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Beanies hand made in New England with all natural yarn from Vermont sheep and alpaca. Rugged. Soft. Warm.
Beanies hand made in New England with all natural yarn from Vermont sheep and alpaca. Rugged. Soft. Warm.
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    1. Janna Ostoya on

      I just want to say how much I freaking love my beanie!

    2. Skye on

      Oh, Mike. It's a wonder you couldn't hear my delight from here. I am so, so thrilled with my beanie. I chose Block Island, and it is perfect. It's the first beanie that has ever comfortably accommodated my longish, thick hair. And it's so SOFT! So thick and lush. So beautifully handcrafted. And the smell -- it smells like clouds, and rock-tumbled icey water, and wind through tall trees. Someone should bottle that!

      Australia decided to take March 1st and the first day of Autumn, to heart. We have coolish-for-us temperatures, as well as wind and rain. It's perfect early beanie weather, and I took full advantage of that today. People have been so interested and touched by its story, and so impressed by the quality and softness. I think your web site will be getting a lot of visitors from this part of the world. My evil but very beautiful Siamese cat instantly tried to claim it, and was about to curl up and go to sleep on it before I even had the chance to try it on! I'm guessing she could smell and sense the love and the creatures involved in its making. She's just going to have to buy her own!

      I cannot thank you all enough. You have created something so very special, and I am proud and grateful to have been able to support it. I will cherish my First Edition beanie, and I wish the world for N.E.Surf.

      Thank you, too, Sally Mae and friends. I love that I have a little piece of you to keep close. x

    3. Tom McMillian

      During this cold winter, I've been putting my Martha Vineyard beanie to good use. It's a pleasure to wear!

    4. Janna Ostoya on

      Did we tell you love our beanies? No?? We love our beanies. Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Beau Gagne on

      My beanie arrived, it's wonderful and fantastic quality, thanks so much! Looking forward to your next project!

    6. Missing avatar

      Derric on

      I received mine. It's awesome! I've been wearing it all the time :-)

      Thanks for a great beanie

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hoyt on

      Mine arrived today! Well made and keeps my ears nice and warm... can't wait to take it with me to scuba diving :-)

    8. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      I also want to thank everyone who volunteered to receive their beanies later. That was wonderful and much appreciated.

    9. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      It looks like nearly all of the beanies, except for some Block Islands and few orders for multiple beanies that included Block Islands, were shipped between February 1-5. The caveat is that some orders dribbled in long after we asked for them so I'm not 100% sure of exactly how many orders there will be (more might come in tomorrow).

      In VT we were short Block Islands - I'll be getting those beanies any day now and should have them out by Monday 2/11 at the latest.

      We are now all out of Sally Mae fiber. The beanies I'm getting this week will be the last of the run. The actual count for the first run will be roughly 300 beanies, not the 400 we anticipated. The Nantucket style was preferred 2/1 over the others and mostly used brown fiber - this messed up our planning. We shoulda-woulda-coulda limited orders for each particular style at the pledge stage - that would have enabled us to complete the intended run of 400 - but we didn't.

      Mailbox camping is not recommended. But if you're in the USA and asked for something other than a Block Island and you haven't received it by by Monday, February 11, please let me know.

      Thanks for your support, patience and understanding.


    10. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hoyt on

      How did the trip to VT go? Should we all be camped out by our mailboxes?

    11. Dave O'Meara on

      Hey Mike, it's been seriously hot here in Aus and I don't envisage the need for a good warm Beanie for several months at least. It sounds like there are plenty of very needy cold bare heads in your neck of the woods, so I gladly volunteer to wait until you get your supply requirements back in order. Cheers.

    12. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      I'm heading up to VT on Wednesday Jan 30th to ship out the New year's beanies. I received this note from Liz and Jodee last night: "we are going to be about 25 hats short due to mishap with the yarn, it couldn't be predicted until knitting started." I don't know what that means yet (is it for one style of hat or across the board), but I do know that 25 people will be disappointed and that we'll do everything possible to make them happy.

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hoyt on

      How about a quick update?

    14. Eric Gasser on

      One of the highest quality products I've supported on KickSarter! Outstanding. I just order a second beanie via your site for myself. My wife confiscated the first one. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      I just received my beanie today, happens to be my birthday :) Well worth the money and will probably end up buying a couple more in the near future. Congrats on your success!

    16. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      Glad to hear you like it. It looks like we'll have enough fiber to make another 75-100 beanies. We're working on a simple order page that should be up and running by the first of the year.

    17. Missing avatar

      JMC266 on

      Just got my beanie & it's awesome, now I want the other two hats! Are the other beanies going to be for sale anytime soon?

    18. Sarah Oliver on

      Hi Mike, So excited you got your funding - and then some! The hat and lesson are for my brother for Christmas. He is going to LOVE them both. We spend time in Woods Hole in the Summer so I think a family trip to Orleans in July or August is in order. I have a feeling my husband and 2 kids are going to want a lesson too. I wish you loads of success with your venture. I love products made in America! Best, Sarah

    19. Skye on

      ❄ ❅ I'm so thrilled for you all! ❅ ❄

    20. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      The beanies stretch to fit the "normal" range of adult head sizes. The MVY fits larger heads because of its extra height. If you have trouble wearing hats because your head is small then you might have a problem with our beanies as well.

    21. Rafael C on

      Hi Mike,

      is the beanie a one size fits all?

    22. Missing avatar

      David C. Smith on

      I really like the video, excellent shots of surfing, lighting and the New England countryside. Much success with this venture.

    23. Missing avatar

      LeeRay Costa on

      Great project Shawn. Happy to support you and your friends. Good luck!

    24. Mike Marks - N.E.Surf Creator on

      Thanks. Sally Mae's a cutie!

    25. Skye on

      Gorgeous beanies! But I have to be honest - you had me at 'Sally Mae'. :)