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MP3 Hunter is a music puzzle based game. The player collects song segments like Bass, Chords, etc, to unlock FULL MP3's and songs. Read more

pledged of £100,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on February 13, 2013.

MP3 Hunter is a music puzzle based game. The player collects song segments like Bass, Chords, etc, to unlock FULL MP3's and songs.

About this project

As a dance musician and hardcore gamer for the last 30 years I've always had a dream to make a game based around my music.

I've had this concept in my mind for the last 2 years now and the only thing holding me back is a programmer to bring it to life.

MP3 Hunter 1
MP3 Hunter 1

Game Objectives:The objective of the game is to unlock various MP3 tracks in order to activate/download them. All the mp3 tracks are broken down into their key 'sample' elements, these are; Bass, Chords, Synths, Drums, Vocals and Effects.

MP3 Hunter 2
MP3 Hunter 2

(Please note these are my concept images for the game and may be subject to change)

The playing area consists of randomly placed/colored balls, some of these balls have letters on them. These letters correspond to the sample elements; 'B' = Bass, 'C' = Chords, 'S' = Synths, 'D' = Drums, 'V' = Vocals, 'E' = Effects

There is also a '?' ball which unlocks a 'random' event.

The player must swap one color ball with an adjacent ball to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more balls.

Bonus points are given when more than three identical balls are formed. Balls disappear when chains are formed and balls fall from the top to fill in gaps.

By matching three or more balls with the letters on them, unlocks a segment of that sample. So 3 balls with the letter 'B' together unlocks part of the 'Bass sample' segment.

As soon as a sample segment is completly full, it unlocks the sample and starts to play it as a loop. New sample loops are unlocked as the game progresses. Once all the samples have been unlocked, its the end of the level and the player gets to keep/download the MP3 featured for the level.

MP3 Hunter 3
MP3 Hunter 3

The game ends when either: no more balls can be matched, or the song is fully unlocked. The '?' balls add a unique random factor to the game, they can give: extra lives (when no more balls can be matched), unlock random segments or samples, even unlock hidden/secret or bonus songs.

Key Features:
Unique Mp3 based puzzle game, never seen before.
* FREE MP3 files.
* Introduction to new music/bands/artists.
* Unlimited DLC's (downloadable content) from tracks submitted by other artists.
* Fresh and always upto to date with latest music trends

Brief market analysis: 
I've been a member of a website called 'Flash Flash Revolution (www.flashflashrevolution) for 8 years now. One of my songs gets approx 140 plays per day and is constantly in the daily top 50! The site now has 1,743,461 members and is still growing. Flash Flash Revolution (or FFR) is a music-based rhythm game that runs through Adobe Flash and an Internet browser, making it a full-fledged online music title that requires no downloads or fees to play. Players can choose from hundreds of songs from a number of genres produced by popular signed and independent artists.

Game Design History:
During my Amiga years I was invloved in designing and developing a few Amiga Games. One of the them was a game called 'Orbital'.
My best friend at the time who did all the programming says it might be possible to convert this original game code for my 'MP3Hunter' idea!

Amiga - Orbital Game 1
Amiga - Orbital Game 1
Amiga - Orbital Game 2
Amiga - Orbital Game 2

You only have to visit my YouTube channel to see how commited I am to my projects:
2 of my most popular fun 'Star Wars' machinima movies took 8 months each to build and film. My acclaimed 'Minecraft - Rise of the Rebellion - Adventure Map', winner of curse and mojang's (make something Star Wars Competition), rated 20/20 took me over a year to build and design. It has since had over 120,000 downloads.

Why KickStarter and why £100,000:I am not savey on programming costs and development, but I will need to pay/fund a programmer or development team for the following:

* Coding and help desigining the game.
* Interactive website and Servers.
* Future updates and DLC's.
* I would also like to try and get some commercial artists on board for potential future DLC's.

03/01/2013: < Domain name Registered.

Risks and challenges

One of the main risks I face completing this project is finding people to help code the game. However I do have a few incentives to offer. I will offer anyone invloved a percentage of any royalties from finished game sales. I also still have the original code from the game 'Orbital' which I helped to design and develop on the Amiga. My friend at the time, who did all the programming for the game, said it wouldn't be too hard to convert the code to work with my MP3 Hunter idea. My friend has also expressed an interest to help with the project in his spare time, but he is a very busy and respectable man and I would love to be able to pay him for his time.

Having been involved in the design, development and release of 2 games on the Amiga scene, I realise that not everything goes to plan in this business, so thats why I have allowed 8 months from funding to bring this project to life.

I am already getting a lot of interest from people offering to help with this project through my youtube channel. I also have a lot of cool contacts in the games industry through using my music in their games, like 'Bongfish' who produced 'Stoked' on the Xbox 360, and an up-and-coming games developer called 'Team 6'

I don't have any copyright issues becuase the music I will be using has been composed by myself.
I would like to considering the use of commercial music/bands for future DLC's, but this can be researched at a later date.
The MP3 Hunter website will also serve as a portal for any musicians/bands wishing to submit their music for future DLC submissions.

I'm no stranger to pressure and deadlines. I have been in the website and design business for over 10 years and I was the director of my own Website Design company for 2 years, prior to my daughter being diagnosed with cancer. Currently, I have been a volunteer for one of the UK Emergency services for the last 5 years and I've also been responsible for the design of some very high profile government websites.

I am determined to make my lifelong dream of 20 years come true, and thanks to Kickstarter its now in my grasp! You have nothing to lose by bidding low, if all else fails (god forbid), you'll still get some bonus MP3's.

I am quite capable and confident to overcome any issues or problems that may arise with this project, I only hope you have the confidence to help support it. Thank you.

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  • I am tweeting the project's countdown daily and I'm also contacting a lot of Games news sites who have featured my youtube channel in the past, sites like Kotaku, Bluesnews, etc.

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    £1 reward

    0 backers

    Your Name in the credits for having faith in this project, both in-game and on the website. + "GlowSticks" MP3 not to be featured in the game.

    Estimated delivery:
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    £3 reward

    0 backers

    All the above + 3 official remix MP3's not to be featured in the game. "Sandstorm", "Sunlight" and "Shout C'mon"

    Estimated delivery:
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    £5 reward

    0 backers

    All the above + beta/alpha demo access to the game. The beta demo will feature 2 songs, the alpha demo will feature 5 songs.

    Estimated delivery:
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    £10 reward

    2 backers Limited (198 left of 200)

    All the above + a digital copy of the game. If we are accepted on Steam Greenlight, you will get a Steam copy of the game.

    Estimated delivery:
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    £15 reward

    0 backers Limited (100 left of 100)

    All the above + a digital copy of the game and 2x copies of the game to give to your friends. If we are accepted on Steam Greenlight, you will get a Steam copy of the game + 2 as gifts.

    Estimated delivery:
  • You selected
    £20 reward

    1 backer Limited (79 left of 80)

    A digital copy of the game, + a digital download of all my Amiga 8bit Chip Tunes not featured in the game. (Over 30 tracks)

    Estimated delivery:
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    £25 reward

    0 backers Limited (50 left of 50)

    A digital copy of the game, + a digital download of my 'Autobiogramp3' collection. This collection features all my songs to date, (inc all my chip tunes) thats over 100+ MP3's)

    Estimated delivery:

Funding period

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