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A feature-length college comedy about the end of the world. Written, directed, produced and performed by bona fide college students.

Please watch to the end of the video.  It contains the premiere of our first trailer.

The world may be ending, but the party's just begun.

Apocalypse Theory is a college comedy about the end of the world.  The story follows two brothers, both students at a large university.  During the two weeks leading up to the supposed apocalypse, Ethan (Zack Sztanyo) and Allen Vitne (Alex Poling) must learn how to enjoy the time they have in the face of an uncertain future.

Making Apocalypse Theory

Writer/Director Cameron Laventure and I (Writer/Producer Brandon Laventure), with the indispensable volunteer assistance of more than fifty of our friends and family, and about $5,000 entrusted to us by our generous investors (also friends and family), finished shooting Apocalypse Theory on July 3rd, 2011.  Thanks to a mixture of good luck, hard work, and accommodation by Michigan State University and the East Lansing community, we think it has a chance to be one of the best movies ever made on this kind of budget.

Why we are asking for your help

In two words, music rights.

One week after we wrapped up shooting, we began post-production, a process that includes editing, visual effects, color correction, raising publicity, sound mixing, scoring, and the obtaining of rights to use pre-recorded music.  Some of the money we hope to raise will go to publicity, but pre-recorded music is the largest cost we expect to incur during this whole process, and the main reason we're coming to you.  Our investors have gotten us this far, and we hope the Kickstarter community will decide to help us the rest of the way.

Why do we need to pay big bucks for music?  While there is a lot of good independent and local music out there that we may be able to use for free, popular music has a unique effect.  When a viewer recognizes a song in a movie, even subconsciously, it changes the experience of that scene.  We're hoping to enhance our more emotional scenes with songs by The Shins and We Are Scientists, and give the world of our characters extra realism and depth with the Pokémon theme song and "Never Gonna Give You Up".  If we can't afford Rick Astley, there will be no rickroll!

We have our goal set at $100 because this movie is happening no matter how much we raise, but we really hope to raise a lot more.  The more money we can collect, the more popular music we'll be able to afford.  Not only will this improve the quality of the movie, but higher production values help our chances of landing a distribution deal.  The sky is the limit!  We're talking thousands of backers, tens of thousands of dollars, and absurd, meaningless "percent funded" numbers!  We'll be immensely grateful for anything we can raise, but, you know, the tens of thousands of dollars would be very nice.

Thank you for reading all the way to down here.  If you find it in yourself to help us out and/or you like any of the rewards on the right, please donate.  You can also help by spreading the word about our campaign and our film.  Telling people in person leaves a lasting impression, but Facebook is great if you want a high reach/effort ratio.

Speaking of which, please check out our Facebook page:

We also have a production blag:

The trailer was edited by Annette Gianino.

The teaser image at the top of the page was created by Kim Berens.  Unfortunately, I had to crop it.  You can visit the Apocalypse Theory Facebook page to see the whole thing.

As a sample of our previous work, please enjoy our award-winning short Frank the Assassin.


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    - CREDIT - When you help us finish Apocalypse Theory, you will receive access to all project updates and we will credit you at the end of the movie. After every screening, people will watch your name scroll up the silver screen and know that you helped make it happen.

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    - SIGNED DVD - You will receive a DVD of Apocalypse Theory, signed by director Cameron Laventure. This DVD will contain the finished movie and special features, among which we plan to include cast and crew commentaries, a making-of documentary, and a very special alternate cut of the movie. This reward also includes a credit at the end of the movie.

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    - SIGNED HEADSHOTS - You will receive one signed headshot of Zack Sztanyo, who plays Ethan Vitne in the movie, and one signed headshot of Alex Poling, who plays Allen Vitne. This reward also includes a credit and the DVD.

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    - DINNER - You will be invited to dinner with director Cameron Laventure and producer Brandon Laventure. Other members of the Apocalypse Theory cast and crew will be there as well. Maybe we'll all hit a bar afterwards. It should be a lot of fun. Invitations are limited to avoid crowding and ensure that you have a good time. This reward also includes a credit, the DVD, and actor headshots.

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    - ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDIT - You will be credited as an Associate Producer. That goes on IMDb! This reward also includes dinner (until the limit is reached), the DVD, and actor headshots.

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    - CAMEO - You, our most generous supporters, will be invited to make a cameo appearance in Airship Cinema's next movie (the one after Apocalypse Theory)! We're still in the writing phase now, but we will contact you as we approach production. Invitations are limited because what if we finish the script and there's no crowd scenes? This reward also includes Associate Producer credit, dinner (until the limit is reached), the DVD, and actor headshots.

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