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Join me on the journey as I complete my 19th CD. An inside view of the recording process, the players & stories behind 13 Great Songs
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Down the Home Stretch: Feels Like Public Radio!?

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)
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We are down to the last 36 hours on the kickstarter campaign, and we're optimistic that we'll find enough new support to make this project a "go."  

Taking our cue from Public Radio, trying to give you a little extra value for your support.

Have you noticed that there is a very LONG list of rewards, scrolling down the right-side of the page if you're viewing this on your computer or phone? These are Kickstarter-only offers, so they are available only until Tuesday, July 29 at 5 pm when the Kickstarter closes.

I hope you'll be patient and scroll through these, make your choice. The list and photos below should be helpful.  (NOTE: Kickstarter will only allow you to pledge at one level, but you can raise the amount of your pledge, and email us to let us know if you'd like two premiums).

We've done this in order to offer extra value gifts, even for those who can only make a small contribution to the project. Just a few notes, maybe this will save you some time in scrolling through everything.

  • the $10 rewards -- Free downloads at half-price. (does not included the new cd).
  • the $20 reward -- simple. The new CD "What About the Water."
  • the $27 reward -- Two of my CDs, "What About the Water" + Your choice from the 19 cds.
  • the $30 reward -- Gordon Lightfoot Lovers/River City Folk CD anthology package
    (see photo below, you get "What About the Water" plus the new Duets CD by Tom May, host of internationally-syndicated radio "River City Folk." Tom & I duet on "Fertile Ground" plus 16 other duets. Tom includes 3 Gordon Lightfoot songs, so we knew my fans would love this).
  • the $50 reward -- Exclusive Bootleg Package #1:  the New CD PLUS copies of CDs from live performances, mostly on Live-audience radio shows. We can't sell these, but this is perfect premium for my loyal fans who buy every new CD when it comes out. Kickstarter only.
  • the $100 reward -- Exclusive Bootleg Package #2:  Same as the $50 reward, only twice as much bootleg live music.
  • the $60 reward -- Any five CDs from my catalog of 19. five of the new one, or pick and choose.
  • the $55 reward -- Guitar lesson! and the new CD
  • the $175 reward -- Thumb drive with ALL 19 of my CDs in MP3 audio files. Plus the new CD.
  • the $500 reward -- House concert. The reward says within 100 miles of Kaneville, but we have upgraded that to "anywhere in IL, MI, WI, or IN."  Also available outside these states, but we may need to add some travel reimbursement.
  • the $1250 reward -- Concert with me and my new band, "Blue Horizon." 

One-of-a-Kind Premiums:

  • A few Vinyl LP copies of "The Grand Departure" and "Where the Pinery Narrows."
  • Stickeen" classic Short story/book by environmentalist John Muir $24
  • "Captain McCargo" vintage first printing 1956 youth novel by William Ratigan $28
  •  "The Fate of the Lakes A Portrait of the Great Lakes" by James Barry, published 1972 $29
  • B A Botkin book: "A treasury of American Folklore" $33
  • "Cowboy Songs & Other Frontier Ballads" by Alan Lomax (1938)
  •  $37 Folksingers of the 70's songbook $38, Illustrated  See Photo Below (Bob Gibson, Johnny Cash, Phil Ochs, Lightfoot, Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, 70+ songs and singers)
    This is is pretty sweet. photos, 1-2 page interviews, each of the singers tells why they've chosen a particular tune, plus the music, and the old photos.
  • Alan Lomax book: "Folk Song USA The 111 Best American Ballads" used, 1964
  • $52 Tom Woodruff picture book
Tom May River City Folk Duets CD
Tom May River City Folk Duets CD

Available at the $30 pledge level.

Songs from this CD
Songs from this CD

Scroll down to $30 pledge level.

Folk Song collectible
Folk Song collectible

 One only -- scroll down to $37 pledge. this book plus "What About the Water" CD

And Finally -- a great book by Traverse City artist and teacher, Tom Woodruff:

Tom Woodruff children's Book, at the $55 pledge (book + my new CD)
Tom Woodruff children's Book, at the $55 pledge (book + my new CD)
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