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An absurdly large guitar will be placed in a field, along with our amps and drums. We will then light it all on fire and start playing.

I recently came into possession of a very large guitar, roughly 26 feet long and 12 feet tall. It is an object of beauty too powerful for this ugly world. So in the fine tradition of things we stumble into but do not have room to keep, and in the name of 'science', I think the most logical plan of action is as follows: Place it in a huge dirt field in rural CT alongside oversized amps and drums, set up some high end HD cameras and lights, light everything on fire, and shred some serious riffs with my band IDNOCLIP (named after the Doom II cheatcode to walk through walls) in front of it as it burns. For a brief hour or so we let it live out its glorious swan song as the star of an incredibly dated sci-fi tinged power-metal video from 1992. Because why not? I enjoy a proper bad idea executed well, and I will look for any excuse to wear a one piece jumpsuit and hold a sparkler while jumping off something.

Before I knew it, I was ordering custom speed-suits off the internet for all my friends for us to wear in the video, investigating fire permits, buying Israeli gasmasks off ebay, writing a loose concept akin to 'Logans Run' or 'Black Roses' meets a generic 1990s tech firm R&D hazmat team, I was scouring Home Depot for parts and building gigantic amp cabinets in my parents backyard out of MDF and abandoned model train sets, I was digging through barns trying to find old drums and speakers, I was assembling makeshift lighting rigs in my kitchen, setting up a camera crane in my bedroom, asking an electrical engineer how to rig a cymbal to explode into flames on command, having hour long discussions with my father about using kerosene soaked rope as guitar strings, etc etc etc. I wanted to create a spectacle for my friends to come and see and laugh at and eat grilled hot dogs near, all while giving a final glorious sendoff to something too ridiculous to exist, and it all got a little out of hand (conceptually and financially). But if its not out of hand, whats the point? 

The end result will be a 3 minute HD music video, plus marginally coherent behind the scenes footage of the whole process; all produced shot and edited as professionally as possible by a small team of artists, musicians, photographers, skate punx, video production nerds, and a spooky ghost.

This is happening regardless of if this Kickstarter reaches its goal. In other words, donate or not, you can still watch the final result eventually. We are literally burning our money here, and we are committed to that notion. If you support this bad idea, then consider helping me lose a little less money on...

- the removal and transportation of a gigantic 26' long guitar across state lines.

- the studio recording of the song the video will be for (its new).

- materials to build two oversized amp cabinets.

- materials to reassemble the giant guitar upright in a field.

- materials to outfit a drum set thats "safe" to play while on fire.

- costumes (jumpsuits, gasmasks, hazmat suits, backpacks, etc).

- safety equipment (goggles, gloves, fire extinguishers-a-plenty)

- mcdonalds drive thru coffee for my very understanding but confused parents.

- assorted camera gear needed for an outdoor shoot.

- hard drives to backup/store a few cameras worth of HD footage.

- camera crane.

- generator rental.

- four sets of 1000W work lights, and extension cords.

- dear god, im doing the math in my head...

- food for my growing cast and crew at the shoot.

- cleanup costs for the generously donated field.

- some amount of compensation for my editors time.

(NOTE: despite our carefree appearance, a multitude of safety precautions are being taken for everyone involved and for the land itself. hence why this is being shot in the middle of a giant soggy wet field. this will be a very professional and controlled, but fun, environment and shoot.)


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