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A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
1,803 backers pledged £89,852 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Gilman
      6 days ago

      I am glad that you all are monitoring, and taking the appropriate action!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Fadeecg1 on July 10

      How will each magazine be packaged? Cardboard? Plastic wrap? I'm just wondering because sometimes the post office by me is very negligent when it comes to magazines and stuff. They leave stuff in the rain. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Noi on July 9

      Would like to know about shipping as well.

    4. Emily Kines on July 8

      Has the magazine been shipped yet? I know it's going to take a couple of weeks to get where I live, but I would like an update to know where you guys are at.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin on July 8


      Are there going to be any more Updates about the book? There are not any Updated anymore since May. Has the shipping started yet?

      sincerely yours


    6. Missing avatar

      Ofoegbu Kelechi Ujunwa on July 7

      Hello, My Address is in Nigeria and after filling the survey, they said its not within the location, would i still get the CDQ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Satish B on July 5

      Hello Guys,

      Will I get a notification once the CDQ has been posted?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dante on June 11

      I've just discovered the survey (I filled) now due to email notification issues.
      Could you tell me if that's a problem or if everything's will be all right for the delivery?
      Thanks in advance, :)

    9. Svetoslav Markov on May 31

      Hello, I did not see the survey in time, because my kickstarter account was linked to a mail which I don't open frequently (because of logging in through Facebook), so I was only able to complete the survey today. Would that be a problem with delivering the magazine and the reward to my address? Sorry for the delay and thanks in advance!

    10. CreativeFanatic on May 25

      Greetings. I haven't filled out my survey yet, as I'm about to move within 4-6 weeks. How should I handle that? I can give you my current address but with the first issue in July, I'll be gone and I don't have a new address yet. Thank you.

    11. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on May 22

      @Johnny Corba – Thank you for backing CDQ! You can find the survey by logging in to your Kickstarter account where there will be a yellow notification bar for any missed surveys. Alternatively, when you are logged in and on the CDQ page you can click on “View Pledge” and then the “Survey” tab to add your address. Hope that helps!

    12. Johnny Corba on May 19

      Can't open survey
      How will you send me my sub?

      Have DM'd - no response

    13. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on May 2

      @Emily Kines – Thanks for subscribing! We’ll send you a DM.

      @X - Thank you for backing the Kickstarter. The apparent difference in cost is because your backer amount includes shipping for 8 issues; when subscribing through our website shipping is added on at the checkout. At the moment only 1-year subscriptions (4 issues) are available on our website at the same price as they were on Kickstarter. However, only Kickstarter backers will receive the extra rewards. For the 2-year subscription that is the sketchbook, a B5 print, 3 idea generator postcards, and all 3 training videos.

      @Jeff Bowman – Thank you for your support, we’re excited for you all to receive your first copy! To clarify, the first issue is due to be delivered in July as stated on the campaign page, however we’ll try to get your copies sent out earlier if we can. Thanks for the subscription card suggestion, we’ll look into it!

      @Ofoegbu Kelechi Ujunwa – The first issue is due to be shipped in July, and we’ll be sending out backer surveys for everyone’s addresses a few weeks before then. We’ll post an update when the surveys are out and when the magazines start to ship to keep you informed. Thanks for backing!

    14. Emily Kines on May 1

      I have an odd question. Is there a way for me to get a digital receipt for this magazine subscription?

    15. X on April 29

      I can't believe that backing on this project didn't give me a reduction in terms of money on the issues.

      I paid £81 for 2-year subscription (8 issues).
      On your website it's £70 for (8 issues).

      So I paid £11 for a sketchbook?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeff Bowman on April 20

      Looking forward to receiving issue one after this June! I hope that there is a subscription card included in case we want to subscribe to more issues later on?

    17. Missing avatar

      Ofoegbu Kelechi Ujunwa on April 20

      I really look forward to getting my hands on it.
      Please When will we be informed, when our package is sent?

    18. Sheikh Nadir Hassan on April 19

      Congratulations!! I have a suggestion for the sketchbook. I would suggest using ~200gsm paper. This will allow people to sketch and use watercolor on them. Another suggestion, try to see if they can be "section sewn". It will allow it to open completely flat.

    19. Natalia on April 19

      Great! My congratulations!

    20. Missing avatar

      Rami Tal on April 19

      I am so happy about this project and proud to be one of the many backers here. Can't wait for the first issue to arrive!! YAY :))

    21. Missing avatar

      Satish B on April 19

      Wow. Finally it is here. Congratulations guys. Can't wait to get my hands on CDQ.

    22. Missing avatar

      DocZagreus on April 19

      and... it ends ^__^

    23. Missing avatar

      DocZagreus on April 19

      I'd love to get a season binder if we get to 90k :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Jacinta Quee on April 18

      I would love to see jacquelindeleon in one of these!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      DocZagreus on April 18

      another SG unlocked :D [80k]

    26. Lobst5r
      on April 16

      @3D Total I'm really excited about this magazine but I may not be able to afford a subscription by the end of the campaign. Will we have an opportunity to upgrade our pledge after the campaign, and if not, how much should we expect a subscription to be once it goes to market? (Because Ima get that sub one way or another :D )

    27. Missing avatar

      Noi on April 15

      Backed! Good luck guys :)

    28. Timmothy Aguiar on April 9

      @James Hostler, is it a comic book? It sounds right up my ally. Good luck with it btw. I hope it becomes a great success.

    29. James Hostler
      on April 9

      Can't wait for issue #1!!! I need all the help I can get!
      We are launching a campaign next week titled 'The Bobcat'. Its a Western, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Saga set in 1898 Indian Territory. Check it out if you get the chance

    30. Timmothy Aguiar on April 7

      just pledged! I'm super excited about this new magazine, I love reading about new artists and if it can improve my sketch game than i'm doubly excited. I'm glad you guys got funded and Congrats on that as well. I can see this being a very popular magazine for anyone who loves art from the conceptual to the casual mind set.

    31. Deez Lees on March 30

      While I understand the concerns around a full PDF version of the magazine with piracy issues, have you thought about individual articles or artist highlights? You could offer a digital copy of just 1 article as an additional perk. This way only a small piece is online, while the full content is in the physically printed magazine.

      Another thought, you could also look at releasing 1 article a month digitally on the months you aren't shipping out the printed magazine. As an example, if the magazine ships out in January, April, July and October, then the other 8 months, you could have a digital article available. These could be articles from the magazine, or totally unique ones that are an added bonus.

      Just an idea I wanted to share. Really looking forward to the magazine when it arrives!

    32. Missing avatar

      DocZagreus on March 29

      We have unlocked the first SG, right?

    33. Cheri Laurie on March 28

      Super excited about this mag.

      I would like to see maybe as stretch goals some pencils and/or something to keep the mags in. I have only sub for one year but hopefully can subscribe for a 2nd.

      An artist u may wish to contact could be Josiah brooks he is an Australian Artist.

    34. Missing avatar

      Rachel Hanke on March 28

      I would LOVE to see Charlie Bowater in one of the issues

    35. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on March 28

      Excellent artist suggestions everyone, thank you!

      @Satish B - Thanks for the stretch goal suggestion. We’ll look into it!

      @ Shonneri Herndon – Thank you for backing! You will be able to subscribe once the Kickstarter has ended but it won’t come with any of the Kickstarter extras.

    36. Missing avatar

      Satish B on March 27

      Hi guys,

      This magazine is a wonderful idea. I wish you guys good luck. I would like to see the works of Aaron Blaise, Terryl whitlatch, Alan Moore and Glenn Keane.
      Another suggestion. It would be great if you could provide some pencils or markers along with the sketchbook. Anyways, All the best to you guys.
      Looking forward to the first issue.

    37. Gerome Jean on March 26

      Hi guys,

      What about Tomm Moore, Andrea Femerstrand, Wouter Tulp or Sergio Pablos for your next issues ?

      By the way it's a really great project and I cannot wait to read the first issue.

      Wishing all of you a great week.

      Cheers !

    38. Shonneri Herndon on March 25

      Hi 3D Total I pledged for only the first issue! After that's delivered to us will I be able to subscribe for the 1 or 2 year subscription on your website? If not, I will change my pledge now for the yearly subscription. Thank you!

    39. Missing avatar

      Christoffer Maintz
      on March 21

      In for the 2-year sub this time around.

      Having backed Graphite, it's evident you people are very much competent and able to produce some incredibly high-quality "magazines" for what is, really, a pretty low price (atleast in my eyes) So yeah, best of luck guys & gals! :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on March 21

      @ 3dtotal Publishing - while I understand your point, however you must have realized that some people are imbeciles and they will scan/photograph anything and put it online regardless, already happening past decade...
      although I understood from the beginning you intentionally did not include a digital version, nor did I think my comment would be - you changing anything on your campaign... only thought you would have a more rational explanation, then piracy, which is usually the first wall of "no pdf"...
      ... and then again, I still want the physical mag, if there is no other option...


    41. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on March 21

      Thank you everyone for your kind words and artist suggestions!

      @ Daniel – Thank you for backing, and for your suggestion! We actually have a lot of experience producing digital magazines, but have found that the levels of piracy make them unsustainable long-term. It is because of this that we have started to move into print magazines, and therefore we are not planning to release digital issues of CDQ.

      @ Cameron – We’ll definitely consider that as an additional stretch goal, thanks for the suggestion!

    42. Cameron Brown on March 21

      Hey there really exited for this project, I was wondering If you select the 1 year or 2 year subscription will you get a slipcase to keep them in?

    43. Missing avatar

      Levi Rott on March 20

      I'd love to see Gris Grimly or Abigail Larson in one of these issues. They're such unique and inspiring artists and character designers and I would be so excited to learn about their process! :)

    44. George Mackay on March 20

      Awesome! Been looking for a magazine like this for Yonkers! Good luck with the kickstarter. May I suggest you reach out to the artist that creates 'eejits'?! He'd be a fantastic addition to an issue, I'm sure. (Yes, it's me �)

    45. Kirsti Hogan on March 20

      I always thought Loish was pronounced 'loysh', the more you know! Super excited for this!

      Personally, Re: Daniel's comment, I think if you release digital copies, maybe release them 4 months after their original release date (eg, release digital copy sales of issue 1 at the same time as you release print sales of issue 2).

      Shipping is very releasonable (I just paid 3 pounds to ship all the way to New Zealand!) and digital copies - which are easy to pirate and share, and are expected to come at a cheaper cost - can devalue an edition, especially one that's just testing the waters. While I understand Daniel's concerns, I think it's risky business this early on.

    46. Joost Das on March 20

      Loish got me to back this. Good luck guys. I'm sure you'll make it!

    47. Deez Lees on March 20

      Have you thought about reaching out to Fiona Staples? She is the amazing artist behind the Saga comics.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel on March 20

      well... obviously the first question is... why is there no DIGITAL version of 1-year subs+goodies??? costs less + faster delivery... no printing delays, waiting for the mag, no damage or storage issues... at least consider and make on option for international people...