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Wall Street Journal recommends

Posted by Harvey Wang (Creator)

I was happy to see From Darkroom to Daylight recommended by the Wall Street Journal in their round-up "What to Give: Photography Books"

Also, I will be screening the film version of the book at the Bruce Museum in Greenwhich, CT on January 18.

Happy Thanksgiving to all...


If the link doesn't work, here is the WSJ text:

One of the subjects in Harvey Wang’s collection of interviews “From Darkroom to Daylight” (Daylight Books, 176 pages, $45) is Steven Sasson, the electrical engineer who was hired by Kodak in 1973 and a few years later built the first digital camera, a crude, Rube Goldberg-looking device. Mr. Wang also interviewed Thomas Knoll, who, with his brother John, created Photoshop. But most of the 44 featured here are photographers whose lives have been impacted by the shift in photography from film to digital; Sally Mann,Elliott Erwitt,Eugene Richards,Susan Meiselas,Chester Higgins Jr., et al. Their reactions are emotional and moving; after all, photography is their life. Many are lyrical about the time they spent in their darkroom watching the almost magical appearance of an image on the paper in the developing tray; others are equally as excited about the possibilities digital has opened for them. The book includes Mr. Wang’s portraits of each of the participants.


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