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A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
A new magazine bringing expert insights and leading techniques to illustrators, artists and character enthusiasts worldwide
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dana Dranov about 3 hours ago

      Finally received my issue (the first issue) today! I'm in Toronto, Canada.

    2. Missing avatar

      Matt Poepping about 4 hours ago

      I received the packing slip for issue number 2, but no issue number 2, who can I contact about getting the second issue sent again?

    3. Stephanie Cross about 11 hours ago

      Slightly confused... I have received a second issue, but I was waiting for the first issue? Is this a numbering error?

    4. Jonas van Elzelingen about 19 hours ago

      Hi how would I go around changing the delivery adress on here? At the moment the issues gets delivered to my parents place ;) loved the first issue. Hope i can go visit them soon to get the second �

    5. Missing avatar

      Ngoc Ngo about 21 hours ago

      I still haven't received my first issue and I live in Chicago, US. =(

    6. Missing avatar

      Mariely about 23 hours ago

      I'm reading that people are getting the second issue and I still haven't received the first one yet :(

    7. 3dtotal Publishing Creator 1 day ago

      Reports of some Canadian arrivals last week, finally!

    8. Nol van Meegeren
      3 days ago

      Second issue just came in, will read it tomorrow :)

    9. Franklin Barrientos
      5 days ago

      Maybe I'll get it tomorrow... or Monday...

    10. Franklin Barrientos
      5 days ago

      I have not received my first or any issue yet, it seems you shipped the second one already from the comments I'm reading here. I'm in Hamilton, Canada.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jennifer 5 days ago

      Yay I recieved mine as well!

    12. Dustin Grey 5 days ago

      Well I guess we got two issues to look forward to at least!

    13. Gregory Georges 6 days ago

      Received it tonight - Toronto, Canada ;) everything’s in good shape.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jordan Ratzlaff 6 days ago

      People are already receiving issue #2? I'm still waiting on #1! I'm located in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    15. Missing avatar

      Rulo 6 days ago

      Hey there! I'm from Madrid (Spain) and I haven't received the magazine yet...:(
      Do you know when I could receive my copy? Thanks in advance!
      I'm expecting anxiously to have it in my hands! ;)

    16. Anthony Graziano on September 19

      Loving my quarterly issue ... number two is lovely. THANK YOU!

    17. Deez Lees on September 18

      Hello, I'm in Alberta, Canada and I haven't received mine yet either. I'm guessing it is the unusually slow processing times of Canada Customs that is holding up the Canadian deliveries.

    18. Missing avatar

      Megan Soon on September 18

      Located in BC, Canada. Still haven't gotten it but willing to wait a week or two. Generally I think Canada takes a longer time than other countries to get parcels because of slow processing times but to be honest this long seems unusual

    19. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on September 18

      I am from Toronto Canada and have not received the Magazine yet.

    20. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on September 18

      Hi all. Has anyone from Canada actually received their copy yet?

    21. Ben George
      on September 17

      Delighted to receive issue 2 yesterday and surprised to get it so soon :)
      Cardboard mailer is definitely better than the Jiffy bag/bubble wrap envelope.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mauricio Mejía on September 15

      Hi! I'm from México, and I haven't still received my magazine, yet. I still hope that it's just delayed in the post office, but if you could tell me if there's any way to know for certain where the shipment, it would be great :D Should I contact you to the support mail?

    23. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on September 15

      Received the replacement shipment (the first copy was destroyed in the mail) and it arrived in great condition - the new cardboard mailer definitely worked better than the bubble mailer. Thank you so much for the replacement! The book is awesome!

    24. christian reichelt on September 15

      I haven't recieved it either :) and almost forgot it.
      Greetingz from germany


    25. 3dtotal Publishing Creator on September 15

      Hi everyone, we're catching up on the status of a lot of people's deliveries. From comments and messages (we should have replied to all PMs now, but if not do ping us again) weirdly MOST late deliveries are to Canada, though we're not sure why. We're questioning this with the shippers. If you're from Canada and it hasn't arrived yet, you may be more aware than us if this is normal; either way, we are happy to send out replacements, or if you think it will still arrive and can wait a little longer, that's great. If you're not from Canada and you're still eagerly awaiting your copy, email us and confirm your address, we're not aware of any other specific issues so it should have arrived by now.


      Have a great weekend !

    26. Andreas Widder on September 14

      Contacted 3d Total support ( on the 4th September because I hadn't received my issue. They answered right away and it finally arrived today here in Austria :) … perfect condition. Thanks!

    27. Diana Garcia on September 13

      Hi! I haven't t received my magazine either. I'm in Mexico :(

    28. Missing avatar

      Sigrid Laurent on September 13

      I haven't received mine either. I live in Estonia, hope it doesn't take too long.

    29. Missing avatar

      Dee on September 13

      Haven't received my copy either. I'm in Quebec, Canada.

    30. Gregory Georges on September 13

      Same thing here in Toronto - Hey, could you please communicate again about it, we are mid-September...

    31. Ivor Stines on September 13

      Hi guys, still waiting on my copy. I'm in Toronto Canada.

    32. Missing avatar

      Satish B on September 9

      Hi guys,
      I got my copy today. I live in India. The packaging was a little shabby. However no damage to the magazine and goodies. The magazine looks fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thumbing through it right now. I am happy I was part of this cool project. Waiting eagerly for the next issue.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dana Dranov on September 8

      Haven't received my copy yet either. I'm in Toronto, Canada.

    34. Missing avatar

      Anna-Maija Mettälä on September 8

      Got my package today! Same thing! Envelope was damaged but the stuff inside was in good condition! It looks amaaaaaazing! Thank you! I'm so happy I backed this project!

    35. Missing avatar

      Jessica on September 7

      Got my package today envelope was damaged but everything inside was in pretty good conditions very happy with everything thank you so much !!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Noor on September 7

      I haven't received my copy yet. :( I live in the UAE.

    37. Nadiya on September 6

      I'm in Ukraine and I got my copy today! :D

      According to stamps, the parcel was being delivered through France and Hungary until it arrived in Ukraine.
      The package was damaged (not sure if it was unpacked by customs or it is just negligence of post service), but the magazine and other stuff looks perfect, without any damage.

      Thank you.

    38. Dustin Grey on September 5

      Another Canada with a "not received" I'm suspecting they haven't been processed by Canada post yet, so we should probably give it a little more time.

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah on September 5

      I'm in Scotland and am still to receive my copy also.

    40. Joerg Sterner
      on September 5

      I'm in Austria and I haven't received my copy yet.

    41. Neroline on September 5

      I'm from Slovakia (Central Europe) and I haven't received mine :( anyone else from this part of the Europe without a magazine?

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrea Lantos on September 5

      I just got mine a few minutes ago and its in a perfect condition! :) I can't wait to have some time to start reading!

    43. Gregory Georges on September 4

      Hello, still nothing here in Canada...

    44. Missing avatar

      Anxo Domínguez Lema on September 4

      Hello. I have not recieved my copy at Spain yet. What should I do?

    45. Missing avatar

      Anna-Maija Mettälä on September 4

      Hey! I'm in Finland. I haven't recieved my copy yet. How should I proceed?

    46. Missing avatar

      Troy on September 1

      Received mine today in Australia. Perfect condition and everything intact, quality is awesome .So i consider myself fortunate, looking forward to the next 7 issues.

    47. CaptainAmerica on August 31

      I got mine at least a week or more ago. I have to say, it's pretty cool. Three of my kids have already been staking claims to it and spent quite a bit of time going through it themselves. The others aren't as artistically inclined but still flipped through it rather interestedly.
      I do think the quality is topnotch. Keep up the great work and I will be extending my subscription as long as I can afford it.

    48. Missing avatar

      Leegloo on August 28

      Got mine!! So happy with it, many thanks! :D

    49. Missing avatar

      Alex Pelayre on August 25

      I probably should have read the comments before posting. Guess I'm not alone in this, but was incredibly lucky it was all still there.

    50. Missing avatar

      Alex Pelayre on August 25


      First of all, I want to say that the CDQ is great, I'm very excited for more! Thank you for putting together a great magazine and putting quality above all else!

      Now onto the troubling.. I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but customs opened my package (which is okay, I know it's their job) but they didn't seal it back up! And then the mail carrier, whoever delivered it, didn't bother doing it either! I'm incredibly lucky nothing spilled out, but I'm still really upset about it. I know there's nothing 3dtP can do about it, but I just wanted to put it out there in case it happens to anyone else.. you're not alone. Hopefully mine was just bad luck/terrible customs employee.

      But again, as far as I can tell, everything is still there. Looking forward to more, thanks guys.

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