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A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
A personal cameraman, a car mount, a stand, and much more. Discover what's possible when tentacles meet tech.
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    1. Aleksi on

      I have not received my Tenikles either.

    2. Debi Duke on

      Have these shipped? If so i hadn't received

    3. Jacques DeCock on

      Where is the best place to buy accessories to screw into the top? I would prefer to have a stronger hold to use the device in particular as I have a non-smooth over for my phone and camera

    4. Mobetta on

      We received ours a couple weeks before Christmas, LOVE IT !! Best gifts ever, everyone loved theirs! Tenikle works great on our boat as well as in the car, we use it mostly to hold phone & go pro!

    5. Hans Dose Creator on

      Hi everybody! Everything has been shipped out but it looks like a few of you still haven't received your rewards. Let's find out why. Please email if you still have not received your Tenikle and we'll get squared away.

    6. Missing avatar

      Shaun Nykvist on

      ok - I have been really patient with regards to this kickstarter project and the delivery of this product, however I still have not received the product that I have paid for. Can you please either refund me the money or send the postage tracking number to me. Some communication would be appreciated.

    7. Missing avatar

      Pedro Lopes on

      Sorry, I´m you have already sent my package?

    8. Luis Lanus on

      Mine says it's still not shipped. I also would like to know where to find my tracking number please. Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Noah Battat on

      Honest Review:

      I’ve had my Tenikle since December so I think it’s time I give a review to the best of my abilities

      First and foremost, it’s a doozy, but the sticking power on the Tenikle is NOWHERE near as strong as advertised. It has trouble holding up an iPhone without it falling off after 2 seconds. I’m not able to use it as advertised which really sucks.

      Second, each Tenikle needs to be longer and the suction cups need to be separated a little more because part of the suction problem is that the suction cups have trouble getting rid of the air, not allowing them to stick, so when you pull one up a little, it pulls another suction cup off. At that point the suction power is useless in certain instances, not all instances . Back to the length problem. The Tenikle is really only big enough for an iPhone or an iPad mini, but when you have a recipe or something on your iPad while you’re cooking or something, the Tenikle is frankly not big enough to hold an iPad comfortably. I believe that each Tenikle needs an extra inch to compensate for that.

      Lastly, I will say some good things. I use the Tenikle everyday to hold my iPhone and I’m happy that I have it. I believe that if the suction and length problem can be fixed then it will be a good product. The tripod works fine. I’m unable to use the suction cups in certain situations, which is a bit annoying

      Thank you Hans for the work that you put in as I know this is your first product. I wanted to give constructive feedback to help you out and I truly hope you improve.

      Warm regards, Noah

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Francis Laird on

      Mine says it's still not shipped. I also would like to know where to find my tracking number please. Thanks

    11. Missing avatar

      Shaun Nykvist on

      Hi - I am still awaiting my order. Is there any way I can get a status update of this please

    12. Missing avatar


      Got mine a while back. They work but they are not as sticky as advertised. I don't think I'd be comfortable to use it in iffy situations. But I will use it in the car or while holding my phone or something. Hope you can improve on this in the future runs as the product has a lot of potential. Just needs tweaking.

    13. Hans Dose Creator on

      Hi Everyone! We're trying to sort out any stragglers that may have yet to receive their reward. If you are still waiting on yours, please message us here or email

      Thank you all so much for the support, patients and kind words. We're doing our best! Hopefully those that have received their Tenikle are enjoying it as much as we do :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Patrick A. on

      I got my Tenikle this past Sat., but not the accessory kit I upgraded to when I completed my Backerkit. The Tenikle seems really nice. Hopefully, the accessories that actually allow me to use it will come soon!

    15. Missing avatar

      Patrick A. on

      Still waiting here as well......

    16. rozenhart on

      Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn.. Also stil waiting. Hope the tenikle works, but I'm not as stoked as when I first saw the project considering some of the reviews belowe.

      Is refunding even possible after the pledge has been accepted?

    17. Missing avatar

      Melvin Koo on

      This company is a joke... shipping is seriously screwed up and communication is patchy and sometimes non-existent. At least I have a tracking number but apparently they may have keyed in the wrong address. It has taken more than 1 month for the item to reach my destination country, and now it'll take maybe 2-3 months to be sent back to them, and then maybe another 2-3 months for them to rectify the address. Crazy. I have not received the item yet but I've been reading comments from others below and apparently it's such a disappointment that I'm not missing out on anything. Refunds please.. and I urge others to do so and not be bullied by their don't-care attitude towards their backers.

    18. B Alan Eisen on

      I still haven't got mine. How about a refund?

    19. Missing avatar

      Dwayne Debets on

      Still no tracking number or anything?

    20. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sargent on

      Im still waiting on tracking number for anything...... i have not gotten it here on kickstarter or as an email...... i contacted them on Facebook and sent an email and still i have no tracking number still...... hmmmm.... this does not look good for them at all
      I am amazed that there are many or us that are still waiting for a tracking number when they have said that they have shipped the all

    21. Missing avatar

      Ranait Griff on

      Did anyone ever receive their mystery box? Supposedly it shipped Jan 18th and I haven’t gotten any tracking info or heard back from Hans...

    22. Missing avatar

      Mint_Juliap on

      I got my tenkile and i'm pretty impressed with the general quality of the product, but it's unfortunately not been as useful as I had hoped. It doesn't stick to most surfaces that I would have used them for, but I guess that's really my fault for not thinking of it. But could anyone comment with some suggestions for additional ways that they have been using their tenikle in everyday life?

      Also its already dropped my phone twice - I would definitely suggest wetting it as that's the only way the suction is strong enough to hold.

    23. Carlson Hong on

      I received the 3 tenikle a few days ago and was testing it. The verdict was that they do not stick well as advertised. The suction cups were shallow and does not hold well when using only 1 cup. When you bend the arms the suction cups gets distorted and lose the suction easily. Shaking the tenikle will drop my phone. I would not use it to hold my phone or any expensive equipment. Currently its a Star Wars fighting toy for my kids.

      Quite disappointed at the product.

    24. Missing avatar

      Amirf on

      Backer #932 from Malaysia. Received my (3) Tenickels the very same afternoon I left my previous comment. They arrived in excellent condition and the quality is top notch as mentioned by another backer. Thanks, Hans!

    25. Missing avatar

      Maarten Joosen

      Dear Hans,

      Backter 2,164, several emails and no response. Please do something.

    26. Missing avatar

      Amirf on

      To fellow backers who couldn't find their tracking number, log into your email account linked to your Kickstarter and search for an email titled 'Your Tenikle order has shipped'. The content should be something like below,

      Good news! Your order 8xxxxxx has been shipped via asendia and your tracking number is UMxxxxxxxxxUS

      Since the parcel was shipped via Asendia and it originated from the US, go to to track it. Once you're on that website, click 'Tracking' (located on the top right of the main page and next to 'Login') and paste/type in your tracking number before clicking enter. You'll then be taken to another page and will need to click on 'TRACK' before you are shown a detailed information about your parcel whereabouts. You'll want to read the Shipment Facts carefully as it contains additional tracking information that may include another tracking number & link.

      Please note that I was using my laptop when I checked earlier, so the asendiausa's website interface might differ on mobile. Also, do not track it via the Asendia main website, ie as the tracking details are limited and will lead you nowhere.

      I'm still waiting for mine to arrive too, my last update showed that it left Germany (a transit country) on the 19th, so hopefully, I'll receive them soon.

    27. Sannut R Prakash on

      I kindly request you to updated my tracking details as it’s an error. I have already email you a lot of time and there is still no reply from you
      Thank you

    28. Missing avatar

      Wim Boer on

      Hi Hans, backer #464 here. I've got you message saying that my tenikle was on its way. According to the tracking number it has ended somewhere in Canada some weeks ago. I live in the Netherlands. So, should I move to Canada or is there another solution?

    29. Rares Andriescu

      I've received mine but... I downloaded cTracing, I've started the iTag by pressing 3 seconds and I heard those 2 beeps. In the app I pressed on radar but I couldn't discovered any device. I've checked also in phone settings where I've saw iTag device in the list... I've select it but it asks for PIN; I've tried the suggested ones, 0000 and 1234 but connection failed. I've used an S4. With iPhone 5 and iPod touch it even can't be seen in the discovered Bluetooth device list.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mary Hutchinson on

      Haven’t received mine. Why do I support people who are not commited? So tired of getting ripped off!

    31. อ.หมอสืบสกุล ขุนเทพ on


      Where my shipment. pls update me the tracking no.

    32. Missing avatar

      amit das on

      Hi Hans, received my reward today in Mumbai India. The tenikle looks nicely built the quality is top notch. Will check out its usability and then post my comments.

    33. Rares Andriescu

      I didn't get my reward. I've wrote you an email to you to get a tracking number or an answer on this problem.

    34. Jan Thibau on

      When will my 2 tenikles arrive?
      I haven't even received an email to say it has been shipped.

    35. ttocsllew on

      Backer #1304
      After two emails and two messages. Still don’t have reply from Hans about my missing Tenikle. No update information, no update tracking number, Terrible.

    36. Missing avatar

      Woutor Von Der Helm on

      Dear Hans, I’m still waiting for my two Tenikles. I’ve never gotten tracking details. Can you please help? Backer #624

    37. Missing avatar



      Where my shipment. pls update me the tracking no.

    38. Missing avatar

      Saeed Al Rais


      I've never received my tentikle.

    39. Sannut R Prakash on

      I can’t even track my order it looks like the tracking no is wrong

    40. Missing avatar

      Thomas Dillon

      Hans, received my Tenikle several weeks ago in Hawaii. Love the product and the packaging... don't change a thing. Keep it original.

      Damn thing does just about anything. How can I get or order another?

      BTW: Filled out your survey. High marks all around. Great product.

    41. Missing avatar

      Heather Leslie on

      Hi Hans,
      Received my Tenikle in Australia - getting to know it and liking it so far.
      I've tried to use the QR code to download the Android app for the remote shutter button but Google says cTracing is not available. I can see the IOS and Chinese Android version ok. Any ideas?

    42. Missing avatar

      Sage Young

      Also, current tracking has my package in... Switzerland? That's a ways off from Singapore, don't you think?

    43. Missing avatar

      Sage Young

      Hans, I just noticed my shipping confirmation was missing my carry bag add-on. I understand the package is already shipped and in transit, but is there any way for you to fix this?

    44. Rares Andriescu

      While I didn't get the reward I can't reply to your review email.

    45. rozenhart on

      @ttocsllew I also just recieved the review and don't have the tentikle yet :(
      @jo The idea was allot right! Well atleast to glass, you're cars dashboard and metal..

    46. ttocsllew on

      ☹️I received an e-mail ask me for the review which I still haven’t get the Tenikle.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      Hi, what surfaces can it stick to? I’ve tried a couple of different types & it seems to only stick to glass.

    48. Missing avatar

      amit das on

      Hans, i have mailed you my tracking details. Kindly provide the updated tracking link.

    49. DaVal

      Thanks Hans for the quick response!

    50. Marcella

      Got mine today in Australia and I love it! The story book was fabulous, that’s what makes crowdfunding so good, thanks Hans!

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