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Ghost in the Machine is an indie platform game featuring tough old-school gameplay, retro art, and an entire 8-bit soundtrack.
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    1. PipeTeam Creator on

      Hi Sean,
      That's an idea we've been unsure about pretty much since the beginning of the game's development. That said, the functionality has been implemented and we are probably going to include it.

    2. Marulu on

      There have been no updates over the last few weeks, can we please get some updates on the development of the game?

    3. C-Shepard on

      Great news, glad to hear there's now over ten music tracks. The music is my favorite part of the game, the more the better.

      Just one request, is there any way to make a mode so the screen isn't always dark? (like regular platforming games) I know the game is based around the idea of barely seeing what's ahead of you but a feature to turn it on and off in the options would be a great way to practice if the game is too difficult or for inexperienced players plus it would offer a completely different feel as well. I also thought about a power up item that increases visibility for a certain period of time. This would allow players who are very good at the game to be even better.

      Ability to see the entire screen as an option would be awesome.