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Surviving the World is ending, and to celebrate the end of 10+ years and 3500+ comics, we're doing a "best of" book collection!
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    1. Daniel Casner on

      Oh also 1440, another very true comic. Maybe this should have been titled surviving the cats all along?

    2. Daniel Casner on

      2165 Is one of the most true things I have ever seen

    3. Maggie Schultz on

      Winter Driving #190
      Movie Quality #193

    4. Missing avatar

      Kaylee Thorson on

      I have 3 saved in my pictures files. 7, 101, 628

    5. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Huebner on

      Lessons 1872 and 1999 are two of my favorites

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Linggi on

      Lesson #94, 136, 290/291, 312, and the one about the highly technical talk where you zone out for a minute and lose all understanding (can't find the number)

    7. Missing avatar

      Ruth Ann Francis on

      Two of my favorites which I'd love to see in the book are:
      - Lesson #910 - The Individual
      - One about bad knees which I think only appeared in the calendar? I can't find it in the search. But it's something like "Bad knees are your body's way of saying AAAAHHHHHH!!!!". As someone with bad knees, I can relate.

      Thanks for being awesome and making me laugh and think and stuff. I'm very much looking forward to the book.

    8. Lisa Liebig on

      Lesson #1 was what got me hooked, #786 is a favorite among my friends, and #2697 is something to live by.

    9. Michael Crane on

      The last Pride comic was a favorite of mine!

    10. Missing avatar

      CarmenDHF on

      My favourites are the "Suggested names for..." series.

    11. Missing avatar

      darkladyofthesith on

      I would love it if you include Lesson 523, Experience, Part IV. It's one of the ones that has stuck in my brain since I first read it (probably because I watched the supplemental video which was awesome).

    12. Joyce Lee on

      Please include the "There are plenty of fish in the Sea. But there's always one fish story that's better than the others." That's the comic that warms my husband and my heart's always.