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An exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the destruction of The Garden of Eden, an earthwork created by Adam Purple in NYC.
An exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the destruction of The Garden of Eden, an earthwork created by Adam Purple in NYC.
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Adam Purple passed away last week at the age of 84. Take this opportunity to show your admiration for him and his work by helping to fund his "green" burial and permanent memorial in NYC!

Link to the fund on GiveForward:

Adam Purple (rev. les ego) was a social activist, philosopher, and urban gardener/revolutionary. He created the world-famous eARThWORK, "The Garden of Eden," which flourished on Manhattan’s Lower East Side from 1975-1986. He was a pioneering ecological/environmental artist who lived his values: a vegan, composting and recycling his waste, refusing to wear leather, traveling by bicycle rather than by car, and rejecting the "infernal" combustion engine.

Adam will be buried according to his wishes at Greensprings Natural Burial Preserve. ( He spent his life as an activist for sustainability, living sustainably himself. As such, he did not spend his life accumulating assets. It is up to us, his friends and those whose lives he enriched, to ensure that he has the final resting place that he wanted and believed in. We would also like to erect a permanent memorial on the Lower East Side where people can meditate, congregate, and remember Adam and what he stood for. On behalf of Adam, thank you for your generosity!

Adam Purple 1930-2015

Some sad news...Adam Purple died yesterday; a heart attack while biking across the Williamsburg Bridge. It's hard to imagine NYC without Adam.

NY Times Obit:

For a more in depth look at Adam Purple and his work, take a look at this book of photographs with an essay by Amy Brost (edited by Adam Purple himself.)

Long time...

 To Supporters of Adam Purple and the Garden of Eden--

Just a quick hello.  Recently I was contacted by the NYC Department of Sanitation Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling asking if they could use a photograph of Adam Purple in their magazine BioCycle, calling him "one of the Lower East Side’s most prominent community gardeners."  Finally (at least) one NYC agency understands Adam's forward-thinking signifigance.

Also, I have launched a new Kickstarter to support publication of my latest project, FROM DARKROOM TO DAYLIGHT.  Visit the project, support it if you can, and share the link:

Screening at the Brooklyn Short Film Festival

Adam Purple and The Garden of Eden  by Harvey Wang and Amy Brost will be screened at the Brooklyn Short Film Festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Wednesday, June 15th.  The film will be shown in the first half of the screening block--around 7:30 p.m.  Tickets for the festival can be purchased from the Galapagos website.  We've been warned that both nights will sell out.   If you would like to come see the film (and cast your vote for the audience prize) you should buy your tickets ASAP.  We would love to see you at the screening

Exhibition Opens

The photography exhibit opened at FusionArts Museum on Feb. 3. Many people came who either knew Adam Purple or The Garden, but many visitors did not know about his amazing creation. The gallery opened at 6 PM, and was packed by 7:30 PM when Adam Purple arrived. He hadn't seen the show, and was touched by the reception he received.

One more thing: the slide show we made for our Kickstarter project was invited to be screened at the Lower East Side Film Festival in NYC. We worked on the film, adding pictures and music, and are very proud of the finished product. It will screen at the festival on Feb. 8, 11, 12 and 25.

For more info about the film and the filmmakers visit:

Again, thanks for your support. Hopefully this will lead to more recognition for Adam.