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The Coup needs a tour bus in order to promote our soon-to-be-released new album, "Sorry To Bother You", and play more shows.
The Coup needs a tour bus in order to promote our soon-to-be-released new album, "Sorry To Bother You", and play more shows.
808 backers pledged $40,281 to help bring this project to life.

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Missing addresses, voicemail, and books.


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Wow!!! Thank you!!!

We did it!
We made our goal, now we'll be rolling through your town in our tour bus!

We are so damned excited about this. Now we're just getting ready.

I'm about to send out the questionnaires today.

Also- just so you know, your card was not charged when you made the pledge.

It's only being charged now. A couple folks thought they were being charged twice because they thought they had been charged already.



Almost there! Let's surpass the goal!


We only have about $2100 left to raise to meet our goal of $30,000!

The only thing is that we need to surpass that goal in order to build the bus out correctly.

This means building bunks, benches, storage boxes, and a counter top on the bus, a well as buying the materials for this. We also need to buy an RV generator, AC/heating units, futons or mattresses, and a refrigerator.

If anyone actually has any of the above and either want to donate them or sell them at a good price- message me! Also hit me up if you're in the Bay Area and want to help us with the build out.

We have exactly 2 weeks left in the campaign. I'm hoping that we can get to $40,000 to do everything we need to do. Part of the reason for needing to surpass the goal is that I have to pay a wholesale price for the CDs, books, and vinyl. Meeting the goal means we actually get to keep the money, though!

I got together with Zachary Carson of Sustainable Roadshow- who are the current owners of the bus- and we drew up a plan for the bus build out. I've attached it below. Check it out!

For whoever hasn't seen it yet, our video for The Magic Clap is out! 

Here it is:

This Tuesday we'll release the video for "Land Of 7 Billion Dances". We did it with Yak Films. It features some of the Bay Area's Turf Dance stars.

Stay tuned!



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Update! The Coup tour bus and other news.


We are sincerely grateful to everyone who has thrown down their hard earned money to help make this happen.

We're 58% there in under 2 weeks! Tight.

It's part of our plan to combine our touring with organizing and activism. It's been a long time coming and is something that can be extremely effective at this time. We're going to bring bands and other folks with us on the road to help facilitate this.

We can't wait to get out there and play these new songs for everyone. The songs are crazy, energetic, and full of passion, just like our shows. I feel that I'm growing as a songwriter and this album is a result of that. There are no filler songs on this album.

We've been getting the merchandise together and we're going to have some great shirts- so those of you that got T-shirts will have more than two to choose from. 

We've filmed 2 videos for the album so far. One more is in production, and we film the 4th video from the album in September. The first video- for "The Magic Clap", directed by Peter Lee, will be out in a few days. The next video, for "Land Of 7 Billion Dances" is one we did with YAK Films and features many world famous Bay Area dancers: Turf Fienz, Ladia Yates and many others. That'll come out in September. We also have videos for "Your Parents' Cocaine" and "The Guillotine" coming out.

We actually need to surpass the official goal to build the bus all the way out- since we have to buy the albums wholesale, some of the money will be spoken for. But I'm pretty sure we'll surpass that goal, as some folks are talking about pooling together and going in on Coup house-parties.

One thing that I left out of the initial pitch is the fact that the bus is currently owned by Sustainable Roadshow and is already running on bio-diesel.

The other benefit that comes from folks getting the album through our kickstarter is that pre-orders get counted as first week sales. The higher our numbers for first week sales are, the more likely we'll get to perform on a late-night talk show- or that publications will talk about the album.

Many of you have posted about this campaign. Thank you so much for this as well. It feels a little weird for me to get out there with my virtual sandwich board and get folks to donate. But this is what has to be done to put my music out there, so I do it. Thank you for the help.

Love and fire.


P.S. Many of you have asked about how to give us your shipping address, or how to pick your T-shirt, or how to get me the info to write on a bathroom wall, etc. When the campaign is over you will receive an electronic questionnaire which asks for all the relevant details.