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Drift Stage is a modern take on the classic arcade racer.
Drift Stage is a modern take on the classic arcade racer.
2,650 backers pledged $57,720 to help bring this project to life.

Drift Stage - July 2017 Progress Update - Steam Early Access Preparation

Posted by Super Systems Softworks (Creator)

Drift Stage - July 2017 Update

As of last weeks successful 'Drift Stage Online' lobby test, and the game full integration into Steam, we can now begin preparations for the Steam Early Access launch.(finally)

17 debugging keys have been sent out to different members of the community, in order to help us get the game stable and working on all platforms before the big launch. While Windows is fairly stable, Mac and Linux need more attention.

If all goes as planned, I'd like to release keys to ALL backers a week or more in advance of the release date, allowing the full community to do one final debugging session, and get the game ready for the entire Steam community.

Whats done:

16~ cars are finished, and 3 tracks are ready (asset wise, I cant speak for Chase, he's the one who implements them).

The soundtrack is done, total 24 tracks I think. Local multiplayer works, and single player time-attack SHOULD have the twitter support built back in.

The decal editor is fully functional, and allows you to post your creations to the steam workshop. - As far as I can tell, only loading needs to be added before you can use them in game.

All main menus are now complete and functional, including controller rebinding, sound, graphics, and calibration.

Photo-mode received a wire-frame render mode as well, and is available in online and 4 player (as always).

Cars can now have functional head-lights. Some cars may not have these working at launch, but we'll get them all working before beta.

Other important news -

We have a full website redesign ready for launch, as soon as the games single player and online level loading is re-implemented  we will update it it with all new media, and a new trailer.

If the time-frame requires it, I'm confident we could release this with only 1/2 or 1/3 the features it currently has and still have a successful launch. The build from last June constituted the content of the games new free demo - but unfinished of course. A large number of improvements have been made to physics and other aspects of the game since then.

The game mode currently being debugged on steam is the main server creation and lobby menus. So far we've had a successful east coast to west coast connection with 3 players. Latency was dialed in relatively quickly, and we were able to drift around in tandem. A large bouncy globe was added to test latency, but is actually really fun to try and  'kick' with the tail of your car. We'll experiment more with that concept later.

New physics alteration made since the Careless Shorts release in Nov of 2016 have been made. Expect smoother input response.

Now for some images


At certain points in the game, loading times may have increased slightly due to the amount of data being loaded now, as compared to the alpha tester builds. A new randomly generated loading screen featuring different cars will appear on these long load times.

 Camera mode in the online lobby.

 Camera mode makes for great cinematography. We will be using this feature to record the game trailers. 


 As promised - popup headlights work.









We will announce the release date as soon as we - and the debuggers feel the game is ready to launch. - Expect more news and updates, so be sure to follow us on twitter @driftstagegame

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    1. Missing avatar

      TheDriver79 on

      Well, to be honest, I havent's commented until now because the update is of course interesting but still nothing about tracks, release date or another backer build.
      Sure, this sounds harsh, I know. However, Drift Stage was the only racing game I backed on Kickstarter that looked promising and isn't abondoned and then it also started to become an endless story.
      I am still very much interested in the game and hope to see some kind of new beta. But that sounds more like an unrealistic thing. As I can see you only focus on any kind of Early Access build to get more money (I totally understand I your SHOULD get money to continue and enhance development) but don't providing another beta for backers with beta tear to get more feedback on driving physics or other things, that might also improve a roll-out version for the public, is strange, even when you say you will publish a much polished version for early access.

      At the end I'd like to say, I totally respect your work, I understand delays and I'm really looking forward to the game! The only thing I'm missing are information about tracks and a bit more integration of backers who pledged for early access beta builds. There hasn't been any beta build since one year even when Drift Stage is really in development (well, screenshots only shows menu screens since very long time).

    2. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      Thank you for the update.

      I can feel it, the day is soon here when Drift Stage is unleashed!

    3. Robbie Sabo on

      Notice how none of the whingers comment when there IS an update? There's tons of updates if you follow on Twitter, or are part of the forums. Anyhoo, cannot bloody wait. Been playing a lot of the last build in preparation. I'm eager as all hell to experience the physics changes, and that new track looks gorgeous.

    4. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thanks for the update!

    5. Alex McIntosh on

      How many tracks will be in the full release?