Galactic Princess


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    1. Conor Letham on

      I'm hoping multiplayer makes an appearance regardless if the stretch goal is reached or not!

      Maybe the last one should be an open request for something backers may want there. Like a collection of shout-outs, then poll them if they are possible to do.

      A suggestion I would put as a stretch goal (if not thought of already) is USB controller controls compatibility.

      Otherwise, looking good guys!

    2. Brian on

      @Conor: I'm not concerned so much about "stretch goals", as I am having a dev that enjoys working on the title and can deliver without stressing themselves into oblivion. When a dev loves what they're doing, you get things like FTL: Advanced Edition -- I see that as much more valuable than short-term promises.

      Hopefully they can strike a sustainable balance between pleasing the backers and continuing to see this project as fun to work on...the best projects (and those with long-term success/gains) are ones that don't feel like a chore to the project creator. I say let them make what they said they plan to, and let the backer requests be just that...requests...leaving the stretch goals in a state they feel comfortable with.

    3. CtrlAltFaceroll

      I just want to say how great the goals look. Usually I just look at them and sort of shake my head, but these are well spaced out and at no point do I think okay, we can just get the first X many cause the others aren't interesting. Great job guys.

    4. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Let's go for 200K :D... at the very least I want the planet exploration! :)

    5. Geunjeong Yu on

      I can't await beta -/