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Introducing world's first SMART WALLET with Fingerprint access and Smartphone connectivity. Never lose or misplace your Wallet again!
Introducing world's first SMART WALLET with Fingerprint access and Smartphone connectivity. Never lose or misplace your Wallet again!
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August Update - Fully Functional Cashew and Product Changes You'll Love

Posted by Revol Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have exciting news! And are incredibly thrilled to write this update and reconnecting with all of you, our beloved backers. Great progress has been made in the past few weeks on both technical and business fronts and we can’t wait to share the details with you!

Based on feedback from our community of backers, we had 3 top priorities for July: 

  • Reduce thickness of Wallet
  • Add RFID feature
  • Work on interiors of wallet and optimize space

We are proud to announce we've executed them flawlessly in August.

*****Drum roll*****

Presenting you, the NEW and IMPROVED version of Cashew Smart Wallet




We are excited to announce the following updates and changes to our Cashew Smart Wallet. All of this, obviously, wouldn't be possible without your constant support and feedback:

  • Size: We've managed to get down the thickness of Cashew further down by 5mm. This is a huge win and involved creative ways to use the space available for our electronics inside the wallet. 
  • RFID Protection: To add to the excitement and based on feedback from our backers, we've added RFID protection to 3 slots (out of 6 total).
  • Interiors of the Wallet: We worked on optimizing space for both cards and cash and finally have total of 7 slots and entire space for cash.


  • Latch: We initially planned to use a latch to lock the wallet at the center. To make it stronger and ensure it can't be easily broken, we've gone ahead and changed it to have 2 latches at the corners of the wallet
  • Steel Rims: Instead of using Aluminium rims around the corner of the wallet, we will now use Steel rims to add to the strength and durability of the wallet
  • Mobile App Development: We are glad to announce that we've executed on the UI/UX and done with coding for Android. Currently, we are testing the app to fix bugs. The iOS coding is work in progress and we should have it shipped in couple of weeks from now. 

We promised to work on creating fully functional Cashew wallet that has been assembled with all working parts. We spent time with our tech partners, product designers, Industrial Engineers and manufacturers (NOA Labs in Shenzhen, China) and we are glad to announce that we've executed it as promised :) 

Every aspect of the Wallet is now functional. Find below some fun pictures from our work we did in China







We are currently working with our manufacturers to check if we could include 2 additional colors along with Black. This is work in progress and we will keep you posted on how this turns out! Crossing fingers :)



  • As we now have a fully functional Cashew Smart Wallet as promised, we have one solid month to keep testing the product for any bugs and fixes on our firmware and mobile app
  • As a company we want to ensure quality of our products and will apply for electronics standard licences. This will also help us keep a tight watch on using the best components which is safe for environment and children and also helps us test the extreme limits of our own wallet
  • We will start the process to get the final industrial molds for our mass production. This usually takes atleast 2-3 iterations to ensure the final product design is flawlessly executed

October: After thorough testing and iterations from September, we will start our production and start shipping in the order we received the pledges. 

Lets keep the dialogue going!!  

As we mentioned in our last update too, we love hearing from you, the people that made this all possible! We read and consider every message and comment that comes our way and we know how valuable your insights are. We've tried our very best to get back to your questions and comments as fast as we can and we promise to keep it up! 

Warm Regards,
Team Cashew

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    1. Antony

      Looks awesome, great works guys - really well done!

    2. Missing avatar


      Could you upload a video of actual product now? As you promised earlier about it? I am more interested in to see it in action, not rendered picture. Even if it's not full functional but at least we could see it in real?

    3. Kickstarter Bad on

      Thanks for the update :)

      I have the same sentiment as quenvin but since it did reduce the thickness of the wallet I'm not really unhappy, I think I can live with it.

    4. Luca Ecari

      great update Cashew Team!

      can I ask you to showcase (in a video) how difficult really is for somebody other than the owner to break the cashew wallet open?

      I mean is it as easy as throwing it with force at a wall or to the ground? ...or as easy as using a hammer...?

      Yes, it would mean to sacrifice a wallet or two... but for the greater good!


    5. Quenvin Tan on

      I'm happy and slightly unhappy. Happy due to the fact that you did not disappoint us and prove that you will deliver your promise. However, I'm unhappy because the main selling point to me is the slot for cash notes because I don't like to fold my notes and use clip

    6. hoàng nguyễn quốc phong

      Hi Cashew team
      Thanks so much form hearing your update..... i'm so excited and mút to say that your NEW and IMPROVED version of Cashew Smart Wallet is so amazing.... hope your team finish it soon and ship to backer. Thanks a lot
      Best regards