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Ghost in the Machine is an indie platform game featuring tough old-school gameplay, retro art, and an entire 8-bit soundtrack.
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Demo demo demo demo demo

Posted by PipeTeam (Creator)

I am beat; dead tired. Backers check your inboxes late tonight or early tomorrow for the demo. I need to take a nap right now before I wrap things up. See included picture. 

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    1. Chris B. on

      Josh, as the readme states, the levels included are some particularly tough ones. No, seriously, it says: "There are six levels available, and we picked out some particularly tough ones."
      That said, I've completed all but #5. I only got one wrench though and now I'm wondering what those are about.

    2. Josh McCormick on

      Tried the demo. Most old-school arcade games start out a little less challenging. Warm us up a bit and show us the potential problems before diving us into a jump-for-your-life pattern.

    3. Mickey Frklic on

      PS Congrats on the funding!

    4. Mickey Frklic on

      Rest. We look forward to your demo when it is time and ready.