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"As Long as the Sky is Blue" elegantly captures the loving relationship between a father and son. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on August 20, 2014.

"As Long as the Sky is Blue" elegantly captures the loving relationship between a father and son.

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About this project

Why did you create this book ?

The bond between father and son, and son and father, is a special bond that is often overlooked. I feel it is important that we celebrate and acknowledge the love between fathers and sons, since the influence of traditional views of masculinity make it hard for men to openly share their feelings.

The bond with my father, grandfather and uncles was special, and I wanted to create a book that shares my gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge, wisdom and love that they showed me throughout out my life. This book aims to help other men share their feelings in an honest and positive way.

When did you write this story? 

I went to college with the aspiration of being a children's book author one day. During football preseason of my senior year, I was tired, hot (No AC)  and couldn't sleep. I thought of the opening line to the book earlier that day and it was running through my head all night.  I figured that it was as good a time as any to sit down and capture the idea. I wanted to express the relationship I had with my father. When I looked at the final product, I found it to be a fitting tribute. Three months after I wrote this poem, my father passed away. 

Why wait till now to publish it ? 

When I graduated high school, I won a prize for an essay that I wrote in the style of Basho, a Japanese Haikuist. My teacher expressed to my family that someone as thoughtful as me should write a book one day.  My father, sometime after that day, told me to never lose my imagination because so many people do and he was proud that I hadn't.  These two moments fueled my personal journey to find the courage to put my work on display.

I've always wrestled with the traditional views of masculinity and my own thoughtful nature. I have only recently reached a point where I feel the confidence to move forward with my artistic endeavors.  

How did you do the illustrations ? 

I promised myself that I had a week to complete the drawings.  Giving myself a deadline forced me to finally complete the project.

All the illustrations were drawn by hand on bristol board and watercolor paper.  I used a few different tools to draw, mainly, fountain pens and dip pens.  I used an acrylic ink and a finely pigmented fountain pen ink.

Depending on the drawing, I created a rough draft and then placed the draft on my lightbox under a nicer drawing paper.  For this project, I used Adobe photoshop to add some color but I have added watercolor in post production (My preferred method). 

What will the book look like ? 

The book will be soft-cover 9 x 7 book on 80lb paper. 

What do I plan to do with the book ?

I hope that fathers share this book with their children, and I hope this book is a fitting tribute to fathers everywhere.

I plan to approach local retailers and libraries with copies of this book. I will also sell the book directly from my website along with original artwork. 

THANK YOU! I appreciate you taking the time to review my project, and I hope that you enjoyed it.  I am grateful to all those who can contribute because this project means so much to me.  If this project isn't for you but you know someone who may enjoy it, please pass it along! 

Once again, I sincerely appreciate you ! 

Risks and challenges

The artwork and script have been created. The final obstacle is getting the project printed and out to its audience. Once the books are printed, I will be stuffing envelopes and getting them out to the amazing people that have supported this project.

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