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Afterschool Special is my first full length graphic novella. It is a romance of two teenage outsiders navigating a suburban landscape.

Afterschool Special is my first full length graphic novella.  It is a romance concerning two teenage outsiders navigating a suburban landscape through nostalgia and personal dilemmas.  You can read the book online on my blog at

My previous book of short stories, Dirtbags Mallchicks and Motorbikes, won a 2008 Xeric Grant. I have been writing, illustrating and self-publishing my own lo-fi comics since 1998.  

I am hoping to publish a quality print edition of Afterschool Special (approximately 120 pages) with funds earned through this Kickstarter campaign.

Upon the completion of my funding goal, the book will be printed in the summer of 2012. Thank you for your interest and support.


Dave Kiersh



* Just added another reward.  If you bid $80 and up, I will send you an original piece of 6X8 inch artwork along with two books.  Those who already pledged this amount or more will receive one of these pieces as well.  For samples, look here:


  • The money will go directly towards the digital production, printing and distribution of the book Afterschool Special. Because this will be a small print run of a bound softcover book, the price per item is higher than a larger print run by an established publisher. The book will have a color cover and many 2 color interior pages. I have gained some useful experience with publishing as I had my previous book offset printed in full color. I also have a great fondness for book design and will take great care in making this a beautiful object.

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  • I have been making comics on a similar theme for over 10 years. Afterschool Special is my best and most complete work to date. I started work on it at an artist residency I attended at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. I was inspired there by a group of talented artists with similar goals. I originally published this book as a free item to be read on my blog. Later, I sent it to a variety of publishers. I got some positive response and editors seemed to like the book. But no one really wanted to take the chance on publishing it.

    I do not have the funds to publish the book myself. However, with your help I will hopefully be able to make the best book I can make and distribute it directly to you.

    This project will only see print if it is fully funded through Kickstarter. Thanks again for your interest and support.

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  • Afterschool Special is the story of a romance between two teenage outsiders. The suburbs provide a disrupted balance between maturity, loneliness and nostalgia.

    The title takes its inspiration from the various made-for-tv movies about teenagers from the 1970's through the 1990's of which I am fond of. The book does contain references to some elements from 1980's pop culture and B-movies. But the story itself is original.

    I call it a "graphic novella" because it is somewhere between a short story and a novel. I believe that many different types of stories can be told in the comics format. I have tried to present my vision in a drawing style and format that best portrays my sentiments and personal view of the world. That being said, this is a work of fiction.

    If you'd like a better explanation, please feel free to read the actual book on my blog at:

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  • The video is short because I want the book to stand on its own merits. Also, I do not have much experience making videos!

    I'm offering the book as an incentive because I am using the money through this campaign directly for that purpose. To me the book will be the finished piece of "art" rather than original drawings and the like. Hope that makes sense. But feel free to ask questions if you have them.

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