried below and below back to R13.

      - misim = five and four
      - vehicles = two and three
      - question = wilfred talon, founder, wilfred, talon, ceo
      - customer = patriot and patreon

    33. Brosa on

      I can't think of anything else to try =(

    34. Brosa on

      Been trying that too XD D'=

    35. Adriana on

      Tried turning back into ROT13? Please dont be that!!

    36. Brosa on

      Same, tried combos with different numbers and with fan instead of patriot too but got nuffin'

    37. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      @Brosa, yeah i've been trying:

      Four. Two. Wilfredtalon. Patriot.


    38. Brosa on

      I think it might be as simple as the answers to the questions which are numbers should be written in text, so 4 = four etc

    39. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      thanks Det Brosa :)
      Any idea on the 'number in text'? is this referring the XI XXI XXXIIIII 00 ?
      As in the location of the city of ION?

    40. Adriana on

      God ignore me I was looking at the text not listening to the voice that literally says that haha

    41. Adriana on

      All of those @Rairch CEO? Talon Corp? Why is it Wilfred though not sure where he is asking a question? Am I missing something?

    42. Brosa on

      So far most names have been in the format: first last
      So my guess is wilfred talon, spaces make no difference in passphrases either.
      It could also be just wilfred or talon but my first instinct says full name is more likely. Could be wrong! *shrug*

    43. PrinceOsiria on…

      Decoder to help with hel's labyrinth brute force attempts - remember to discuss here only.
      I will make a straightforward decoder as well at some point, to keep things clean, but not rn I've got life things todo. With that said, happy decoding and good luck! Cheers!

    44. Missing avatar

      Rairch on

      id say its definitely wilfred asking the question. But how would the passphrase be worded?:

      talon, wilfred

    45. Brosa on

      Looks like a dimension code but we never figured out how to read them =/