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A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
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Posted by Hans Dose (Creator)

We weren't sure...

Yes, this octopus can change color. Yes, it is crazy. Click the image for surprise vid on squid.
Yes, this octopus can change color. Yes, it is crazy. Click the image for surprise vid on squid.

We weren't sure if a color vote was really going to happen due to production minimums... Buuuuut we thought, "If our friends in the ocean can do it, why can't we??" Plus it'll be fun. So, screw it! We're doing the color vote!




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    1. mediter on

      The purple to yellow gradient show in the photo looks very nice

    2. Missing avatar

      Kira Boettcher on

      An olive green would be lovely. I'd say alternatively a neon green one, but a more subdued color would probably sell better ;)

    3. Lauri Falabella on

      Rainbow or the aqua blue.

    4. Diana Bell on

      Oh that wonderful rainbow please!

    5. Missing avatar

      Scarlette Kinderman on

      Rainbow like the image

    6. Christophe on

      Lagoon Blue
      Stingray Gray

    7. Thea Maia on

      rainbow like the image

    8. Missing avatar

      Elena Monroe

      Camp green or carbon black for outdoors or crisp white for indoors

    9. Missing avatar

      Josh Coleman on

      Red would be perfect!!

    10. Obsidian on

      I am going with a sky blue, but what would be awesome would be one of those color changing deals based on the temperature.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lynden Whitaker on

      Or rainbow like the one in the picture. That looks dope

    12. Missing avatar

      Lynden Whitaker on

      Bright light blue, or Red

    13. Missing avatar

      Cindey Poly on

      Purple or lavender. Maybe even just the current colors, but glittery or metallic.

    14. rozenhart on

      Green fluorescent!
      And this Rainbow version is awesome aswell :)

    15. Missing avatar

      John on

      Matte Black, Deep Blue/Red, or "Maybe a dual color combination for the suction cups and body"

    16. Missing avatar

      GC on

      How about crystal clear? It would blend in with every environment!

    17. Missing avatar

      jack parker on

      Dove gray would look nice.

    18. James Vlcek on

      Camo. Camo. Camo. Please god camo I say this because I want to use it to film while hunting. This seems like the perfect accessory for that.

    19. Marcia L. Stanton on

      I would normally say purple, but rainbow is very cool! pink is good too

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Macedo on

      PURPLE! � You can't go wrong with purple!

    21. Missing avatar

      Grace Pulnipa SuebAi on

      I meant rainbow is cool too!

    22. Missing avatar

      Grace Pulnipa SuebAi on

      I like hot pink if you have an option but � is cool too

    23. Missing avatar

      Theo Doughty on

      Dark purple or the rainbow!

    24. Missing avatar

      jeff picoult on

      Black or Charcoal Gray please.

    25. hamlew on

      Kickstarter green or navy

    26. Leah Fullerton on

      Black or turquoise

    27. Missing avatar

      Kalah Mueller


    28. Tasha M

      Blue, rainbow, glow in the dark, or rose gold

    29. Missing avatar

      Lisa Holt on

      1) white
      2) the turquoise color shown on kickstarter.
      3) orange

    30. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Debets on

      Black or White with gold!

    31. Missing avatar

      verushka on

      Definitely rainbow!

    32. Missing avatar

      Dinah Sloan on

      Neon green or a medium blue