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The film adaptation of the fairytale story, Keturah and Lord Death, written by Martine Leavitt and published by Front Street Press.

A richly romantic, dark fairytale! [This is] a delightful surprise, a gorgeously-rendered coming-of-age fairy tale, rich in romance and imagination. This is a story to savor!  --Ruth Anderson, Book Reviewer (Amazon)

i loved that book sooo much...i want the movie now!!   --YouTube user  ‪themoesandoval

MY FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!! Whens the movie coming out?  --YouTube user TheRosesTears

Oh how i wish they made a movie about this. i read the book out of curiosity and now its probably one of the few i have read a trillion times over.  --YouTube user ‪BlackKanix11511 

I LUV THIS BOOK SO MUCH! its my favorite book ! i luv it so much that i'm mad they didnt make a movie 4 it. grr. lolz  --YouTube user ‪Andrew9190

This is such a great book. I just finished reading it a few hours ago. I really hope it becomes a movie one day.  --YouTube user scincegeek94

Beautiful... now I am wondering if there's a movie coming out about this. If there isn't, they're missing a great chance…  --‪YouTube user xxGarraSandofWindxx

Man i would love it if it was turned into a movie!  --YouTube user dragonfly1324

I would love it, too, if they made a movie. I keep saying that I doubt they will, but I've decided to change my position on that. I hate to be negative about it, and I really hope they DO make a movie--as long as it's done really well!! :)  --YouTube user and fan videographer ‪dra1000


YES! The time has come to make the film adaptation of the fairytale story, Keturah and Lord Death. And we get to make this fairytale come true together.

Published in 2006 by Front Street Press, Martine Leavitt’s book has captivated the same readership that has made hits of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Twilight. However, it is a smaller book, from a smaller publisher, which means, like the guy driving the monster truck that can’t see you on the freeway, large studios haven’t seen Keturah and Lord Death. But does that mean that it is any less deserving of the road?

Burricus Productions believes that there are a lot of people, like those quoted above, who want to see this movie. We want to hear from you, your friends, and your neighbors. We’ll even hear from your enemies, as long as they pledge equal to their animosity.  Or, how about those that just want to see the old way of getting movies made shaken up a bit? Maybe fairytales are not your thing, but revolutions are. This is a great time to be a part of one!

If you have ever had a desire to have a voice, a vote, or even an opinion as to what and how movies are made, now is the time. Let’s start with a fairytale, because we love happy endings. After that? It will be entirely up to you. And you. And you. And you.

Join the revolution.


A young peasant girl gets lost in the king’s forest and, after three days of wandering, is ready to perish when Death comes for her. Unwilling to give up, she bargains for a chance to find that one thing that she would otherwise pine for throughout eternity—her one true love.

Lord Death, moved by her beauty and words, grants her a day to do it. If she succeeds, he will grant her a full life. However, if she fails, she must become his bride.


Back in 2009 a friend loaned a book to my wife who shared it with me because she really liked it—and it was short. Like so many of you, I read it in a day (or two) and, like you, immediately concluded it would make a terrific film.

But, that was still not enough of a reason to make it.

Good films are costly endeavors. It takes a lot of faith, hard work, money and talented people to make a film happen. So, I went on line and met you—the audience—while watching fan videos, reading all your book blogs, reviews, comments—the works. You were real people in love with this story. Even if you were Team John or Team Lord Death, you cared. That was what convinced me that it was worth doing and doing right. So, I went about securing the film rights--which were available because the monster truck studios had overlooked them--and turning the book into a screenplay. 

Fast forward two-plus years.


NOW is the exciting part. Crowd funding, social marketing, and digital creating are transforming the music and game industry and the movie industry is up next. We know fundraising of this magnitude has not been done on Kickstarter. Aren’t all film projects on Kickstarter small independent films? Not anymore! Film for the people, by the people. This is a revolution, a march on Hollywood from the comfort of your own homes. We succeed or we fail, but we march together. 

By Kickstarter rules, your pledge will not be transacted (via credit card) unless the goal amount is reached within the time specified. It is an all or nothing proposition. That’s the beauty of this fundraising model. That’s what makes this Act II so interesting.

With a groundswell effort to support this production, we will be able to show that there are of thousands upon thousands out there that want to see this movie. There are others that will just be glad to see something they contributed to show up in a theater near them. The way we look at it, studios make a movie and sell the tickets afterwards. We are just doing it the other way around. The concept is revolutionary.


Tragedy or Fairytale Ending? That’s the question, isn’t it? We are excited to find out right along with you. For us, Act III is our time to go out and make a dynamite film because of your support and generosity. You, of course, get to reap your rewards for whichever level you choose, and the rest of the movie-going public will sit back and be amazed for all kinds of reasons. At the very least they will enjoy one fine movie and wonder why the credits are so long.

We are not asking for an insignificant amount of money. We know that. You asked that it be done right, so we cannot ask for less than what it takes to do it right. That would not be right. Of course, most films of this type run studios into the tens of millions, and that is with little guarantee of tickets to be sold. That will not be the case here, because you will have already cast your vote!

We look forward to bringing you Keturah and Lord Death—the movie in February 2014. Share with us your thoughts. Who would you like to see as Lord Death? Keturah? John? Don’t forget Gretta and Beatrice. Whose team are you on? Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @Keturah2014.


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    The Hermit Gregor Pledge. Get an HD digital download of Keturah and Lord Death and a really good feeling inside that you have just taken part in making history!

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    Tailor approves! Choose Gretta's stitching with the embroidered bucket hat or ball cap and a beautiful photobook/screenplay of the film that is the perfect coffee-table book to go along with all the $99 rewards. You also get a poster of Keturah, John, or Lord Death.

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    Lord Temsland's Special. Capture the elusive hart with a beautiful sculptured stag (14" long, 11" high) mounted on a personalized plaque as a Kickstarter Backer! You will get a personal call from the cast, too. Come and join us on the set during the making of the film. Meet the cast and crew, join us for a catered lunch! (transportation not included.) Don't forget that you'll be getting that Keturah's Lemon Pie along with the previous tier rewards!

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    The King's visit! Receive a personal call from the director or cast member of your choice (based on final casting). He/she will also sign your photobook/screenplay. Get a Skype session with Producer Brett Burrows. Receive the previous tier rewards.

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