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An awesome calendar that will feature real world geek women as their favorite characters from comics, sci-fi, fantasy and fiction.
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Shaun Rosado

468 backers pledged $30,003 to help bring this project to life.

The Last Minute!

Hi Everybody!

Okay it's not literally the last minute, that would be silly. You wouldn't even get the update until it had passed. But we are in the final 12 hours of this fantastic run for The Women of Geekdom 2013 Calendar and I just want to say to everyone who has gotten us here via pledges, posts, sharing on twitter etc... Thank You. We had a very simple idea of showing a wide variety of real geek women in a positive fashion and each of you showed up in a way that has completely amazed us. 

It's been so positive that we're already getting volunteers to be in next years calendar! But we'll get to that. Twelve Hours. Half a Day. This is the Last Minute, so for all of you still on the fence or who have just found us: this is it!

We'll post an update tomorrow with some details over what to expect in the upcoming weeks and months leading to our Fall Release!

Reminder: you can still order more Calendars by simply adding $25 to your current pledge (please see Update 12 for more details).

Reminder The 2nd: you can order posters by simply adding $15 to your current pledge level. These posters can be added to any pledge level, but is considered an addition only. This does not qualify you for a higher pledge level if you cross a new pledge threshold. The $15 includes shipping so no additional amounts are necessary. (See Updates 17 & 18 for full details). 

~ Shaun

PS: If anyone is curious to follow the guy behind the curtain (me) on Twitter, you can @pneumaz! And remember to come back for more updates or listen to our show at: