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A fun alternative to normal dice, the Periodic Table of Elements dice encorporate the elements 1-6 (H, He, Li, Be, B, C)
A fun alternative to normal dice, the Periodic Table of Elements dice encorporate the elements 1-6 (H, He, Li, Be, B, C)
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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve Max on

      So.....No dice here & I'm not seeing that I ever received a refund.

      Any chance of some light being shed on this?

    2. Zoologic Media on

      I still have not received my dice, nor an update. Completely unacceptable.

    3. melibabe on

      No dice, and no refund. Would love an update.

    4. Don Pattee

      At this point has everyone else received their refunds? I admit I lost track of this, but I'm still not super thrilled being out $50.

    5. Joshua James on

      No dice. Hahaha

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Olson on

      Nothing and I have sent numeous messages.

    7. Daniel McGauley

      Any update on this?

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Olson on

      A year later and no refund or dice?

    9. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Scott on

      Yeah, nothing here either. I still would really like the dice, but it seems obvious that isn't going to happen. So how about that promised refund? I want to assume positive intent, but at what point do we consider Andrew a welsher?

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Olson on

      I still have heard nothing on a refund. Or getting a set of dice.

    11. Jussi Myllyluoma

      The website is still up, offering the dice for sale. In fact, it has never been taken down.
      So apparently, in some way, form, or fashion, there are dice to sell...

    12. Zoologic Media on

      What's the frequency, Kenneth? This is getting beyond reasonable. Please advise those of us who were kind enough to give you support when you asked for. Very disappointing.

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Hi, is there any update about the refund?
      This gets really ridiculous!

    14. NamelessOne on

      Same. No record a refund was given.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Olson on

      I have not heard anything on a refund.

    16. valerie hope on

      Just got my refund today- is the project just going to disappear then? Will it be reattempted?

    17. Ryan Czternastek on

      Still haven't gotten a refund or a response for a refund. I left a comment on the last update with my email address three days ago. I'm getting quite frustrated and would like some sort of answer.

    18. Missing avatar

      avi thomas on

      So what is going on?

    19. Missing avatar

      Matthew Brom on

      What is the status of the refunds?

    20. Kevin Cook

      Hi Andrew .. would you please update with a status of production / shipping as I still have an open invoice on this from March 2011 .. and I just closed the books for July

    21. Rooo on

      So is there any update? so far communication is a BOOOOOOO

    22. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @David - now that's just evil! Exploiting the poor suc... sorry, fellow's imperceptiveness like that...
      For my own part of course, had I had a DM that was similarly afflicted, I myself would have done the same. Exactly. In a heartbeat. (NE, what else?)

    23. David Main on

      @Jussi, it was a DM we had that couldn't tell the difference and so to mess with him we kept on swapping his d20s with the double d10s which he had in exactly the same colours. He only noticed when the die was consistently rolling less than 10. it made our games a bit easier to get through and gave us something to do while waiting to be allowed to do something in game. Can't really say he was a good DM.

    24. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @David - way back when, I learned to see the difference by looking at the numbers: the d20 had perforce much smaller numbers than the d10. Plus, of course, I knew the contents of my dice pouch intimately...

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Robertson on

      There we are--just hit the goal. I can't wait to get these!

    26. Daniel on

      Will there be a video of the $50 name chant? Livestream?

    27. David Main on

      @Jussi, some of those shapes are so hard to name I couldn't find a better one for it, I need to remember the pentagonal trapezohedron. I have seen some of the icosahedrons with 0-9 twice on them, but they are very easily mixed up with the true d20s without taking into account the difference.
      As for my pledge I upped it to $50 on the 15th. Will see if I can find some more people in the 35 hours left.

    28. Anne Sarver on

      Very cool! Looking forward to getting these and future editions!

    29. Bruno Christensen on

      @Jussi. Yeah, you're absolutely right. Upped mine from 25 to 100.
      Come on, people! Collect orders from your friends and up your pledge accordingly, please!

    30. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Okay, time is beginning to run out, and we're still $760 short of the goal. Now, I really WANT these dice, and I'm sure many others here do, too ... so it's beginning to feel like it's time to do something to help out.
      I'm raising my pledge to the $50 level. If enough of us buy enough additional dice, we WILL reach the goal!
      Sure you don't want to play Chemical Yahtzee? You need six dice for that!
      Sure you don't have someone in your acquaintance who needs a couple of these dice, too? Or two acquaintances? Or five?
      Sure you don't have to roll damage for an Ancient Black Dragon's breath weapon (it being chemical in nature, of course)? You need twenty dice for that!
      You see? You need more dice than you know!

    31. Jussi Myllyluoma

      For the ultimate fantasy - imagine a set of dice that could generate a random outcome of ANY element! I think it could be done with a set of seven dice: One cube numbered/labelled H (1), Sc (21), Nb (41), Pm (61), Tl (81), and Md (101), each side colour coded. Then six icosahedrons, one labelled H (1) - Ca (20), one labelled Sc (21) - Zr (40), and so on to the sixth one which is labelled Md (101) - 118 (Uuo), 119 (--), and 120 (--) (I am sure we'll discover at least two more elements...). Each of the icosahedrons colour coded to match the relevant face of the cube.
      So ... add to this the seven dice from my comment below, and we have the Complete Chemical Role-Player's Dice Set of fourteen dice! (Don't worry, Andrew - we know you can't do any of all this within the scope of this project, but it's fun to speculate on might-have-beens!) I'd buy one in a heartbeat, though...!

    32. Jussi Myllyluoma

      To fantasise a bit further ... one might have a set with a tetrahedron labelled H-Be, a cube such as the current project, an octahedron labelled H-O, a dodecahedron labelled H-Mg, one icosahedron labelled H-Ca, another labelled H-Ne twice, and a third labelled Ne, Ca, Zn, Zr, and so on, through to Fm, twice. Of course, you'd REALLY need to know your elements to be able to read a result of Hg+Li as Bi, but still...

    33. Jussi Myllyluoma

      @David - when I started in the RPG hobby way back in 1980, the pentagonal bipyramid (or rather, pentagonal trapezohedron) D10/D100 wasn't yet around. Its role was instead fulfilled by an icosahedron numbered 0-9 twice. You still find these dice (along with those numbered 0-9/0+-9+, and of course, those numbered 1-20). So in my world, the RPG set still only has dice in five shapes. Plus, a pentagonal trapezohedron isn't cool. Only platonic solids are cool.

    34. David Main on

      I have just noticed that I got Ferrum and Fermium mixed up. Fermium is atomic number 100. Ferrum is another name for iron.

    35. David Main on

      @Jussi the full RPG set has 7 dice. The five platonic solids mentioned and 2 pentagonal bi pyramids (D10 and D%) The D10 and D% both have a 0 on them, but that could be replaced with Neon on the D10 and Ferrum on the D100. Would be nice to see the D% have the 10th, 20th etc elements on them as it goes basically all the way through the periodic table.

    36. Missing avatar

      Joanna on

      Cool idea. Good luck!

    37. Bruno Christensen on

      Love the idea, would love them even more in my gaming cabinet!
      Surely there must be some RPG/board fans that would appreciate these dice, but don't know about them yet... Please, everyone who has pledged here, spread the word about this project! If someone's interested but afraid to let their cardinfo loose on the net, offer to up your own pledge in place of them registering, I did so myself.

    38. reena on

      Great gift for my chem-loving friends! Now I just need to figure out how many to get!

    39. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Or, to elaborate on Martin's idea with one I had earlier: to make a full RPG set of dice, i.e. all five platonic solids.

    40. Martin Grider on

      I also think you are perhaps thinking too small with this project. I admit I was a bit disappointed when I realized that there is only one die planned with just six elements on it. I know it might end up rather expensive, but it would be really cool to have a complete set, (20 D6 -- there would be two blank sides) with ALL the elements represented.

    41. Martin Grider on

      Did you know that 2011 is the international year of chemistry?

      You might be able to drum up additional press/interest if you get involved in the IYC project somehow.

    42. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Yeah, that's what I meant.

    43. Missing avatar

      Andrew Inaba 2-time creator on

      And to clarify; I assume that by D<100, correct?

    44. Missing avatar

      Andrew Inaba 2-time creator on

      Hello Jussi,

      Absolutely. You'll receive one die per $5 pledged for any amount under $100. I will apply that formula to everyones pledge, (under $100) regardless of what reward bracket Kickstarter states they've earned.

      Thank you for asking!

    45. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Can one apply the formula D=(P/5) for all D<100, where D (rounded down) is the number of dice received and P is the amount pledged?

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Inaba 2-time creator on

      Gidyup, thank you for the kind, supporting words!

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