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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 30 2017
pledged of €222,000pledged of €222,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 30 2017

Meet the Artists

Posted by Bernd Keller (Collaborator)

Hey folks,

as promised, I would like to present our team of illustrators, now that we have the last slot filled.

Without further ado:

Dennis Lohausen - Region Aerie and Cover

Franz Vohwinkel - Region Caves

Martin Hoffmann - Region Darklands

Oliver Schlemmer - Region Depths

Claus Stephan - Region Dreamlands

Michael Menzel - Region Enchanted Forest

Loic Billiau - Staff

Maybe one or two names sound familiar to you. ;)

I hope you like our choices.

We will keep you posted with further information in the future.

Take care,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Travis Drucker on

      It's unfortunate that some of the artists that I was looking forward to are no longer part of the project. Having some of the old guard back together would have been nice to see, but with the earlier cancellation I can't be too surprised.

      Still interested in seeing how this comes about.

    2. Graeme Corrin

      I'm happy to see this game is moving forward.

      However, I am disappointed to see Pete Venters is no longer a part of the project. As my board game collection has grown, my time to play games has diminished. Richard Garfield is a legend, but these days his name alone isn't enough for me to pick up a new game. But a game with a focus on great art, from several great artists, one of which is a childhood hero of mine... that was enough. Even if I played the game once, and never again, I was still in.

      When I was a kid, playing Magic during recess, Pete Venter was the only MtG artist who's name I knew. I collected as many cards as I could that he created the art for. The goblins were the best ;) When I saw his name on this project, it brought back all those memories.

      I am happy this game will be made, despite the Kickstarter being canceled, and I plan to check it out when it comes out. But I hope that Pete Venters knows that he will be missed, and that his departure from the project has changed at least one fan from a hard "yes" to a soft "maybe".

      But hey, if the game is great, I may still pick it up, and I'm sure all the artists attached are great. I only wish to express my disappointment that a childhood hero of mine is no longer attached to the project.

      All the best,