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A post-PC scanner for a post-PC world.  Scandock utilizes your smartphone and is the fastest and most efficient way to scan.
A post-PC scanner for a post-PC world. Scandock utilizes your smartphone and is the fastest and most efficient way to scan.
79 backers pledged $106,683 to help bring this project to life.

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Scandock is Shipping!

Dear Backers,

You have probably received an email from us recently asking for your shipping details. This is because Scandock is now ready to ship!

All the units have been dispatched from Asia where they are manufactured. For US customers, we expect to receive the package and distribute them to you within this week. As for international customers, your package is being shipped directly from Bangkok, Thailand.  In short, all rewards will be sent within this week and should arrive to you at around end of April. 

We'll also update the Scandock app regularly with improvements and new features so please update regularly. We are excited to hear comments and feedback from you once you have started using your Scandock. Your feedback will help us will improve it further so please keep them coming. Thank you in advance!

Scandock App: Feature Complete & Packaging Update


The Scandock iOS app is 100% feature complete and ready for download.  Feel free to download it and feel the power!  One feature we are super proud of is its ability to scan up to ten objects at the same time with our multi-doc mode.

The Android version is just about finished and will be ready for download in May.  We are now taking it through its paces so when the day of the race arrives it will perform like a thoroughbred.

Our packaging has arrived and as you read this we are carefully placing each piece inside the custom made cardboard mold that will hold it securely during shipment.

We have attached some pictures for you to see.

- Team Scandock

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New Shiny Docks: Black or White? Which One Is Yours?

Hello Backers,

We are on schedule and could not be more excited!

Check out these photos of our shiny new docks.  It's all coming together nicely.


The Scandock Team

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Scandock Production Update

Hello Kickstarters,

We are excited to give you an update on what's been happening with the product in the past few weeks.

Scandock is garnering a lot of attention in the press! Mashable, a website with over 20 million unique visitors every month, featured Scandock in both a video segment and an online article. They also tweeted about us to their 3.2 million Twitter followers and shared us on their Facebook page. Scandock is also featured in other tech blogs and we are optimistic for even more press coverage in the coming months.

While the buzz builds for Scandock, we're busy producing the product you helped us create. Everything is on track and we still expect to ship Scandock to you in April. I have attached a few pictures for you to see how the end product is coming along. The first two pictures are the mold of the dock piece. The other two are pictures of a team member checking and testing the printed circuit board that will be affixed to the back of Scandock's crystal neck controlling the LED lights and sensor. The site is at a Japanese-owned factory in Thailand where they will be making Scandocks! We hope you are as excited as we are and we'll definitely continue to keep you in the loop.

Thanks again!

Scandock Team

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