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A full-color, ALL-AGES (7+), 110-page graphic novel celebrating adventure, exploration and family. IN SPACE!
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Posted by Bryan Q. Miller (Creator)

Dearest Backers, Readers, and every Champion in between,

Stretch goal 1 (10 page story increase) has been met! We're inching toward that second stretch goal of the additional 10 pages on top of those. Regardless, our incentive list has some really great opportunities for anyone trying to get into "the business" to garner some real-world, professional feedback on his or her craft. Even if these aren't for you, odds are you may know someone who could benefit from these. Let them know!

All the Best,

Bryan Q.

Incentives/perks, still available:

$125 (2 remaining) “THE PROSE PRO”

Aspiring YA prose writer? Looking for feedback/advice? Fund at this level to receive a full critique of the first 5,000 words of your unpublished YA manuscript from Indie author, and fellow successful Kickstarter, KELLY THOMPSON (author, YA superhero novel The Girl Who Would Be King) - AND - Bryan Q. Miller (Batgirl, Vol. 3; Smallville; Teen Titans). ALSO INCLUDES: Everything available at the $50 level.

$250 [REDUCED from $300] (1 available) "THE CRAFTSMAN"

Aspiring comic book – OR – children’s book artist? Venture into this incentive to receive a portfolio review* from MICHAEL SIGLAIN*, former DC Comics editor and current Disney publishing Editor. ALSO INCLUDES: Everything available at the $50 level. [*For developing your craft, not sales/submission purposes.]

*Mike was my partner in crime during the first half of my Batgirl run and genuinely knows what he's talking about. And is a super-nice gent to boot.

$500 (4 remaining) “THE LAUREATE”

Aspiring television/feature writer? Get a full script review* and notes/feedback from ERIKA KENNAIR**, creator of NBC Universal’s “Writers on the Verge” writers’ workshop, and current VP of Development for the Syfy channel. ALSO INCLUDES: everything available at the $50 level. [*For developing your craft, not sales/submission purposes.]

**Breaking in is VERY hard, and it all starts with a solid script. Erika's made it her job for YEARS to help writers improve their craft. A pricey level, but invaluable if you're serious about getting into the business.

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