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A full-color, ALL-AGES (7+), 110-page graphic novel celebrating adventure, exploration and family. IN SPACE!
1,503 backers pledged $40,553 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Bryan Q. Miller (Creator)

Dearest Fellow Champions of Imagination,


“Earthward” is currently funded! What wonderful news to wake up to.


So… where do we go from here?


With 11 days left until funding closes, the opportunity for stretch goals presents itself. As of right now, our priority is to increase page count. Though a hardcover release is never outside the realm of possibility, we’d like very much to give your more content, above anything else. And more content doesn’t mean filler/extras. We want to give you more PAGES OF STORY

More of Marcio’s beautiful sequentials. More of our colorist’s (whom we’ll announce very soon) wonderful colors. But how can we get more pages? Currently, we’re at 110...

STRETCH GOAL #1 - $34,000 = A ten page increase to 120 pages.

In simplest terms, if everyone ups his or her pledge by $4 (the cost of a single Latte!), we’ll hit this goal, easy. Added funds help to meet the page rate of our art and lettering team.

STRETCH GOAL #2 - $38,000 = Another ten page increase to 130 pages.

In simplest terms, if everyone ups his or her pledge by $8, we’ll hit this goal. Added funds help to meet the page rate of our art and lettering team.

Not everyone can (or is able to) up their present levels, and we totally understand that - that you've already contributed is amazing! Any amount you can increase will help get more pages into the book that’s going to be delivered to your email/doorstep. Rest assured, every dollar pledged will go towards getting you more bang for your buck.

And, please – keep spreading the word! New backers are still welcome up until the moment when funding closes on the morning of Sunday, the 17th.

Much Love,

Bryan Q. & Marcio

P.S. Once funding officially closes, we’ll start circulating the backer information surveys, coordinating commissions, getting waivers sent out for script reviews, etc.

BONUS FOR ALL: Here's an exclusive look at several of Marcio's inked pages!

  • Image 208491 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 208492 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
  • Image 208493 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1


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    1. Missing avatar

      dave on

      Not that I am any authority on comics or drawing, but do some of the heads look like they miss the cranium? Have a look at the second guy from the left in the cockpit/steering frame, he looks like a mask with hairs attached. Maybe it's just the style, and that's okay, but some heads do look a bit odd to me. No offense intended. Looking forward to the finished work.


    2. Matt Zitron on

      Doubled my pledge.