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Divorce! the Game is a light-hearted, viciously competitive, two-player card game about dividing up your assets--no matter what the cost!
Divorce! the Game is a light-hearted, viciously competitive, two-player card game about dividing up your assets--no matter what the cost!
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Divorce! the game is alive!

Posted by Andrew Yoon (Creator)
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HI, Everyone   

Long fight in the court to bring back to Andrew, Andrew's very first Divorce! the game.

I asked Andrew why is a board game?   Andrew said, a board game it's without investing

a lots money in the beginning,  Andrew was planning to scoop money with a board game

and turn it into a digital video game.  And Andrew added that I'm going to shock the world

as developer.  I was no doubt that Andrew can reach his goal.  Althought without your

support Andrew would not made.  Thanks!    

I hope I can restore an updated websites soon from it was been destroyed over

two years.

Andrew's true voice of Divorce! the game is against divorce community and intent

to save children from irresponsible marriage.    Andrew sees impact of the most

damages is our children by divorce.  This is why Divorce! the game is educational

and made like a novel.   Andrew believed this game should be in every household

on bookshelf.

I don't feel alone as long as Divorce! the game is exist.    David Beck was a friend who

should not exist in Andrew's life ever.  Andrew wanted to give David Beck a chance to

succeed in society as a producer but it ended miserably.

I added another game its call " Divided "  to Divorce! the game.  Its about the most

urgent situations facing our country and world.  This county can be better or even worse

in America history.  I'm proud to be announced this as Andrew's mom to adding this

to Divorce! the game.  American citizens should be united and not divided.

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    1. Shannon Brooks on

      Hmm... I like this game, but I guess it all over now. It's sad what happened and I feel for Andrew's mom, but without any of the original creators left on this thing... I have no interest in whatever else may come from it.

    2. Jaxel Taraei on

      For what it's worth, it seems like Andrew was an only child, so his mother may have lost her entire immediate family. The game is all she has left in her life, and the last thing he was excited about. I don't agree with the choices she made, but if you can't empathize with that, you have no heart.

    3. William S. Mitchell III

      I think the last thing Andrew would have wanted is an "ugly court battle" and his partner and friend's name being disparaged like this.

      I have no idea what the relationship between Andrew and his mom, or Dave for that matter, was really like, but it appears that the people left "fighting" over his name and his ideas have self-interest only and anything of Andrew's vision has been forever smashed and disregarded, he deserves better.

      I suggest you leave Divorce! alone and move on with your own aspirations without involving Andrew's name lady...

    4. Thundershot on

      Wait.... what?

    5. fr on

      To Andrew's mom:
      This is not the way ... I will not follow this path of (incoherent) thinking. You (we) can do better.

    6. Benjamin Chernik on

      yeah i do not think this is a proper way to honour his memory or the game itself...

    7. Elizabeth on

      Man. I miss Andrew. I think this is a really uncalled for post and in poor taste against David. I support David and Andrew - not this.

    8. Jaxel Taraei on

      Also, Andrew's mother was divorced by his father (which was an inspiration for this game) so I suspect she has a different view of it than Andrew did. He is the child she's talking about.

    9. Jaxel Taraei on

      I suspect that Andrew's mother sees Divorce! the Game as her last, or at least strongest, existing connection to her son (particularly considering she mentions that "I don't feel alone as long as Divorce! the game is exist"). The game is at least light-hearted about its subject. This is just tragic.

    10. Matthew Ferrell on

      I feel nothing but compassion for the Yoon family and their loss of Andrew, but it doesn't sound like Andrew's mother really understood what the point of the game was. It's not meant to be a lesson of the impact of divorce on children. It's a parody and comic take on divorce. In an interview, Andrew said himself that the game mechanics came before the theme of the game. Take a listen to Andrew speaking of the game on the DLC podcast from a few years ago. It doesn't mesh with what his mom is saying.

      Andrew talks about the game 1 hour and 8 minutes in:

      Knowing this makes me feel bad for David Beck and the lawsuit ... heck, I feel bad for everyone involved in the lawsuit over this game. A lawsuit that lives up to the subject of the game itself.

    11. Jaxel Taraei on

      There was a court case over Divorce! and Andrew Yoon's mother now has control over all assets of the game (including this Kickstarter account). No one involved in the original Kickstarter now has any involvement in the project, as per the update a few months ago. His mother wrote this post.

    12. Neil Poloso on

      What can I say? This is just sad. I'm glad I got to play Andrew's game and thank David for his work in getting the game to us under terrible circumstances. I won't be supporting whatever 'this' has become and hope the new owners refrain from smearing other people.

    13. Zachery Prater on

      Was...was his Kickstarter hacked?

    14. Cody Blaschke

      What the heck did I just read?