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$1,357 pledged of $40,000 goal
$1,357 pledged of $40,000 goal

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A major shift!

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To our loyal backers!

On behalf of all of us at Snap we want to thank you for supporting our great product and the dreams we have for its growth! We'd like to inform you that our crowdfunding campaign will be shifting from Kickstarter to Indiegogo in the coming week. For various reasons we've found a better solution for our crowdfunding platform needs. We'd like to thank you again for your support and will be sending you the link to our new campaign page soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Snap that we can answer just let us know!

Thanks! -The Snap Team



Hey Everyone!

We wanted to reach out for some feedback as we start some pre-production on the products in anticipation of our eventual funding.

In the video and images, you have seen that we have used a Blue color for the silicone components on our prototypes.

Our Question: What color would you prefer?  Do you like the blue or would you prefer the silicone to be a different color?  The sky's the limit when it comes to coloring silicone, we can literally do anything.

Send in a comment on the Kickstarter page with your feedback.  Your support and opinions are very important to us and we really look forward to hearing from all of you.


Q & A !


Hey Everyone!  We literally cannot thank you enough for being some of the first backers of SNAP!  We're a little late out the gate, but we know that with your help, we can still hit our goal and get this awesome product off the ground!

We realize that a huge part of that is making sure we answer for you, and those your know, all of the questions you may have about SNAP!  We've had a ton of questions already and are putting together some frequently asked questions, and want to know what other questions you have that we can answer for you!  Here are some examples of the questions we've received to get your mind flowing:

Q1. The only rewards are for the Wallet and Ear Phone Wrap.  Where is the Bike Mount, Car Mount, Armband, Headrest Attachment, Go Pro Mount, Baby Stroller Mount, Inflatable Life Raft Attachment, etc...

A1. Part of the magic of SNAP is the endless accessories that can be integrated into the SNAP system over time.  Our resources right now limit us to which products can be produced and delivered initially with the basic investment we are working to raise.  However, if we hit our goals, then new goals can be set to add some of those other accessories.  Or, after we launch the business and have initial sales, we can reinvest those revenues into the development of new accessories.  Either way, we have to get off the ground first in order to have the capital necessary to go into production on those other accessories.

Q2. How does the whole "attach anything to anything" work?

A1. Obviously a huge and valuable part of SNAP is in the accessories we are developing that have the male end of SNAP already integrated into the design of the accessory so that it works seamlessly with the female end of SNAP that attaches to your phone or other device.  However, we know you will have a ton of crazy ideas for other things to snap to your phone or device, so we're including just some blank male / female attachments in with every order, so you can stick one end to something, the other end to something else, and then snap them together!  We hope this will help the further development and innovation of new SNAP products by our awesome community!

Q3. How thick is the Female end of SNAP that attaches to my phone?

A3. We're working on some specific photos for that now to truly illustrate how thin and low profile it is.  It's truly amazing to have something so thin and low profile be so amazing and powerful, so we look forward to updating you soon with more pictures!

What else do you have for us?  Please keep the questions coming and share these answers with your friends that are on the fence! We need everyone's help in getting the word out to keep SNAP rolling forward!  Thanks everyone!