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An experiment in crowd-funded fast publishing: a new book on carbon neutral cities we'll write, design+ publish in the next 3 weeks! Read more

Seattle, WA Nonfiction
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This project was successfully funded on April 14, 2011.

An experiment in crowd-funded fast publishing: a new book on carbon neutral cities we'll write, design+ publish in the next 3 weeks!

Seattle, WA Nonfiction
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Carbon Zero in the Media

Hey folks—

One of the many great things about doing this project is that it's given me many opportunities to talk with colleagues in the media about cities, climate and the future. Here are some of the interviews and articles that have resulted.

Though Carbon Zero's gotten a terrific reception and a lot of people have read the book itself, it's through media like this that a much greater number encounter the ideas in a book. This is part of what you supporters helped make happen.

Thank you, again.


Earth Island Journal:"

Metropolis Magazine: Planet-savers: A new e-book by futurist Alex Steffen argues that cities are the key to environmental salvation

Dwell Magazine: Alex Steffen on Cities

Interview on KPFA: Caroline Casey with Alex Steffen

Treehugger: Imagining Cities That Can Save The Planet: Alex Steffen Talks About Carbon Zero

The Atlantic: A Vision of a Carbon-Zero Urban Future: An Interview with Alex Steffen

Momentum: What would it take to make a city carbon neutral?

Foreign Policy: How to Save the Global Economy: Build Green Cities

Arcade: So You Want To Change The World? A Conversation with Alex Steffen

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Sweet Kindle version of Carbon Zero now available

If you or someone you know would like to have Carbon Zero to read on Kindle, it's now available on Amazon.

Sure, you can read it free online, but by purchasing it in this handsome edition designed by OPEN, you support the work we're doing getting the book out there in those free formats... and get a great-looking ebook.

(Hey, and if you can help get the word out by sharing or tweeting this, I'd really appreciate it...)

What are people saying about Carbon Zero?

Hey friends, just wanted to let you know that the reaction so far has been amazing! Here are a few of the great things people are saying about Carbon Zero.

"Hurricane Sandy reminded us that cities are where climate change crashes into everyday life. But the news isn't all bad -- this remarkable little book shows how the future of the planet depends on building better cities and the kind of new thinking we need to get started. Read Carbon Zero right away, because time is short."

—Bill McKibben

"Could help us find a way to survive and even thrive in the face of a planetary challenge that political leaders... have been reluctant to face."

—The Atlantic

"Redefines what being a successful city means in a rapidly warming and increasingly urbanized world."


"A deep and inspiring manual for imagining how our cities can become the solution to our climate woes."

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next week. Thanks again!

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