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Underground film icon and Troma president Lloyd Kaufman has been making subversive movies for 40 years. See how he has survived in this documentary!

"Movies of the Future with Lloyd Kaufman" is a full length documentary centered around underground film legend and Troma, Inc. co-founder Mr. Lloyd Kaufman. For nearly forty years Kaufman and Troma have been bringing the world low-budget movies like "The Toxic Avenger", "The Class of Nuke 'em High" and "Surf Nazis Must Die" with little to no help from the Hollywood system. Blockbuster black-listed him. Talk show hosts have had him forcibly removed from their studios. The Motion Picture Association of America has tried to castrate his films time and time again (for the same content that gets green-lit in Hollywood films), but after almost 40 years, 64 year old Lloyd Kaufman is still keeping Troma afloat somehow. These are lean days for the company however and this movie explores Kaufman as he tries to keep the ship upright and works on getting the funding he needs for his next feature length film: "The Toxic Avenger V: Toxic Twins".

The money from this fund drive will go toward needed film equipment and will also buy the director some time off work this summer to shoot in NYC (home of Lloyd and Troma) for a few weeks.

While a small amount of footage has already been shot for the film, the vast majority of it will be shot this summer. I'm looking at about a 10 month time-line to get the movie totally done and ready for festivals!

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