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A full-color, ALL-AGES (7+), 110-page graphic novel celebrating adventure, exploration and family. IN SPACE!
A full-color, ALL-AGES (7+), 110-page graphic novel celebrating adventure, exploration and family. IN SPACE!
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    1. Ian on

      I'm so ready for a volume 2. Really hope you guys plan on putting out more of Earthward's story.

    2. Jim Sutherin on

      I don't know if it's still possible, but where can I buy another copy of Earthward? I want to give one as a gift.

    3. Mariya Krutova on

      I just realized that my copy of Earthward had arrived long time ago. 0_0 Seems like the package got here when I was away for a month and my parents picked it for me, but I didn't notice it among other envelopes. I got used for a long waiting, so I wasn't worried at all. :) Thanks for the book, it is beautiful!

    4. Matt Zitron on

      In the UK, got my books today. Theyre great. I understand these things can get delayed. Nice to finally have them! Gorgeous GN.

    5. ThePinkNinja on

      I got mine a while ago, thanks!

    6. Kyle Jewell on

      Canada checking in. Still a sad, empty mailbox.

    7. Jenny Jones on

      Thanks for the second copy of the print! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      James Tichy on

      Great book guys!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kurt Culler on

      Thanks for the second copy. It was not necessary, but is appreciated.

    10. Shazam on

      thanks for sending me another copy... its in perfect condition... make sure you notify us on here if and when you do another kickstarter

    11. D Paul Leiba on

      How nice of you, BQM, to send me a second copy of the book, now with virtually no damage; must've have a few spares left to send the replacements. You didn't need to, I was more or less content with the item, but I very much appreciate the gesture.

      Now I must figure out who to give my old copy as a gift.

    12. Arien Crossby on

      Got mine yesterday. The poster was unfortunately destroyed during shipping, but loved the book. Can't wait for volume 2. Will that be via Kickstarter too?

    13. Ian on

      I loved this book, it was totally worth the wait. Excited for volume 2.

    14. Geikichi on

      I can't wait to read the book 2 ! Will you use kickstarter for the second volume?

    15. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Thomas - a few USPS returns are waiting to be picked up from wrong address delivery down at the 'ole post office. Will check to see if yours is one of those. It should have MORE than made it to you by now.

    16. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Jenny! So sorry to hear that. Stay tuned for news in the next couple of weeks about that issue.

    17. Jenny Jones on

      Just got my copy in the post (in the UK) - sadly the art print that came with my pledge was basically destroyed in shipping :( ...but the book looks great.

    18. Missing avatar

      KillaCam7010 on

      Not to be a bother, but any luck?

    19. Maureen O'Brien on

      Got it today. Absolutely gorgeous. Well worth the wait! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

    20. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Don, Shane and Geikichi - great to hear! Hope you enjoy the read!

      Don - I'll work on getting that link to you a little later today (if you check your emails for anything from, you should be able to find it).

    21. don howard on

      Just received it today. No damage that I could see and than you. Beautiful work and hope you do more. oh, and could you resend the link for the digital download , I think I missed it.

    22. Shane Fletcher on

      Just received my copy/ so if any other backers in New Zealand, your packages are probably not far off if you haven't received them yet.

      BTW. Really nice artwork and love the smell of a new book when you crack it open for the first time.


    23. Geikichi on

      I just reveived mine in perfect condition ! (France) Thanks ^^

    24. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Winnie - glad to hear it. Enjoy!

    25. Winnie W. Kwan on

      Just got my book and print in Canada. Both are in great condition. Thanks!

    26. Maureen O'Brien on

      Awesome, thanks so much! I'll keep on eye out for it in the next few days.

    27. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Maureen - given your level, you SHOULD have gotten it by now, but the USPS is the USPS after all. Your level went out last week via media mail (which is SLOOOOOOOW), so maybe give it a few more days.

    28. Maureen O'Brien on

      I'm in the same boat as Thomas: should I be concerned about being domestic and not getting anything in the mail yet?

    29. Missing avatar


      Got mine today in Norway

    30. Nick May

      Received my book and prints today in Australia - they are fantastic! Great work!

    31. Roel Veldhuyzen on

      Small update from Europe: my book was delivered today, in mint condition! Thanks Bryan :)

    32. Matthew Wang

      I got my book today! Looks great. Thanks!

    33. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Thomas - a small number were sent to old addresses by accident. Yours MAY have been one of these. I'll look into it.

    34. Missing avatar

      KillaCam7010 on

      Is there a day in which we should be worried about our packages arriving? I am not attempting to complain, it just seems that most of the other domestic orders have arrived and I was worried. I having been looking forward to it each day I check mail!

    35. Roel Veldhuyzen on

      Thanks for he update Bryan, I'll keep an eye on the mailbox :)

    36. Geikichi on

      Great news ! ^^ I was asking myself the same question.

    37. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Roel - International orders are shipping presently.

    38. Roel Veldhuyzen on

      Are there any European backers who have received their book yet? Haven't seen anything here in the Netherlands so far.

    39. Zankabo on

      Received my package! Read the Book! It was great!

      Now I am looking forward to the rest of the story!

    40. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Kenozic! Glad it made it there safe. Enjoy!

    41. Kenozoic on

      Got my stuff today, in perfect condition - sweet! My niece is going to love hers.
      Thanks Bryan (and thanks for the great communication with backers).

    42. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Brent - Happy to hear it. Hope you enjoy!

    43. Missing avatar

      Brent Stringer on

      Got my book yesterday. Everything was in great condition!

    44. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Peter - message me over KS and I'll hit you back with that link

    45. Peter L Brown

      Book and prints arrived. Safe and sound. Looking forward to reading it. What was the link to the website? Thanks again.

    46. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      Tyler! So glad you got yours in one piece. Hope you enjoy it!

    47. Tyler Johnson on

      My book has arrived in flawless condition, so thank you so much Mr. Miller! It looks amazing, and I am beyond excited to share it with my friends and family.

    48. Bryan Q. Miller Creator on

      International still trickling out, PinkNinja - lots to ship.

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