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Join me on the journey as I complete my 19th CD. An inside view of the recording process, the players & stories behind 13 Great Songs
118 backers pledged $8,114 to help bring this project to life.

Update: My new CD "Loving Light" #21

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)

My new CD is "in the can" as they used to say in the days of "tape." I can honestly say that this recording is hands-down recording we've released, ever. I owe deep gratitude to the players, Blue Horizon band members Joel Simpson, Mike Bradburn, and Greg Smith. Also the Dock Wallopers, and Danielle Larson.

We're on schedule for the November 10, 2016 release date. The project has been live for six days now, and thanks to your generous support, we are about 15% of the way towards our target.

Joann and I just wanted to mention one important note about the premiums. If you pledged last time for the "Radio bootleg" package (either $50 or $100), you should keep in mind that these are the same radio shows that you have already "won." --Or maybe you were kicking yourself for not signing up for those CDs ... here's your chance. Those CDs were made for the diehard "fans who have everything."

If you pledged at the $50 level last year, you may want to pledge again at the $54 level to receive the "remainder" of the Live CD collection. Otherwise, we've also added some wonderful new one-of-a-kind premiums.

With just 23 days to left in this cycle, we still have a long way to go. We hope that you will join us once again in ordering the new CD through the Loving Light Kickstarter page.

You're the First to Know-First Look at my new Kickstarter and One-of-A-Kind Premiums

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)
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Hello, It's been just over two years since you supported me in my first Kickstarter campaign, which helped to fund my 19th CD "What About the Water." That CD, "What About the Water," has been very well received, with strong ongoing CD sales, and enthusiastic response from the Folk music radio DJs in the USA, Canada, and Europe and Australia/New Zealand. 

So now I'm launching my 21st CD, "Loving Light." Use this link to find out more about the CD. All the tracks are recorded, but we need to mix, master, and work on the cover art. It features Blue Horizon musicians Mike Bradburn, Joel Simpson, and Greg Smith, and they are thrilled at the new sound and the new songs, just as much as I am!

As a special "Thank you" for your "pioneering" support of the first CD, We are giving you the First Notice of our new Kickstarter, which was just launched this morning. There are a number of one-of-a-kind premiums, and only you, my 118 first-time backers, will get "first shot" at locking in those premiums, with your new pledge.

Tomorrow, evening (Sunday October 2), I'll send an email to everyone else on my emailing list. So you have about 36 hours for this Exclusive "Sneak Peek" at the new CD project, and a chance to snag a book, CD, concert or other special premium.

As always, Joann and I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to contact us by email to or phone 630-557-2742.

Thank you, and 

Fair Winds,

Lee Murdock

A special preview: for Kickstarter backers only.

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)

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Can't Thank you enough, but we'll try!

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)

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We made it! Woo Hoo! Wait a minute ... It's not over yet! (The "store" is still open)

Posted by Lee Murdock (Creator)

Woo Hoo!  Thank You!

Thank you, everyone who has joined us on this incredible creative collaboration! 

But wait! We still have 8 hours to go!

So here's the new challenge: 

If the CD falls in the forest, will anyone hear it, (besides the 110+ who have already pledged support, of course)?  We have raised this new challenge:

In order to send the CD to our list of 250 Radio stations and about 50 Media outlets, We'll need to spend $1200.00  So that is our new Challenge goal.

That Covers padded mailers, postage (it will cost $7.70 per CD sent to Canada, and about $2.50 per CD sent to the USA), an information sheet, and some of the research for addresses, etc.  It does not include the cost of the CDs. 

If we were to raise twice that amount, (I'm dreaming big now)  we might be able to hire a publicist to help us reach radio and media. We think this CD should be reviewed and shared by environmentalist organizations as well as the regular radio and folk/Americana media.

You have a little less than 8 hours to pledge, and there are still some amazing premiums available, but only until this campaign ends today, at 5 pm CDT. 

After that, you won't be able to find those Bootleg CDs from my radio archives. You won't be able to get all my CDs on an MP3 thumb drive. Or the special two-for and five-for CD