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A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
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Yay shipping!

Posted by Hans Dose (Creator)



First Off

We just want to say we're sorry for how long it has taken to get your Tenikles made. We thought we had everything worked out before the campaign, but some complications arose that were out of our control which pushed our dates back.

So as a "Thank you for not taking to the streets with knives and pitchforks", we'd like to offer the DIY Inventor Kit ($10 value) for free. Look out for the link in your email over the next couple days.

Shipping Has Started!

Today we are finally shipping out the first Tenikles! Not all Tenikles are complete yet, but production is in full swing and we are shipping them off as they complete. 

All orders will be delivered by Dec 18th at the latest, most will be delivered before then. If there are any conflicts with travel dates, etc. please reach out to

Our little team has been pulling late nights at the manufacturer making sure the quality is up to par with our new and improved material. We are working around the clock to deliver what we promised to the people that made it happen. We are very excited to deliver and hope you love your Tenikle.

Thank you again for making Tenikle a reality and for your patience as we get them all made!


The Tenikle team


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    1. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Brian Bingham: oops! That last comment was meant to answer someone else's question. Sorry! But yes, suction cups are made to adhere to smooth surfaces like glass, non textured plastics, and smooth metal.

    2. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Brian Bingham: Hi Brian! The suction cups have the ability to stick to any completely smooth surface. It sounds like the issue may be that the phone case is not completely smooth.

      To answer your question, yes we do offer a solution! You can get a pop mount on our website at Simply stick the mount to your phone and you'll have a Tenikle-friendly surface. Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Bingham on

      @Hans Dose: All of the above. The arms hold position, but tend to move when burdened with weight. The suction cups are a very low quality as well. There is no proper way to use the suction cups if they are not intuitive (or usable), it leaves the user guessing and in hopes that they won't break potentially expensive equipment. Sorry, needs work.

    4. Hans Dose Creator on

      @Brian Bingham: Hi Brian, sorry your Tenikle isn't what you expected :( Your input is greatly appreciated as we continue to improve the product.

      May I ask, when trying to stick, what surfaces does it not seem to adhere to? Also, you mentioned that it doesn't hold much weight such as a cell phone, are you referring to the suction cups or the strength of the arms?

      We are working on a walk through video on how to properly use the suction cups, perhaps this could help clear up any frustration with Tenikle's functionality.



    5. Missing avatar

      Brian Bingham on

      Review: This is a terrible product. I thought it would be a good idea for a Christmas gift, so I bought three. I knew there was some risk in contributing to this project. However, I have to admit it just was not worth the money. It hardly sticks to most surfaces and can not hold very much weight (like a cell phone). A great idea, but the execution is just not there, and is now in the trash.

    6. Missing avatar

      Laura Rumkle

      Any further updates? December 18 has come and gone...

    7. Tracy Hendrix Moregon on

      Will we be getting tracking #’s when they ship?

    8. Elles

      As I said before, late is okay but in this case about 6 weeks is not late in my book!!. Thank you for the update, looking forward to using it. And I dont consider it late!

    9. Missing avatar

      min yip on

      Thanks for the update post, I understand with the production hiccup and what not, what I don't understand is the triple shipping charges for my 3 tenikles while they are being shipped to single address. 3 of them weights considerable light enough to get flat-rate.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Murray on

      I do appreciate the updates, and I'm not upset about the glitches and delays. They are to be expected in a start-up, and are a sign that you are doing your best to get it right.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Alma-Nihte on

      Happy your team found ways to overcome any production problems. Thats the process of a new project and good on all of you getting through the difficulties! And thanks for the perk for waiting! Best of luck in the future with your invention.