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$26,250 pledged of $15,000,000 goal
By Brett Burrows + Burricus
$26,250 pledged of $15,000,000 goal

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Final update

A huge thank you to those that became backers. I believe that you did it because of your support and friendship to me and that really makes me appreciate it all that much more.

Although there are still many days left on the pledge drive, it is quite clear that this experience, or shall I say, experiment, has run its course. I will be canceling the drive to focus my attention on other efforts to produce this film. I am fortunate to not be beholden to promised rewards that I would have difficulty in fulfilling had I set the pledge goal to something "doable" but not sufficient to do right. 

One of the mistakes I noticed while researching Kickstarter is people's reticence to set realistic goal amounts in fear that they will not be able to raise that amount. They would set an amount far below realistic costs and hope for a miracle that they exceed their goal. They were then left with the very real possibility of "funding successfully" but not succeeding at delivering a final product on time, on budget and worth the money. There are many disgruntled backers out there, as a result, unfortunately. It is a downside to this form of fundraising. There are many upsides, of course, when approached realistically. Many creative projects are realized and it is fun to see what works.

As with any experiment, one must analyze what went well and what did not, then keep going with new adjustments. It is no different for me, but, as I said during this pledge drive, this is just the beginning. 

I promise that each one of you will receive a personal invitation to the film premiere. I believe, more than anyone else, you will appreciate the moment as much as I will.

Thank you all.

In The Top Five Narrative Films

It's nice to finally post the first update, discuss the funding progress and thank you for your support.

If any of you are not following the project after you contributed, let me just point out that we are currently the fourth most funded narrative film in progress. If you look at the number relative to our pledge goal, you may not see the significance of that.

I am not interested in making a movie that is less than what I envision as a professional filmmaker. I know films are made for less, but THIS film should not be. We will all learn together whether it was fitting to promote this genre of film in this way, but it does not negate the progress made. Thank you!

At this point the backers of this film have been those who know me. Hopefully you have been able to pass on the link with an encouraging word or two to those who know you. I look forward to them becoming backers. I look forward to those who know the book becoming backers! Unless we do, we most likely won't get to "hear" from those who are just looking for a revolution to join.

I believe there is a great opportunity to have a significant say in filmmaking here. And because of your pledges, I don't believe I'm the only one either.