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Ghost in the Machine is an indie platform game featuring tough old-school gameplay, retro art, and an entire 8-bit soundtrack.
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Stretch Goal #1!

Posted by PipeTeam (Creator)

The kickstarter has been going very well, and we're happy about it. That said, we didn't expect it to go this well so fast, so we've been having trouble thinking of fun stretch goals.

However, this one definitely seems like a good idea, so we happily present:

Stretch Goal #1: New Level Editor

Amount: $3000

The old level editor was made in Multimedia Fusion 2, like the old version of the game was. It works, but it's very ugly and clunky, and more importantly it's very slow. It operates on data structures made for MMF2 use, and for the new engine levels have to be exported. It's janky, and since many backers will be receiving a copy of the level editor it seems appropriate that a newer, nicer one gets made and we can forego having to explain how to use this monster of a level editor:

(hint: the old level editor uses lots of hard-mapped keys and F-keys)

The new one would be rendered much like the game is now, and be faster and friendlier. 

Realistically, we're probably going to make this a thing anyway, but this would be a very strong encouragement to do so. After all, the current editor *does* work, and we can get by with it. If this newer editor can't be finished in time for the preview releases, we will send it out the second it's ready. 


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