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Field research! I'll join a group of artists in Australia for a month of travel, documenting, painting, drawing, and writing.

I'm a realist painter, and I'm poised to participate in a month-long art-making endeavor that will take me abroad for the first time! Together with accomplished Land Arts of the American West alums Blake Gibson, Joseph Mougel, and Yoshimi Hayashi, I'll join a small group of Australian artists in their home country, in a traveling collaboration facilitated by Bill Gilbert and John Reid.

We'll split our four weeks there between:

*Calpernum Station in the Riverland Biosphere Preserve, investigating the Murray River and surrounding Mallee scrubland;

*The cities and communities of Canberra, Sydney, Kioloa, and Hay; and

*The Far South Coast of New South Wales, exploring the marine environment of the Tasman Sea and nearby eucalypt forests of the coastal strip.

It'll be an unparalleled field research opportunity for me. Local experts will introduce us to ecological and community issues surrounding each site, and the rest of my time will be devoted to documenting, drawing, painting, and writing in the field. After my return, I'll spend the next several months creating a body of paintings based on the accumulated studies.

There are, of course, expenses that accompany this period of intense immersion. Even with the donations that have been procured for the group, the costs of airfare to and from the continent (~$2,000), and a month's worth of food, lodging, land-travel, and supplies while there (~$2,500), are still somewhat daunting. I'm saving like mad, but it would be incredibly helpful--financially and emotionally--to have outside support in reaching a milestone goal of $2,000. In the event that this goal is exceeded, any additional funds will be used to help organize and mount an exhibition of the work resulting from the journey.

Even if you can't afford to contribute to the cause monetarily, I recognize that it's a generous act for you to take the time to check out my proposal and to wish me well--and I thank you for doing so!



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    Donors of ANY dollar amount will not only receive my heartiest thanks, but also be kept in the loop with a regular e-newsletter throughout my time in the field, chock full of photographs and observations on my travels and experiences in Australia.

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    A hand-illustrated postcard, created on-site and mailed from the field.

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    A hand-written letter composed within and posted from one of the sites--rife with exciting doodles!

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    A painted sketch created in the field (likely gouache on paper). I personally guarantee its loveliness.

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    A full-scale, hand-painted preparatory study (on which a later studio painting will be based).

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    Your choice of any of the small studio paintings to be included in the final exhibition.

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    A large painting to be included in the final exhibition.

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