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Dive into an epic adventure through deep space.

Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe.
Dive into an epic adventure through deep space. Find the princess to restore peace, and rule the universe.
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    1. HawkyCZ on

      Well, devs already got new accounts long ago and make a face they don´t know about this game. It happens. Family or other life issues, or ran out of money and have no balls to tell it to their fans. One never knows what the reason is so can´t be fully blamed.

    2. Missing avatar


      Ant another dead project. Kind of gets out of hand on Kickstarter.
      Creators last login was 14. Sep 2017 so the corpse is already so old it is starting to smell.

    3. Marcel Crolla on

      please inform us of what is happening and are you still working on the game?

    4. Sal

      That must be a really LOOOONG answer being translated on a really SLOOOOW machine... :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      Any news?

    6. Missing avatar


      Cecly, whats up? Whats the holdup with the update? Last one was in June?

    7. Missing avatar


      Yeah, wondering the same - whats the status? Gets kind of annyoing that backers have to keep asking / begging for information.....

    8. Evan Coolen on

      Is there any news on the game? the % complete?

    9. Missing avatar

      Darkee1980 on

      I've been through the whole galaxy, I've had some troubles to sort out, or I'm just bad, to choose from. ^^ But let's go! (Captain Pierre)

    10. Nathan Morse

      So… is there a short version of the answer we could have while we wait for the translation of the epic update? :^)

    11. CECLY Creator on

      Yah, better later than never... Sorry :-/

      I'm translating a long answer, you'll know everything.

    12. Nathan Morse

      Woohoo! We have a heartbeat! *^_^*

    13. CECLY Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      Really, really sorry, I could not give any news sooner. Just because it's not my game, and also because I needed to be sure that the project was back on track. I wanted to avoid false hopes. Now I can resume my job!

      I have good news: I now have new keys for those who have not yet received their key for the alpha! Just ask us on the form of the website, specifying your name / nickname and the email used to back the game. (Humble buyers, you can too)

      Second good news: the project is back on track ! I'm writing about this : why the project disappeared, and what we're doing now. I must translate my news, so I hope to publish it monday or tuesday.

      I know that I should be ashamed, but at the present moment, I am glad (especially to have not abandoned).

      (Captain Pierre)

    14. Liam Butler

      I'm sad this is my first Kickstarter to not deliver out of 9, but I'm also glad it was the cheapest investment I made. So I guess I should count myself lucky. Maybe we'll hear something in a years time, I'll assume not though.

    15. Sal

      Just spent some time digging around on their website. It looks like you can still pre-order through HumbleStore to get access to the Alpha, but other results say that the game has been cancelled?

      Not amusing in the slightest.

    16. Phaazoid on

      @James Bowden - Their last communication was on their website on 08.29.2016, replying to an announcement five months earlier that they were having internal struggles. The communication was "Nothing to announce for now..."

      I for one really loved what I saw these devs had to offer, and I really hope the project is not dead and that they are still working on it, or pick it back up.

    17. Missing avatar

      James Bowden on

      I pledged just the finished base game, was the game finished? Is it still beta?

    18. Missing avatar

      James Bowden on

      Nosteam key for me. Is this game dead?

    19. Missing avatar

      Sergio Martínez Gómez on

      Hi!!! Anyone has the game physical or digital?? I send several mails to ask for my copy and didnt recibe any answer from almost 1 year.. I must be worried about????

    20. Missing avatar


      I'm looking forward to some news as well.
      Last login of the creator: 11th of November?

    21. Douglas Spooner on

      What happening with this?

    22. Missing avatar

      James Fadeley on

      I could use my steam key as well?

    23. Michael McAvoy on

      I too require the steam key please.

    24. Missing avatar

      David Chambers on

      I have received the key! yippi!! Everything is great so far but i have one suggestion: assign a button to move the camera. I know it's middle mouse at the moment but my laptop lacks one of those.

      Thanks Guys!

    25. Enrico C

      me too, I need the steam key, thx!!!

    26. Daniel Dieterich on

      Hey there;

      I havent received my steam key too...
      Can you please re-sent it?
      Thanks a lot...

      Best wishes,

    27. Missing avatar

      David Chambers on

      Hi Cecly, i have not received the steam key and i have scoured my junk folder but cannot find it.

      Who is it addressed from so i can search more accurately or can i get it re-emailed to me?


    28. CECLY Creator on

      Don't worry, I will say words until I'm not here ^^

      The website is up !

      I don't understand for the store page : we don't have a Steam store page, just a Greenligjht page, for now. And it works.

    29. Missing avatar

      Shinjica on

      Thanks for the update, i was worried you closed the project without say a word.
      Still, i dont know why for me store page and even discussion redirect me to the main steam menu

    30. CECLY Creator on

      I don't know why the site is down - we investigate on this case. But the Steam page is online.

      I'm sorry I haven't write any updates since many months. In fact, our dev - and game creator - had real problems (real tragedy) last spring. Since then, we finished writing for the first chapters (with a all-new tutorial), and we began work on a new game mode (to adjust - and add - weapons).

      David : did you receive your Steam key ? I know many backers asked and received their key this summer (and the 29th august lastly).

    31. Missing avatar

      Shinjica on

      Website is down and page on steam is down too. What happen?

    32. Missing avatar

      David Chambers on

      3 Months later and i still haven't received my key. This is a bit disgraceful considering the circumstances.

    33. Missing avatar

      David Chambers on

      I didn't receive the key either. Wasn't in my spam folder and have messaged on both forum and on here.

    34. Gimlee on

      Hey i didn't get my key for the alpha, could you send it again? (couldn't find it in my spam folder)

    35. CECLY Creator on

      The keys will be emailed, of course !

    36. Junaid Hussain

      hi how will we get our keys for steam? Will they be emailed or posted in private messages or? I guess Email is easiest. Just wondeirng

    37. CECLY Creator on

      D -7

    38. CECLY Creator on

      Hi Captains,
      We're hard at work on the "alpha for every backers".
      More update after :)

      But the game is doing good.

    39. Kordanor on

      Btw: The Game isn't dead yet, check
      There is an update from mid december.

    40. Gimlee on

      So.... how the game doing?

    41. Missing avatar

      Paul Ketelle on

      Woohoo beta. Bring it on.

    42. CECLY Creator on

      Hello Justin,

      I am currently finishing the final preparations for the release of the beta.
      The distribution process via steam seems to work fine.

      I would say that 90% of what was promised in the kickstarter is currently integrated in the game.
      But there is still problems with the feeling of the game, the gameplay... There are several things wrong and It's hard to find what I must change! It's quite complicated morally because I feel like I working in a vacuum... But I remain fully in the project and don't give up!
      I hope the beta, that will come soon, will be constructive and you will help me find what's wrong with the current build in order to have the game that we had dreamed!

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin Door on

      What's the status of the project?

    44. Christopher

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. CECLY Creator on

      Hi Suiciderunner. I'm writing 2 updates for next week. :)
      W don't know yet when the beta is, because we must address some issues and bugs now. The development is full of surprises ;-)

    46. Suiciderunner on

      Any news as to when beta is or just another update? Really excited for this game and just curious.

    47. CECLY Creator on

      It's going great.
      I'm translating 2 updates (one for our recent progress, one for the beginning of this project), but I'm not fast when I write in english (and I've a newborn son ; he's time consuming ^^)(don't worry, I'm not the developper lol).
      So : updates soon, and everything is fine. Feel free to write in our forum !
      Captain Pierre

    48. Missing avatar

      Paul Ketelle on

      How's it going ?
      Any news on progress.

    49. CECLY Creator on

      Thank you Karl ! There will be more tit bits of information in the coming weeks :-)

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