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The most efficient attachment system that allows you to attach any portable device conveniently to any surface or accessory in seconds.

The most efficient attachment system that allows you to attach any portable device conveniently to any surface or accessory in seconds. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 3, 2014.

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Easy attaching

Attaching your portable device to the wall, your bike, the car head-rest, or anything else usually requires a separate attachment system for each type of accessory or surface. With Snap, after you attach the female side to your portable device it will fit into the male end on the entire line of SNAP products. Using commercial grade 3M material as the adhesive, and simple plastic/silicone for the attachment parts, Snap is simple in design, powerful in application, and easy to use anywhere.

Attach a mobile device to the SNAP Money clip

Attach a mobile device to the SNAP Car Dashboard

Attach a mobile device to the SNAP Bike Mount

These are just a handful of the ways you can use Snap. We have plans for producing a line of accessories that make it even easier to attach your portable device to literally anything. Each Snap accessory that we ship will also have a few male/female parts that are ready to attach to anything else the second you open the package. The product ships with a polyurethane material (think a quarter-sized clear screen protector) that can be placed on your device, prior to attaching Snap, in case you’re worried about removing Snap from your device later.

What is SNAP?

Snap is a new accessory system unlike anything ever done before! It's secret sauce is the innovative male/female connector system we have developed that easily and securely "snaps" together.  It's low profile and allows us to offer an endless line of mobile accessories that attach to ANY device. 

How is SNAP Valuable?

From our time working in professional mobile accessory product development, we found there are a number of problems with almost all mobile accessories:

Problem 1: Each Accessory is Made for just One Device.

Today's digital devices come in different shapes and sizes.  There are literally thousands of devices with different shapes.  Typically it's too expensive to make accessories for less common devices, that's why only the most popular devices get all of the accessories.

SNAP Solution: Snap fits easily and securely to ANY device, so no matter what device you own now, or in the future, you have access to the entire Snap line of accessories.

Problem 2: When you Upgrade Devices, you need New Accessories.

Your new device will likely be a different shape or size than your current device, so each time you upgrade you have to buy all of your accessories again!

SNAP Solution: When you upgrade, all you need is a new extremely-inexpensive Snap female connector to attach to your new device, and all of the Snap accessories you bought before, you can keep using.  Finally, you never have to buy those same accessories again!

Problem 3: Because Accessories are Dedicated, they're Expensive.

There are a number of things that add cost to manufacturing a product, one of the most expensive being making the accessories fit to each individual different device.  Each different accessory company has to pay these costs, and they don't share costs with each other, so you never see any savings.

SNAP Solution: We will invest in the Snap connector system one time, so all future accessories will cost less for us to make.  Since it costs us less, we can sell them to you for less.  For example, a typical bike mount that may cost $50 - $60, we could sell for $30 - $40 because we can share the cost of our connector system with our car mount which will also be sold for less than you would pay for a car mount from a different company.

The larger the Snap line gets, the more valuable it is for everyone.  We can save our customers a lot on their accessories because we can leverage our system better than any other company.

Problem 4: You Have No Say in What Mobile Accessories Actually Get Made.

We all use our devices every day, and think of hundreds of things we could do with our devices if we had the right accessory, but it never happens for us because no one ever makes them and we have no one to tell about our awesome ideas.

SNAP Solution: Your involvement in the Snap community doesn't end with Kickstarter.  Our ongoing Snap Development Center will give voice to Snap users for new Snap accessory ideas that they want, and can vote up to actually see them made.  Think of it like an Open-Source hardware development. There will be incentives for those with good ideas to share them, especially if those ideas end up as a new accessory that is actually made.

When we say Snap will become more valuable for everyone the bigger it is and the more accessories that are added to the line, we literally mean it.

Story / History

The Snap product was originally invented by Eric Child and was sitting in his garage collecting dust while he focused on some of his other product inventions (one of which was recently on Shark Tank). Craig Morris and Nate Bradshaw have been friends with Eric for a long time and have talked about many different products and projects together.  When Eric showed them Snap, they instantly knew it would be a major success.

Craig and Nate originally met 4 years ago in the Product Development department while working at ZAGG, a publicly-traded company and one of the largest mobile accessory businesses in the USA. After getting their feet wet in mobile electronic accessories, they left along with a handful of other employees to start their own companies. Three of those former employees that left ZAGG have run successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Craig and Nate approached Eric about letting them run with Snap.  They organized a team of some of their best and most successful friends from a variety of backgrounds: Manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and operations.  Together they convinced Eric to let them try and raise the funds necessary to bring it to market. Eric had been too busy to work on Snap, because of the success of his other products so he happily agreed to let them run with it.

SNAP Female End
SNAP Female End
SNAP Male End
SNAP Male End
Packaging Design
Packaging Design
More Packaging Design
More Packaging Design

Production Timeline

It is important to us that our backers understand what our plan and timeline is for fulfillment on our rewards.

Once we have received the funding from backers, tooling will begin immediately.  Tooling is the manufacturing process of building the equipment necessary for mass producing a product.  The tool, or mold, is what will shape plastic into our product so that it can be sent to you.  The tooling process takes time to ensure each of the products manufactured are identical and of high quality.  This process will take about 30 days to complete from the time we receive funding so we can pay to have the tooling begin.

Once the tooling is finished, mass production manufacturing can begin. It will take about 30 days, starting after tooling is finished, to make all of the products and have them ready for initial production shipment.  Our current manufacturing arrangements are off-shore, so the products will need to be shipped to the USA before they can be individually shipped to each of our backers.

It takes an ocean container about 2 weeks to travel across the ocean with the products, and potentially another 10-14 days to process the shipment through USA Customs, transfer the load onto shipping trucks in the USA, and deliver them to Utah.

From there, the final leg is to pack the individual orders for our backers and ship them out so that you can receive them.  Packing will likely take 7-10 days, and USPS Shipment should arrive anywhere in the connected USA 48 States within 3 days of being shipped out the door.  International orders will obviously take a little longer to arrive.

We will be in communication with our backers, giving progress updates along the way so that everyone can have the proper expectations and knowledge (including reasons) if there happen to be any delays.

Risks and challenges

Scaling to thousands of customers:
The key challenge in our project is delivering the product on time, to any location in the world, while keeping production and shipping charges low.
Our manufacturing partner, Allen Zhang CEO of KinSpring who lives in China, has 20+ years experience in plastics production for some of the largest consumer brands in the world. Coupled with our experience in supply chain management, we will create efficiencies and ensure timely production and delivery.

Product Adhesive Strength
Snap has more than adequate adhesive strength; some consumers may feel that the adhesive may damage the product it attaches to. If such is the case, we ship each Snap product with a special polyurethane ‘patch’ that can be attached to the device first, and Snap then attaches to the Polyurethane ‘patch’.

Shipment of Product
If you desire early delivery, we will charge extra freight costs separately.

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