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We combined the most popular fidget features into an all-in-one master desk toy with the revolutionary ability to spin indefinitely.
We combined the most popular fidget features into an all-in-one master desk toy with the revolutionary ability to spin indefinitely.
We combined the most popular fidget features into an all-in-one master desk toy with the revolutionary ability to spin indefinitely.
725 backers pledged $23,670 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eduardo Pontes on

      Never received mine, too. My address changed, tried to get in touch with the creators but got no responses so far.

    2. Missing avatar

      Arthur Shunk

      Never received mine.

    3. Missing avatar

      Davide Marcolin on

      I live in Italy.
      I don’t receive the items.
      Any news?

    4. Missing avatar

      Shao on

      Hi spinner cube team, I didn't receive my cube. I wrote you both a message and an email. Can you please reply me?

    5. Thomas Uebel on

      Is there a way to order some more?
      The quality is so much better Than that antsylab shit.
      Plus it got a spinner, love it!

    6. Missing avatar

      L0L182 on

      Now i received my 2 spinner cubes in Sweden, yet USPS have not received their package to deliver yet they delivered. odd conclusion.

      So far the spinning goes, it last 20-30 sec.
      All ball bearings click and turns.
      One of the cubes clicker wont function correctly, the other one works as claimed.

      Squeaking noise does come from both of the cubes, so a dissemble to lube the bearing is on the list to do prior to gifting one of these away, that was suppose to be a Christmas gift but now will become a birthday gift instead.

    7. Missing avatar

      L0L182 on

      That is good to know, for whenever i receive my 2 spinner cube.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris Friebus on

      Okay, forgive the quality as I've never shot a video for YouTube before, but here's how to crack these bad boys open without damaging them!

    9. Missing avatar

      L0L182 on

      Well i see i´am not alone in waiting for the spinner cubes.
      But i´am lucky enough to get my USPS tracking id, but they have yet to receive the shipment.

      December 19, 2017
      Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, USPS Awaiting Item

    10. Missing avatar

      Chris Friebus on

      Did wanna add that the websites for both and are completely gone. Just a white page. What a bummer.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris Friebus on

      I'm thinking of making a YouTube video of how to open these up. I did just that with mine to try and improve the spin. Like others have mentioned, the spin didn't last long and squeaked to boot, also having a slight rough spot. I added a drop or 2 of transmission lube to the bearings, and now it does not squeak and getting it into perpetual spin is much easier. It still only free spins for roughly 15-20 seconds. There are 3 discs under the 3 balls that are slightly domed, that is what makes the 'click' noise. It's possible the reason for no click as some have stated is that the dome was turned upside down in assembly.

      About the perpetual spin, I can actually get mine going from a complete stand still. It's a weird motion with the wrist, not nearly as vigorous as you'd think, and quite satisfying once you get the hang of it.

    12. Peter Visima

      My spinner cubes arrived here in Toronto, Canada today. No extra duties or taxes were needed to be paid. Spinning time is not great, but everything else works as described.

    13. Mike Krajewski on

      @Raziel The main summary for this kickstarter at the top of this page states "...with the revolutionary ability to spin indefinitely." And they posted a video of someone spinning one for 18 minutes. I'm lucky if I get 18 seconds.

      I like the cube, but it really does not meet up to the expectations that were specifically mentioned by the creators.

    14. Evelin P on

      where can i buy some more?

    15. Maxime AUBURTIN

      Received mine today. Spinning is very disappointing and doesn’t last more than a few seconds and I have to not squeeze to much and be in the center of the discs to not slow it down. It even stops when I try to make the infinite move like on the videos. Thought the flip switch was similar to a light switch but was disappointed to see it is more like a trigger. Would have preferred a regular switch.
      Sad to see this product unfortunately doesn’t meet my expectations. Unless these defects are corrected I will not support Spinner Cube anymore.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tân Minh Dương on

      Really disappointed with the product. The switch does not working, it stuck in one side. And the spinning feature? it spins only 5s, a cheaper spinner around 5$ can spin longer than that

    17. Evelin P on

      I love it! I love it even more then the antsylab fidgetcube, even tho i too have some errors with the functionality as stated from users (one of 3 metal balls click, 1 corner button of 5 does not always click etc). i Love the spinning the most!!! the overall quality is much more consistent then the fidgetcube had (ordered 5 of them and only 1 worked as advertised)- i ordered 2 spinning cubes and they both work the same and as advertised (except the minor issues).

    18. Missing avatar

      Raziel on

      I've received mine several days ago and I enjoy it very much. Negative comments here are mostly because people did not quite understand what they are backing. The product is exactly as described and that is a great thing compared to other campaigns here and at indie. The metal balls are my favorite. Roll and click just perfect. Trigger (and not flip switch) works as expected. Five buttons are very soft and responsive. The middle one is silent exactly as stated in the description. The joystick imitates joystick... What else? Spinning part was never intended or declared to spin forever like balanced spinners with better ball-bearing, but it spins just enough. The best I've seen is 45sec. My question is actually where can I buy more of those? :)

    19. Missing avatar

      LogicalShrapnel on

      The cube turned up today and I was really exited to see it in action after all this wait!
      But... I must say that it sadly left me quite disappointed with the quality.

      1. The flip switch does not work. It's stuck in one position
      2. The metal balls don't spin (well one of them if you push hard can move but it squeaks when you do)
      3. The ball bearings for the spinning are either not graced or low quality since it makes a rough noise when spinning and stops is far less time than expected. Not a smooth ride.
      4. The middle red button does not click (not sure if intentional or not) but also sticks in pushed down mode for a second before popping back up.
      5. One of the corner red switches does not always click.

    20. Missing avatar

      Daniel Stephan on

      Received my two cubes today. First impressions are very positive. They make a little noise during spinning, but actually spin quite fine, I expected worse after reading the comment section. I sometimes were able to get the right wrist movement for the perpetual spin, but a short manual on correct technique would have been nice.
      The buttons and joystick feel nice and well built, 9/10 score overall.

    21. Missing avatar

      Sven Reichelt on

      By the way, all links to the company's site on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are dead (i.e. non-existent) and the webpage is locked with a username / password, when trying to go to it. Well, I guess we are lucky if we ever hear from them again.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sven Reichelt on

      Not really happy with the spinning as well. It makes noises, just as if there was sand in the spinning mechanism, and spins not even for 20 seconds as other backers stated. About the switch, it's working as shown. It's not really a switch, it's more like a trigger. But the spinner, as the main feature, is really a disappointment.

      My tracking number e-mail came yesterday and the cube today. Not really an issue, but quite useless to get the e-mail so late.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kunal Suryavanshi on

      Not happy with the quality of the product. The switch is not working, it is stuck. Are others seeing this as well? Also the spinner is a disappointment. Spins for hardly 20 seconds. No amount of wrist movement, weight adjustment or pressure makes it spin any longer. Can I get a refund or a replacement?

    24. Missing avatar

      Kim Ethridge on

      Just got a tracking number sent to me even tho my cubes just showed Up unannounced towards the beginning of the month. I’m a little confused. Is this happening to others?

    25. Missing avatar


      Just received a tracking number, shipment was on its way for 8 days already.

    26. Missing avatar

      Akira on

      Received today. Also tracking number today, which was too late.
      Spinning is a mess, but feeling of clicking of the orbit and button are great.
      For the joystick, more grip is needed for me.

      I recommend to remove the spinning function from the future product and replace trigger with switch.

    27. Missing avatar

      Erik Saputra on

      Got mine yesterday. It spins for only 20 seconds. Very disappointed.

    28. F.V.I.

      Ohhhhh I forgot! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

    29. F.V.I.

      Why hasn't the creator showed spinner cube is also a disappointing spins for 20 seconds, @kevin by applying pressure it will spin much less I can actually stop the spinning by applying little pressure to both ends.......

      Very disappointing...@creator please have a back up batch for replacements to backers, I will like that since I do have a hope that your product is unique but frankly its not working as it supposed to on my side.....

    30. Missing avatar

      LogicalShrapnel on

      I have yet to receive tracking number or cube. I've sent an email now hoping for feedback.

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Miller

      My cubes work great. Once I got the hang of spinning the cube while putting as little pressure on the pads as possible the cube spins for easily a minute.

    32. Techin Chanwaowam on

      I haven't received any cubes yet in Thailand.
      Can I have a tracking number?
      Let me when it will arrive since it passed Christmas already in Thailand.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kim Ethridge on

      The family opened their spinner cubes today. This was the 1st I had a chance to actually see one since they randomly showed up without a tracking number. I must say, I was very disappointed in the quality of the product. If I had purchased these from the store, I would return all of them. The spinner part is really low quality and doesn’t spin well at all, only 15-20 seconds at a time. The cube is just too off-balance to make a good spinner. Flicking the wrist only makes it stop, rather than perpetuating a spin as advertised. The buttons are ok, but not as nice as the fidget cube in functionality. Overall, more like a cheap knockoff in quality and not as advertised. After reading other comments, I see I’m not alone. Unfortunately, it seems like more time was put into the campaign video and updates than the making and shipping of the product.

    34. Missing avatar

      Brie Stabile on

      Got my order today, which is great but the bad part is its not what I ordered.... I backed for three cubes all red and black and got only two cubes in two different colors.... I can't find a support email to reach you guys

    35. Missing avatar

      Josua Batubara on

      I tried cleaning my Spinner Cube following the instructions. The squeaking is gone but it still does not spins a long time; around 10 - 15 seconds by my count. Maybe I'm doing it wrong?

    36. Oliver Dösereck on

      I just got my Spinner Cube (Switzerland), but never recieved a tracking number. So if you didnt get a tracking number, you might get post soon anyway :D
      I like the cube and support what Marshall Jansen said. The spinner is pretty cool and can run a long time if you have the proper technique. The other buttons are fine.

    37. Missing avatar

      Matthew Collinson on

      haven't received the cubes I ordered and I never received a tracking number

    38. Trent Fitzgerald on

      I didn't receive my Spinner Cubes. Thanks for ruining my Christmas. Some advice: Don't use fulfillment companies, get your hands dirty and send out your products yourself.

    39. Missing avatar

      Eric S. Giunta on

      I never received my spinner cube or a survey.

    40. Marshall Jansen on

      I received my cube. packaging is excellent, the cube is heavy and feels good in the hand.

      The trigger is weird, it feels upside down, but you get used to it. The joystick is nice, but I'd like it if it clicked down as well. The five rubber buttons are good. The three ball bearings are a little tight, I'd like if at least one of them would keep spinning after being flicked.

      Unfortunately, that gets us to the spinner. It's stiff, it squeaks, you can stop it with too much pressure. I've removed the caps and washed the bearings a couple of times, which helps for a couple of minutes, and then it's back to a stiff, squeaky spin.

      The off-balance weight is fine, but it is very hard to keep it going, unless I just cleaned the bearings.

      Overall, it's fine. It's a little disappointing. I would actually have preferred a non-spinning cube, since the spinner functionality is so poor.

    41. spinnercube Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      Our shipment fulfillment company unfortunately had delays so some of you did not receive tracking numbers last week. We are deeply sorry about this but it was out of our control. Everything is back on schedule now and the last orders are finally shipped out. If you did not receive a tracking number yet send us a message at and we will help you out!

      Regarding Backer's comments about the "switch" feature not working; this feature is actually a "trigger" not a "switch" so it is designed to only move and click in one direction like a video game controller trigger. If you check out the details in our campaign you can learn more about our trigger design. Hope you all enjoy your Spinner Cubes!

      Happy Holidays!
      - The Spinner Cube Team

    42. Missing avatar

      No_profile on

      I still did not receive my tracking numbers for an international shipment (France)...
      I'm very disappointed.
      I won't receive my spinner cube for Christmas (it was supposed to be a gift !)...
      Thank you...

    43. Daniel R on

      Still waiting to receive any informations (Germany here)

      Also after reading all these comments my anticipation aint that big anymore..

      Guess ill have to wait a little more.

    44. Baron von Nein Lederhosen

      Same, this was supposed to be a Christmas present. The FAQ said we had nothing to worry about.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ray Price

      Spinner Cube Team - Below you mentioned tracking numbers for everyone else would be out in one week. That was six days ago. What is the update, since I haven't received anything and these were also Christmas gifts.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jorge on

      Still nothing in Spain either.

    47. Baron von Nein Lederhosen

      Are UK backers supposed to get tracking?

    48. Missing avatar

      vision187 on

      Are Tracking numbers for Canadian orders available?? Did not get one

    49. Missing avatar

      Jessie on

      I haven’t received mine

    50. Missing avatar

      Wiwi on

      Hi there. I still have not received anything at all. Should I be concerned?

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