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A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
2,168 backers pledged $107,283 to help bring this project to life.

Where's My Tenikle?!

Posted by Hans Dose (Creator)

We bring good-ish news!! 

Tenikles are comin' your way! Today marks the last day of shipping the product out. Every single Kickstarter order will be fulfilled by the end of the day. If you have not yet received a tracking number you will get one today (yipee!). 

Obviously things took a little longer than we expected and we know we have some explaining to do. Due to the fires in California, the delivery of raw material from Illinois (which was supposed to be expedited) was delayed so producing the orders was pushed back way later than we could have expected. Please know that it has been our top priority to get your Tenikle orders to you before the holidays and the good news is many of them will!! 

We want to thank you for the continued support and we can't waitsee all the ways you use Tenikle!

Please note: If you have not received a tracking number and ordered internationally, we greatly appreciate your support but cannot guarantee your order will get to you before the holidays :(

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    1. Hans Dose Creator on

      Hi everybody! Everything has been shipped out but it looks like a few of you still haven't received your rewards. Let's find out why. Please email if you still have not received your Tenikle and we'll get squared away.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Francis Laird on

      Still no Tenikle :( what am I doing wrong?

    3. Mihnea-Costin Grigore on

      Any news for international backers? Still waiting for a tracking number a few months later...

    4. Missing avatar

      Jules Gross on

      Hello there, I too have not yet received my order nor a tracking number ...

    5. Missing avatar

      zs on

      My order has not arrived and I have no tracking confirmation. Could I please get an update?

    6. James Long on

      I have NOT received my order, and it is already more than ONE MONTH since Tentikle's post on 20 December.

    7. Emma on

      Have received my order today. Glad to be able to give my brother his Christmas present.
      My main grumble is that it would have been nice if my name was spelled correctly.

    8. Missing avatar

      Manuel Siordia Torres on

      I dont have my tracking number. I ordered internationally, don't know if we get it later?

    9. Ischa Gast on

      Hi, I am also waiting for my tracking number. I ordered internationally, don't know if we get it later?

    10. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Julius: Your reward is in transit, please email for your tracking information.

    11. Missing avatar

      Julius on

      WHERE IS MY ORDER?!? I want my money back.

    12. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Tony Holden: Hi Tony, please email for your updated tracking.


    13. Missing avatar

      Tony Holden

      I was told mine had shipped on the 22nd of December. Tracking still says:

      Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
      A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 10:37 pm on December 22, 2017. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

    14. Joshua Chong

      Hi Creator, I still have not received my tracking number

    15. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Robin Pogue: Please email I have your tracking number:)

    16. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Yujin Jeon: We're still waiting on Asendia to update. They must still be extremely backed up from the holiday.

      The bulk of the tracking info from Asendia have been updating, hopefully the rest resolve shortly.


    17. Missing avatar

      Yujin Jeon on

      I still can’t use my tracking number. Nor have I received my tenickle. What is happening?

    18. Robin Pogue

      I haven't received a tracking number.

    19. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Al Shamsi's: please email, I have it for you but I don't want to post your address publicly:)

    20. Al Shamsi's on

      i didnt received a tracking number

    21. Emma on

      Hi, I still have not received a tracking number. What’s happening?

    22. Missing avatar

      Yujin Jeon on

      Hi, I received a tracking number but when I enter it to check the status, the site says it doesn't exist. Please help!

    23. Missing avatar

      Pavel Nesteruk on

      Hi again!
      Whom should I write if I haven't received anything ?)) Any ideas ?)

    24. Carlson Hong on

      Is it going to be a silent delivery? I haven't received any tracking information since the last update and there are some who has received it without any tracking number.

      I am from Singapore.

    25. Missing avatar

      Pavel Nesteruk on

      Hi! I am backer 1,881 (Pavlo). Could you please inform me about the tracking number of my parcel (3-pack +1). Thank you for your job!

    26. Missing avatar

      Diana Estrada on

      Update, got my Tenikle today after not getting any tracking number.

    27. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Diana Estrada: Hi Diana,

      Please email

    28. Missing avatar

      Diana Estrada on

      It’s the 22nd and still no tracking number or any communication from anyone on their end.... sigh.

    29. Beth Nolen on

      I just got mine in the mail today - didn't get any shipping or tracking info, so this was a delightful surprise. I'm glad the Tenikles are finally on their way to everyone!

    30. Douglas Drake on

      I would add a note of realism...Having participated in a number of Kickstarter projects, I know that deadlines are often a goes with the territory....

      While I still hope to receive my pledge rewards by Christmas, it was always a gamble...

    31. Douglas Drake on

      I've not received a tracking number for a US delivery?

    32. Missing avatar

      Cori Dixon Fisher on

      So today is December 21st and I have yet to receive my my tracking number or my package for that matter please someone give me an update really feel like I need to cancel and get my money back and I definitely will if it's not here by Christmas

    33. Missing avatar

      Joseph P. Speese on

      I have NOT received a tracking notice nor the product.
      what's up?

    34. Missing avatar

      John Yates on

      So nice to see the gifts I ordered won't be delivered in time for Christmas

    35. Missing avatar

      Diana Estrada on

      Disappointed that I have not received a tracking number yet.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yujin Jeon on

      It is now the 20th and I haven’t received my tracking number. Anyone else in Canada still waiting? Will I get it after the new year?

    37. Diana Sharpe

      I want to know what "end of the day" means. Midnight where? 8pm where? It is 9:25pm Central time in the US. How much longer should we wait before we complain that we haven't gotten a tracking email?

    38. Missing avatar

      Toni C Davis on

      I haven't received a tracking number, but I received an email saying the last were supposed to be sent today; please advise my status and thanks in advance.

    39. Christina Karolewicz on

      I haven’t received it yet either ���

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith on

      Still not tracking number for me either. I know stuff happens but there hasn't been one thing ghat has gone out on time yet has there?

    41. Mike Young on

      Seems like a theme tracking number here either. Starting to wonder if I’ll ever see an actual product.

    42. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Kiefer Hackney: if you would like to update your shipping address, please email

    43. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Lisa Bauer: Hi Lisa,

      You will be receiving a tracking number email from our fulfillment partner Shipsalot today :)

    44. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Diana Sharpe: great question, in fact we will do an update about this.

      The email with tracking number is coming from our fulfillment partner Shipsalot in Memphis, TN so you can search that criteria.


    45. Diana Sharpe

      Will the shipping info email contain the word "Tenikle"? If not, what email address is it coming from or what is another search term I can use to find the email?

    46. Missing avatar

      Lisa Bauer on

      I am very disappointed and I have not received any tracking information. I would like assurance that I will have them by Friday or I will have to go out and buy some new holiday gifts.

    47. Hans Dose Creator on

      @scott garrison: please email

    48. Hans Dose Creator on

      Hi Kiefer,

      Very sorry for the delay. We might be able to expedite your order to arrive before your trip. Please email me at


    49. Missing avatar

      Kiefer Hackney on

      I am leaving on a road trip in 2 days and had ordered specifically for that trip.. :( I have not received shipping information and am now concerned that my package will be sitting on my porch for 2 weeks while I am gone. Since my order has not shipped yet, can I still update my shipping address so it doesn't ship to a vacant house? Really disappointed to not have it on my trip, even ordered the GoPro mounting system to get some great rock climbing action shots.

    50. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Amanda Krok: Hi Amanda,

      We'll have your tracking number by end of day today. Doing our best. Sorry for the delays.