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An absurdly large guitar will be placed in a field, along with our amps and drums. We will then light it all on fire and start playing.
An absurdly large guitar will be placed in a field, along with our amps and drums. We will then light it all on fire and start playing.
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FINALLY. in all its 1080 glory, so hit HD.

Yes, this took a year. Yes, I'm shockingly embarrassed by that. But I think the finished video was worth the wait to make sure it ended in the right and capable hands.

Man, what a ride. Here's a brief summary of things that happened since this project got started: a tornado destroyed my hometown. someone disappeared off the planet. my friends went through the entire process of having a baby. I gained a sister. Mitt Romney said some weird shit. I lost 20lbs. I prominently starred in a documentary with some of my favorite and most talented people on earth. I went to Spain, met Elijah Wood, built that really big LEGO department store, and bought a banjo. I did a hugely realized gallery show of my artwork in Chicago, another in Brooklyn, curated another show in Los Angeles, and started planning an even larger gamechanging one yet to come. I went through three different editors on this project. I started an elaborate project involving McGruff the Crime Dog singing youthcrew hardcore songs. 'Bridesmaids' won Americas hearts, eventually resulting in Kristen Wiig leaving SNL. China did SOMETHING, I'm sure. Steve Albini called someone an idiot, then apologized for calling her an idiot, then called her an idiot anyways. I saw Refused four times and stage dove at least double that number of times. We landed a goddamned car on Mars. also I learned a metric shitload about video production and shooting music videos on projects that paralleled this one, and paddled a small inflatable raft around a lake through a rainstorm.

After a series of false starts, missing footage, wasted months, frustrated nights, and lost communications with assorted people, I hooked up this project with Doug at Ever & Oak Media Arts (based out of my hometown!) and we got this beast finally wrangled and finished with a real proper professional edit and unique approach. Doug was the fourth editor on this project. In the future, Doug will be the first editor on a project. In tradition of my brothers and I, we had grand plans and lost a few things in the technical execution which made the whole edit a bit of challenge, as its initial plan had to be re-approached almost entirely due to the mistakes we made filming the damn thing. Remember when I saidi forgot to bring a PA to play the song on to an outdoor performance-based music video shoot involving generators and large fires? That was a thing that actually happened. It kinda throws the 'performance based' concept out the window when you have almost no sync'd performance footage because of such a silly mistake and because about ten minutes into filming the fire became entirely too gigantic and hot to spend more than twenty seconds in front of, as it actually started melting the drums. Needless to say, we learned a lot of lessons...

sigh. so there it is...enjoy! and share! and heres the video of us making it!

I'm gonna get started on the packaged versions of these ASAP to send off to everyone, which will include the videos above and a whole bunch of other weird shit this household has been up to the last year, including other videos, shorts, fake trailers, etc etc. cant wait to see what this looks like on VHS. at some point in the near future well make sure we have everyones address and such to get you your prize packages.

sigh, i turned thirty years old while writing this message. ::puts on party hat::

thank you all for your patience and understanding and never-ending support.
-daniel, the residents of Skywalker Coolranch, and the IDNOCLIP family


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