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A delightful, delectable, magical Traveling Kitchen. We're servin' up food, 'Spoon style. Crepes today, tomorrow is a new day.

The Scoop: You know I've been catering on the side for a few years now... well friends and family, get ready, your wishes have been granted!  I flew the coop and now I've gone wild! I'm going big or going home.  I'm diving in.  I have started my own catering business! Now it's time to put wheels on it.

A friend is an organizer for the Make Olympia Street Markets.  Each year they have a summer market, a winter market for the holidays, and various other markets throughout the year.  She has seen my work and has offered me a booth at this summer's 1st and 3rd Saturday Markets! Woohoo!

The mobile kitchen you all help me build will be taken near and far to festivals, fairs, and other community events.  Sometimes food will be sold, sometimes food will be shared for the sake of sharing.  We here at the Saucy Spoon believe the art of giving walks hand in hand with the art of receiving.  The universe is full of gifts for all.  There are such immense blessings in sharing what we have with one another.

The Recipe: I have a list of equipment I need for my Crepe Escape Traveling Kitchen.  Pretty basic necessities: BBQ, outdoor gas stove, coolers, canopy, etc. I have scouted sources for the items I need, from Sunbird's to CraigsList to a used food service supply warehouse.  I have every detail completely planned out (as per permit application requirements).  I have food growers and suppliers lined up, and my own garden is exploding with food!

The Rotten Egg: (obviously)The Cost!  If I could just load up my home kitchen and set it up at the market site, I could serve up food for at least a hundred people, easily. Evidently, you have to have all of this special equipment and specific processes and procedures for every little thing.  Plus, the permit here in Washington for serving food at a publicly advertized event is outrageously expensive. I can't serve ketchup packets without some crazy guideline or process to follow. Why should I let that hold me back?

The Icing on the Cake: I know I will be successful. I am a strong, passionate, and smart woman.  I can do just about anything I want, thanks to the many positive and loving influences in my life. This is it for me, this is my life.  I have thought and tried and figured in my head for years now.  The path is quite clear. Feed the people!

Thank you for considering my project! Every dollar counts!


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